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I've had both my babies via c-section, the first was emergency and the second was failed VBAC.  I'm getting a bit scared to have a 3rd cesearan, but it's already scheduled and my doc says I have no choice, surgery only.  Is this true or should I change my plan this late in the game (34 weeks already!) My second child will be 15 months old when I'm due for #3... 


Any thoughts would be appreciated...

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If you stay with that care provider - then his/her answer is the one you pretty much have to go with. 

Why not look for a second opinion?

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I just had a VBA2C 2 weeks ago. I was also told by my former OB that surgery was the only way to go however the hospital an hour away from does VBACs and had just changed their policy about more than one previous section. I would look for another opinion asap. On the other hand having more than one previous section does carry additional risks as does having less than 18 months between the last section and this labor as the scar has less time to heal. You also don't mention why the attempted VBAC failed but that can make a difference too. But why not talk to someone and find out what your risks really are for a VBAC vs another c-section.

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I'm not sure if you're still deciding what to do, but I am plannign a VBA2C and just found a supportive provider.  Mine will be 14 months after the 2nd c/s, and she said the 18 months is more of a recommendation than a hard fast rule, and that at 14 months there is not much of an additional risk (or at least not enough to concern her). 


Farmergirl is right- much of the risk and chance of success of a VBA2C is determined based on the reasons for your past c/s and definitely on your type of scar.  This is just a suggestion- contact L&D at the VBAC friensly hospital where you are hoping to deliver.  See if you can find an experienced L&D nurse (as in, practicing since before 1999 when the VBAC bans started) to give you recommendations on a care provider.  Younger nurses may not have much experience with VBACs. That's how I found mine :) 


Good luck!!

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Have you contacted ICAN for a suggestion? 


It's possible that having had 2 c-sections and being only 15 months out from your c-section will increase your risks somewhat.  The problem is that there are too many variables associated with the studies that suggest your risk is increased (types of sutures used years ago, inductions, use of pitcon, etc).  Going into labor naturally and laboring without pitocin will decrease your risk.

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It's not too late to switch care providers, though you may have to pull some strings to do so.  ITA with prev posters: if you stay with your current provider you are having a 3rd c-section it sounds like.  Current ACOG guidelines specifically state that a VBAC attempt is fine after 2 c-sections, but the challenge that we are facing as a community is in getting doctors to actually practice evidence-based medicine!  (sounds simple, but this is often beyond their comfort level).  I would contact your local ICAN group ASAP (as in: call or email the leader, or the nearest leader if you have no local chapter.  And if you need help finding out who that is, PM me with your city and state and I'll find them for you).  If there is a supportive doc or MW in your area who will attend VBA2C, they will know who it is.  Unfortunately, not all communities have someone yet.  I hope we can change that.  One strategy that can help when you talk to a potential care provider is to mention that you want lots more children.  Like 10.  Seriously.  Because the risks of complication go up exponentially with each repeat c-section. So if you're looking at a VBA2C versus another 3 c-sections, suddenly that VBAC seems a lot more appealing for your long term health.


If you decide not to "officially" switch care providers, you can still have a VBAC, it will simply involve showing up in a local ER well into labor.  If you opt for this strategy I would do a little research to identify the most VBAC-friendly hospital in your area and show up there.  Since the risks associated w/ VBA2C aren't much greater than with VBA1C, I don't think this strategy really has any safety concerns.  Again, your local ICAN group can help you find a VBAC friendly hospital, and also all states have to maintain some sort of a hospital "report card" with these statistics (check the dept of public health) but someitmes they are difficult to find.  Best of luck. 

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Never too late to switch!! I found a VBA2C supportive provider FINALLY at 33 weeks.  It was a long journey but SO worth it!



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Questions about VBAC? PM me!

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i had 2 previous c-sections and the first one was because i had gained alot of extra pregnancy weight , it was a hot summer day and i just wanted my baby girl out, the next one was also c-section b/c i had a previous c-section and got pregnant w/ my second girl when my first was only 8 mnths old. Now im 35 yrs old, my girls are 8 and 6 yrs old and expecting a boy in Sept, I want a V-Bac and i have a V-bac appt w/ a Doctor to see and determine if i am eligible for a V-bac. I better be, since it is my body and my child, and I make my rules, i do not want to go under the knife anymore b/c the pain is awful after a c-section. Just unless i truly had to have one my baby needs to be born the last week of August that way when he turns 5 he will be able to attend kinder, or else he will have to be a yr behind because he was born in Sept. My goal my plan is to have a V-bac, & a healthy baby boy!
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I had 2 vaginal births, then a c-section for a transverse lie, then a "forced" unnecessary repeat section due to a VBAC ban at our hospital..and I was ignorant to my choices. I saw one OB at a large hospital in a neighboring state who pretty much said I'd be so monitored that it was very unlikely to be successful I didn't even know homebirth existed (very ignorant then..raised very mainstream)

After that c-section left me with a severe intrauterine post partum infection that nearly cost me my uterus, I began researching. I KNEW I didn't have to have a repeat section scheduled. Then I found myself pregnant, and the first thing my usual OB wanted to do was schedule that c-section "hospital policy". Buh Bye then. I found the ICAN website that directed me to an OB in the neighboring state at a smaller hospital. I went to see him at 32 weeks. He said I'd be a fantastic candidate for a VBA2C, and explained that the risk of rupture with a VBA2C rather than 1 section was pretty much a "theoretical risk".

I had a natural pregnancy, labor and birth with him-8 lbs 10 oz in June 09.
In September 2010 I had a 10 lb 9 oz baby boy at home at 41 weeks 5 days.
In June 2012 I had an 8 lbs 11 oz boy at 38 weeks-another VBA2C
In November 2012 I had a 9 lb 12 oz baby boy at 39 weeks, yet another VBA2C!

Now I am pregnant with twins. My OB is still supportive of a VBA2C with twins, though mindful of the risks of twins themselves, so I am remaining open minded. As much as I want another VBA2C with twins, I actually have such a good relationship, and filled with trust and respect with this OB that I understand if I have a c-section it is ACTUALLY necessary! I couldn't say that with any other provider in my past.

It is SO rewarding and so do-able!


Blessed Christian Wife and Homeschooling Mother to 10 children.

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