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ryan'smom's Avatar ryan'smom 06:38 AM 06-09-2011

Am I still considered a VBAC patient?  or since my last delivery was vaginal, will this be a "routine" delivery?  Hope this makes sense!

labortrials's Avatar labortrials 02:04 PM 06-09-2011

Congrats on the VBAC and on your pregnancy with #3!!  Yeah, I get what you're asking, and there's not a clear answer.  Some CPs will treat you as a VBAC patient; others will see you more as a 'regular' patient.  The fact that you've had a successful VBAC means that you're more likely to succeed again and less likely to rupture.  I *believe* (but don't quote me here) that your UR risk goes down after a successful VBAC.


I'll be interested to see what other posters have to say.  I've not been in your 'elevated' position!

ryan'smom's Avatar ryan'smom 05:41 PM 06-11-2011

Thanks for the input Labortrials!  I guess I'll just have to wait and see what my provider says.......hopefully my status will change from VBAC to "regular" lol

member234098's Avatar member234098 05:53 PM 06-11-2011


ablepearl's Avatar ablepearl 07:20 PM 06-11-2011

Even with a proven pelvis and the decrease in risk of UR, your risk is still higher than that of a woman without a scarred uterus.  I have had 4 VBACs and was considered a VBAC for each one.  Including not being able to legally have a homebirth with a licensed provider according to state laws.  I can't stand that part.  My uterus withstood two external versions, a pitocin augmented labor and a cytotec induced labor (before 28 weeks it is considered a limited risk, I would NEVER do cytotec later in pregnancy or for a live birth!)  Even with my history I am still considered a VBAC this time.  I have had to get OR reports each time too, well authorized my providers to request them from my son's hospital/doctor.

~Amy~'s Avatar ~Amy~ 10:25 AM 06-12-2011
I wasn't ever treated differently in my prenatal care or hospital procedures because of being a VBAC patient the first time so I expect that I wouldn't be for subsequent pregnancies and births. I suspect that my experience may not be the norm everywhere, though.
ablepearl's Avatar ablepearl 03:04 PM 06-12-2011

I am sure location makes a difference  I know with my last birth things would have been different with my midwives than it was with the OB in regards to monitoring, cervical checks, etc.  But, with all my OB VBACS it was CFM, heplock, a cervical checks.  I am hoping this time will be different.

ryan'smom's Avatar ryan'smom 03:42 PM 06-12-2011

Thanks for all the insight ladies!  With my VBAC, I pretty much showed up at the hospital pushing......and ds#2 was born about 20-30 minutes after I arrived.  I delivered with a group of hospital based midwives at a very progressive, VBAC friendly woman's hospital.  The only downside is that it is about an hour drive each way.  With the price of gas, I was toying around with the idea of finding somewhere closer, but I think that would just be crazy talk....I'll just suck up the drive and the $$......don't want to do anything to harm my chances of a VBAC #2!!