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My first son was born over two years ago, and ended up being a C-section.  I was overdue, and had to be induced for labor.  The first step that was taken was the insertion of cervadel into my cervix to simply soften it, and then 12 hours later, Ptosin was to by administered for induction.  Three hours after the insertion of cervadel, I was in painful labor.  The nurse explained to me that I was having "end-stage" labor contractions that were not subsiding, though I was only barely dilated.  These hard contractions continued the entire following fourteen hours.  By this point, though I had originally wanted to try the birth naturally, I was in so much pain that I requested pain medication.  They tried three different iv pain meds, and none of them were even touching the pain, so I requested an epidural.  However, the epidural didn't work, and after awhile, the nurse anesthetist decided he needed to try another epidural.  That one wasn't taking either, and by this point, the doctor informed me that I would have to have a c-section to get him out because he had been sitting in the canal too long.  I got to ten centimeters, but the lining of tissue that is supposed to detach once you reach ten cm would not detach, and my son's head was facing the wrong way.  I can't remember if they are supposed to be looking up or down.  (I am not referring to the breech position.) When she tried to turn his head, it wouldn't budge, and he wasn't coming out.  I was terrified of surgery, and actually ended up being put under general anesthesia.  My recovery went very well (except immediately following the surgery, in which I needed lasics for a few days due to all of the edema in my body), but I was thinking it would be nice to try a VBAC.  I have been told by some that perhaps it would be best to just schedule a c-section so that I don't risk the long, unsuccessful labor and trauma that I experienced before.  So...I have no idea what to do.  Is there a good chance that because I was overdue, and my labor did not progress normally, that that will happen again if I try and that I will just end up with another c-section after hours of painful labor?  Also, my doctor told me that if I want to try a VBAC, that she cannot induce me.  I will have to go into labor on my own.  So, is it likely that I will be overdue again, and thus have to be induced again?

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I think that VBAC is a good idea.  Induction equals c-section at least half of the time.  Your baby probably didn't come out because he was not ready to come out.  The fact that your doctor said NO INDUCTION for VBAC is a VERY VERY GOOD THING!!!  Induction techniques and medications can be very dangerous. The bad thing is that once you go past X weeks pregnant, they will try to pressure you into having a repeat c-section.  Be sure to do lots of reading/research so that you are informed and know your options.  ("If you don't know your options, then you don't have any" -- a quote that I recently read lately!!)  It's "normal" to go 2-3 weeks past your "due date"!!!


Since your baby was posterior last time, look up different things that you can do to prevent that from happening again (ex: refrain from sitting in a reclined position in the 3rd trimester - sit only on a birthing ball, etc...)


Check out some of these websites:


Good luck!!!!


Consider finding a supportive midwife and birthing at home.

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There are a few things I want to say, because I went through an almost mirror image of your experience in 2001 with my first child. I was young and scared, totally uninformed, and had a doctor who was not only impatient but more than willing to subject me to intervention upon intervention no matter my reaction. I allowed an induction because I was "late" at 41 weeks. I had no health issues, nor did my baby, and I put my birth in the hands of my doctor. She put me on Pit, ruptured my membranes and confined me to the bed with constant monitoring. Ultimately she called me on the phone in my room while my epidural, which was her suggestion, totally stalled my labor and explained to me that 12 hours of labor was way too long and she would need to "take" my baby by C/S. I agreed because as she explained it, any suffering that my child endured was basically my fault if I declined. I was terrified to say no so I let it happen and ever since then I have educated myself as much as possible to be able to VBAC successfully. I knew my body could do it, and I believe that is the first most important thing you'll need to decide before attempting a VBAC.


Quoting you: Is there a good chance that because I was overdue, and my labor did not progress normally, that that will happen again if I try and that I will just end up with another c-section after hours of painful labor? First thing: no one "has to" be induced because they are overdue. Due dates are an estimate at best, and with each of my 4 children I have been at least a week "overdue". In studies of post-term women, over 50% are found to be within the normal time frame for gestation, and those who are found to be actually post-term in more than 80% there were no complications when women waited to go into labor on their own. They also found that many of the babies born by induction are actually pre-term. After my first induction I learned that unless there are serious signs of fetal distress, induction is not necessary and can increase the likelihood of cesarean by as much as 80%. Induction does not mimick the body's natural labor pattern or the chemicals produced by the body to counteract that pattern, such as releasing hormones to assist in coping with pain and bonding with the baby. Pitocin never enters the brain, it only effects the uterine muscles, so your body does not react the way it would in normal labor. I found that the Pit contractions were horrible, unbearable and terrifying, where natural labor has been painful but because your body gives you "breaks" at times during labor, it's possible to get through it completely unmedicated. And I have some intense labor! 


You may be in hours of painful labor, there's no way to tell how long labor will last for you, but more than likely you will be able to better handle labor as your body conducts it rather than dealing with medically induced labor. Second thing: your baby triggers labor, it's not your body that starts the process. Baby's lungs secrete a protein when fully developed that is passed through the umbilical cord signaling that  baby is ready to be born. Until that happens your body is not supposed to start labor. There can be exceptions to that, such as pre-term labor, but in the vast majority of women that is how labor starts. If you get to your 41st week according to your due date estimate and there is nothing wrong with you or your baby (which can be determined through non-stress or biophysical profile testing) then there's no medical reason to force your baby out. I speak from experience here - my 4th child was born this past Monday at 42+5 weeks with no complications even though every doctor or midwife I saw attempted to force me into induction just based on dates and not on test results. 


If you look into the risks of repeat cesarean vs. VBAC, it's pretty easy to see that choosing vaginal birth is usually the safest and least complicated route for you and your baby. If you'd like some links for good info, PM me, I'd be happy to give you some things to read through :)

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Your previous labor did not progress normally because you were induced. There's nothing normal about an induction. Your Uterus suffered HyperStimulation which is why your contractions were so horrible. It's a common side effect of drug related induction methods. (cervidil, cytotec, etc)

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Inductions lead to C-sections about 50 percent of the time! Pitocin create unnaturally strong contractions which stress the baby.  Congratulations on trying VBAC!

Here is some great info to help you understand Pitocin.

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