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MissMaryMac's Avatar MissMaryMac 02:10 PM 04-27-2011

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm in need of help/advice from other New England mamas.


DH's job will have us relocated to the Manchester, NH area in the very near future. I am currently in my second trimester (exactly 13 weeks) and hoping for a VBA2C. First C/S was due to failure to progress after a 30-hour labor, second C/S was due to a stalled labor after 60 hours. My second DD was a planned homebirth that did not go well (very painful and exhausting), and I ended up in the hospital for a repeat C/S because of the length/stress of the labor.


I'm nervous to try a homebirth again because I did not function well at all without pain relief, so was hoping for a hospital VBA2C in the Fall. Are there any recommendations for practices or providers in the area who might be willing to work with me? I know asking for a VBA2C is tricky, but I feel like I could maybe accomplish it this time given a supportive environment with more pain relief options (I was a complete mess the last time until I was given Stadol at the hospital to take the edge off the pain after my homebirth attempt).


This is a very scary situation for me, especially since I'm starting to feel like I may never have the birth I'd always hoped for. Thanks for all your help.