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Hi everyone,

   I am new to this sight and I am not even sure I am posting in the correct area...a litle confusing to me:)

I am 23 weeks along in my third pregancy and I am having a tough time finding a VBAC supporting dr./ hosptial.

My first csection I believe was completly  not necessary!! I had labored for about 15 hours and finally was talked into a epidural well not more than 45 minutes later I was being rushed into csection for a baby in distress!! well I now have gotten my records and It makes me so angry bc the reason for my csection is FTP not fetal distess!!! it was a Sunday afternoon and I think the Dr. just wanted to go home and so they scared me into having a csection by saying my baby was in distress!

Baby number two I wanted to Vbac but no local hosptials allow it and my practice really used a alot of scare tactis to get me to consent to a RCS...I wish I had done my own research but for some reason I did not?

My water broke and I went into labor before my scheduled Section so I was pushed to the top of the list and had my section about 3 hours after my water broke...my contrations had gotten really intense but they never checked me so I do not know how far along I got... During the cestion the dr. said I had a small window on my uterus and then went on to say I was about to rupture and it was a good thing I had not labored longer etc etc... I think she was just trying to make me feel like I had done the right thing and distract me from the fact that she had cut my son across the forward when making the incision(he was sunny side up)!!!

Well with this pregancy I did not even go back to my old practice... I have been traveling over and hour to see a  Dr/ midwife grou. that are supportive of Vbac's well I just found out that the practice/hospital that I was hoping to give birth at is changing their policy and will not be allowing VBA2C now!! so annoying!! so now I have to find a new Dr. and drive even further to a bigger hospital that does alllow it but just has terrible sucess rates!!


My questions is I have been reading over my post op notes and it lookes like I have a double layer closure which is good. But the first part that talks about my incision says "A low Transverse uterine incision was made in the uterus and extended laterally with bandage scissors...." does that mean I havea bikini cut? THe laterally confuses me? It almost sounds like they went up? which would not be good bc aren't classical incisions risker? and if that is the case it might be even harder to find a Dr. to take me on...

If anyone has any answers please let me know!!! Thanks!!!

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Sorry you're meeting such obstacles in your journey towards VBA2C!  It sounds to me like you're a good candidate for a VBAC.  The 'window' thing may or may not mean anything.  There really isn't any good research out there regarding uterine rupture following a previous diagnosis of a dehiscence.  Here's a link to Henci Goer's assessment of VBAC after uterine dehiscence.


Think of lateral and transverse referring to the same 'direction.'


Are there other birth options that your considering?  Unassisted?  Birthing at home with a midwife??


And is it the GROUP that is saying no more VBA2C or the HOSPITAL.  This is an important distinction, IMO.  You cannot be forced into major abdominal surgery.  Go to http://ican-online.org and do some research on fighting VBAC bans.

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The lateral part means they made the incision and it wasn't big enough so they cut it farther to the side with surgical scissors.


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Yes, definitely what Kimberly said! ICAN, ICAN, ICAN! There are so many women who have VBACd and VBAMCd there and you can get a lot of support and information there.  The window you described is likely a dehiscence, as Kim mentioned, and may or may not be an issue in subsequent labors.  Personally, I would look at it as a blessing that you are aware it's there. Just one more bit of information to have on your journey. 


Good luck!

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Hi Zoe,


I have the same notes in my file and low transverse is the good incision to have, if you want to VBAC. My provider yesterday went over my file with me. I couldn't really tell if it was a double or single suture from the terminology, but she said the important thing is that it was low transverse.


I'm sorry you are getting a hard time about VBA2C. This is only my second baby, so I'm not encountering any resistance, well, unless I want to give birth within 60 miles of home LOL but I did get a brochure from my provider about who is "allowed" to get VBAC and apparently mine does not do it either. (But what I find so ... odd.. is that in that brochure, they cite numerous studies and statistics that make VBAC sound a million times better than c-section!) 


Oh and I have to travel over an hour to my provider as well. It is so frustrating to live in a VBAC no man's land (no woman's land. whatever. *sigh*)


Maybe talk to some local homebirth midwives, even if you aren't planning to homebirth. I have talked to three and they gave me a real feel for what actions to take in planning my hospital birth (because I live so far from a hospital and will give birth in the middle of winter, I have concerns about what a transfer would look like). 

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Thanks everyone,

       I have yet to find a Dr. to take me on, even though  the hospital(Albany Med) does not have a official ban on VBA2C. I have contacted a homebirth miwifes group that also offers montrice/doula service. They are going to go over my records and I think I am just going to have to labor at home with them till the last possible moment and transfer when I am practically pushing and just refuse a csection if the Dr. on call is all csection happy and against VBA2C's. I am praying I will just have a fast labor and that I will stall like I did with my first labor!! I feel good about the montrice service bc they can monitor the babies vitals and check me and let me know when I should transfer and then they stay with me through the end of labor at the hospital acting as a doula. Plus is comes with three prental visits and some postnatal visits. I am praying that the meeting goes good and that they are happy with my records, and feel like it is safe for me to labor at home!

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