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JoyFilled's Avatar JoyFilled 12:49 PM 06-20-2011

I have read:


Silent Knife

Inya May's Guide to Childbirth

Dr. Sear's Birth book


I'm about to read:


Orgasmic Birth


The first three books were pretty good.  I think I like the first one the best.  It covered a lot of material surrounding VBACs.


Anything else anyone thinks I should read?


What about webpages?

ryan'smom's Avatar ryan'smom 01:24 PM 06-20-2011

I loved Ina May's book.....and I read as many positive birth stories on this forum as I could....


I'm sure others will chime in with other suggestions as well.  Good luck!

bignerpie's Avatar bignerpie 04:29 PM 06-20-2011

I started Orgasmic Birth and got about halfway through it. For some reason, it just didn't hold my attention. I have Elizabeth Davis' other book, Heart and Hands, which I liked very much. I borrowed The VBAC Companion from my midwife, but I haven't read it yet.


I'm sure there will be differing opinions for this one, but I am almost finished with Birthing from Within, and I love it. I wish I would have read it the first time I was pregnant. It's not specifically for VBACs and seems to be written more for first time moms planning a hospital birth, but it gave me more confidence in my body's ability to birth, much more so than even Ina May's books. The main criticism I've heard about it is the emphasis on pain. Books like Orgasmic Birth and Hypnobirthing say that labor doesn't have to be painful, and BfW says, "Yeah, you're probably going to experience some pain, but it's a good thing, and you can handle it."



Ms. B. Sprout's Avatar Ms. B. Sprout 08:12 AM 06-21-2011

I've really enjoyed reading this collection of VBAMC stories. thumb.gif

akind1's Avatar akind1 06:39 AM 06-22-2011

I like Henci Goer's book  . . . A thinking woman's guide to childbirth, I think it is called. I like that it goes in detail about all possible interventions and the pro's and con's. I need to read it again, as I know what I do and do not want, but it really helps to have the logic behind the various interventions (and why I don't want them) when I refuse them, or at least question them. While it is firmly on the side of low intervention, I think it also treats each thing as even handedly as possible.


I read the VBAC companion . . . it was good. nothing that really stuck with me or sticks out at me after reading it though.


Ina May is always a good one.


I agree re: the pain statement. I never would want to think that labor isn't painful, i think it likely brings an expectation of no pain and you would think that your program - hypnobirthing or whatever - failed if you experienced any pain. For me, yeah I guess it was painful, but it was far more intense than painful. I still wouldn't call contractions "rushes" though. That is not what they felt like to me. Waves of intensity is more like it.