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labortrials's Avatar labortrials 08:26 AM 04-10-2011

I think many of the resources listed are great for dealing with skeptical family members and friends but are especially important when planning a hospital VBAC.  For instance they supply a link to the Landon study.  Why is that a big deal?  Because it's some of the best evidence that supports the claim that VBAC is a responsible and realistic choice for the majority of women, and the general public usually can't access (easily) to medical studies.


So, I highly recommend checking out  I guess I'm all fired up because I've been 'virtually' attending the ICAN conference via #ICAN2011, and it's Cesarean Awareness Month ribboncesarean.gif, and I'm in my third trimester, and I am composing letters to our hospital CEO (and Women's Health Director) and to the town's OBs (slightly different letters) to circulate to my local ICAN members.  Wheeeeee!