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View Poll Results: For mamas who planned for HBAC: How many of you were successful and how many ended up in the hospit
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howeberry's Avatar howeberry 08:49 AM 04-22-2011

This is a long way off for me, DS was born by c/s in Dec and we'd need to move to a different state that allows it, but I'm wondering, of the mamas here who planned for a HBAC:


- How many of you were successful?

- How many ended up in the hospital (whether by choice or not)?



I'm looking for inspiration. Thanks!



LisaSedai's Avatar LisaSedai 11:36 PM 04-23-2011

I didn't vote b/c I don't know if I would count as a "home birth". It's illegal in my state for midwives to come to home births. There is a MW in the next state who has ladies from my state come and deliver at the midwife's house.


I "risked out" of midwife care b/c I had to go on insulin (I'm a type II diabetic and she was willing to take me as long as I could control it on pills and diet.) Plus, I turned up GBS+ urine culture and she couldn't do the antibiotics in labor.


Luckily for me I found a very VBAC supportive OB through ICAN boards. His office was 145 miles from my house and the hospital he uses was 125 miles away but I got my VBAC.


Good for you for researching your options now, prior to your next pregnancy. Good luck!!



roadfamily6now's Avatar roadfamily6now 12:10 AM 04-26-2011

I had a Planned UC and it worked out great!