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appinkston 02-04-2011 08:33 PM

I just wanted to post my birth story. I know it really helped me when I was pregnant to read other moms' birth stories to know that it is possible to have a VBAC. On Jan. 4th I finally had the birth I'd been praying for! My son was born naturally after two previous c-sections, so ladies don't let anyone tell you that a VBAMC isn't possible. Here's my story...


This was my third pregnancy, my first two children were csections. One for being breech, and the other was routine repeat c-section. I was lucky enough to find a doctor that would let me try to have a VBAC, the only downside was the hospital was an hour and a half away. But luckily my parents live 10min from this hospital. So my pregnancy was healthy and uneventful, and at about 37 weeks I made the decision to go stay with my parents until the baby was born, that way my kids were already at grandparents house to be looked after, and we wouldn't have to make a long drive while in labor. My due date was Jan. 5th, and at 38 weeks I thought I was finally in labor! I had strong contractions that last 45sec. and were 7-10 min apart. They started in the afternoon and lasted all through the night so I couldn't sleep. So in the morning my husband took me to the hospital to be checked...turns out I was only 3cm, 80% effaced, and baby was at +0 we went back to my parents house....well Christmas came and went and so did New Years, and no baby. For about a week I had been having conctractions pretty strongly but only during the night. Once morning would come they would stop! it was so frustrating! Well I had finally had enough...during that week I had tried everything to go into labor...walking, castor oil (a couple times), sex, spicey food, sitting and bouncing on exercise ball, even getting on a trampoline!  after nothing happening, and being away from home for almost 3 weeks waiting on baby to come I was tired...I decided to go home for a couple days. So against everyone's better judgment I decided to pack me and the kids up and head back to our house an hour and a half away from the hospital to sleep in our own beds for a couple days since it seemed like this baby would never come.


We drove home on Jan. 2nd. I did nothing but relax when I got home! well that must've done the trick! On the night of the 3rd, hubby and I decided to watch a movie and cuddle once the kids went to bed. We didn't make it to bed until about 1230am, but once in bed I couldn't fall asleep. At 130am, I felt a thump and pop! I jumped out of bed and into our bathroom. I yelled at my hubby to get up because my water had broken! I was so surprised! Hubby imediately got the hospital bags in the car and started waking the kids up to get ready to make the drive to grandparents house. I got some cloth diapers I had laying around and put them in my underwear because i was leaking pretty good. I barely had time to get dressed when contractions hit me! they were sooo strong all of a sudden! they didnt' build up, they were just so intense! I yelled at my husband that we needed to go NOW. I was not looking forward to dealing with these in the car for over and hour...once we got in the car I had to put a pillow over my face so I could moan through them, and not scare the kids. We finally made it to grandparents house, dropped kids off and headed to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at 330am. Once we got there they checked me and I was 6cm! So they got me a room and got us admitted. My contractions were so intense, coming every 1-2 min. I didn't have time to prepare myself to deal with them so when one would come I would put my pillow over my face and moan and rock my body back and forth. Since I was a VBAC patient, I had to be on the monitors the whole time. They wouldn't let me out of the bed to deal with my contractions, and that was hell! they gave me an IV and I told them if I couldn't get out of bed to deal with them, I wanted an I finally recieved my epidural at 5am. It was such a relief! the nurse told my husband and I to try to get some rest because it being my first vaginal delivery it would be quite awhile before we had our baby. So they turned the lights out and my hubby went and slept on the couch and I laid there and tried to relax. I couldn't sleep because I could still feel the contractions, they just weren't painful, but still very intense.


At 730am a new nurse came in to do my vitals. I told her my contractions felt different. I asked her to check me because it felt like they were in my butt instead of my abdomen like they had been. So she started to check me and her eyes popped out and she said "oh! we're having a baby! I need to go get the doctor!" I was so shocked! I couldn't believe I was complete already...I yelled at hubby to get up, we're having a baby! he was just as shocked as I was! as I was telling him what the nurst had told me, the doctor came in the room with a couple nurses, flicked on all the lights and put her gloves on. She told had a nurse help get my legs in the stirrups, and told hubby to hold one of my legs while a nurse held the other. You could already see his head! We started pushing at 8am, and a few pushes later he was born at 811am. The last couple of pushes his heart rate started to drop, so the doctor was worried. She got out the vacuum to help get him out, which it did. He practically flew out! I did end up having a second degree tear, which I think was due to such fast and intense pushing. But all in all, everything was great! I had the VBAC that I wanted! My son was born healthy, 8 1/2 lbs 22inches. My biggest baby! and we are breastfeeding wonderfully!


I just wanted to share my story so other moms know that a VBAMC is possible!

Ms. B. Sprout 02-05-2011 05:41 AM

biggrinbounce.gif Congratulations!!

tonttu 02-05-2011 12:22 PM


Charlize 02-08-2011 07:55 AM


beckybird 02-08-2011 08:25 AM

What a sweet story! You did it! Thanks for sharing with us :o)

SpicyTunaRoll78 02-14-2011 12:46 PM

Thanks for the wonderful story, and congratulations!!!


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