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I'm ready to give birth any day to my 3rd child and am having a hard time to find any stories about experiences of third births...that were second VBAC's.


My first was one of those 36hr labor...c-section deals.


My second was a 24 (ish..the first 9hrs were really super easy) HBAC


This baby is going to be a hospital VBAC with a super midwife group (don't ask. there are reasons and I'm REALLY happy with this choice)


I know I can't know what to expect...I just find myself in this weird position where this is sort of my second birth and sort of my third if you know what I mean? Anyone else out there got any second VBAC stories to share?

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I don't but I saw your post and thought I'd bump it up for attention. smile.gif


Any second VBACers out there?

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I'm a second VBACer. :) 


Quick birth summary...


1st c/s after unnecessary interventions and I didn't know enough

2nd hospital VBAC - unmedicated with a doula

3rd HBAC


I understand some of the feelings you described. It's an odd place to be. On one hand, you KNOW you can VBAC. On the other, you know a c/s is a possibility with any birth. I found myself feeling some of the old distress when planning my first VBAC. We had moved and I was doing my homework all over again to find the "right" doctor, "right" hospital, etc. I threw in the towel and went with the homebirth. It felt like the best choice for me. It sounds like you feel that way, too, about the plans you have in place. 


I am not on MDC as frequently as I used to be, so I think it is interesting I happened upon your post today!

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I'm due for a second vbac in October, & while I cannot speak for other ladies, I don't really consider it a second vbac, it's a vaginal birth. I already had my vbac, time to move on!


DD (4.25.08)  DD (4.23.10)  DD (10.13.12)

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i am getting ready for my 2nd vbac  and am more terrified than my first.  i'm not really sure why.  i'm just feeling very indecisive and having a hard time choosing a provider. midwives are not allowed to do vbacs here so my choices are hbac (my second was an hbac) or try for hospital vbac.  i interviewed 1 mw, but have since had mixed feelings about her.  Found another to interview, but am nervous and not motivated to contact her.  It is one of those situations where i can't just do nothing.  I've had a busy week this week dealing with community clinic and medicaid app, just in case a hospital is necessary, so i'm going to give myself a break and not push myself to contact this mw until next week.  That is my pathetic 3rd birth, 2nd vbac story. lol...this week i just wish i had someone to hold my hand

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So here is how things turned out: I am now almost 3 weeks from my successful second vaginal birth....VBAC...however you want to term it. And honestly it went great and in the end was - I think - along the lines of how a lot of people describe their "second" births to be (not including c-sections). I did have a good bit of prodromal labor which - while annoying - was not particularly difficult. But once true active labor hit...wow. We knew we needed to leave for the hospital within 15 minutes and I gave birth less than 4 hours after arriving at the hospital and pushing was only 11 minutes (although it felt like A LOT longer!!).


Zepchic...I TOTALLY understand how you feel. Figuring out care providers with your second VBAC is not much easier than it is with your first. But I will say - having just been through it - that even more than with first vaginal births, your body KNOWS what to do. I could honestly have had this most recent birth anywhere with any provider and it (probably!) would have had the same outcome. Once active labor hit there was NO stopping this baby coming out! All births and babies are different, but just keep remembering you have already done this once :) Good Luck!

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yay for you!!  I'm so happy it worked well for you, and I am praying for that kind of birth (get going, get it done, get the baby, get better).  Discouraging as it is to think that the next time I'll have essentially the same issues with providers, its better to know now.  I kept thinking that this "has got to get easier once they see how good my body is at this", but no, it won't.  Well phoo.  Its hard to acknowledge that they wouldn't just assume you are a "normal" birth after you had a VBAC already.  *SIGH* 

Slightly crunchy mama of three, one cs, one ubac, one vbac. Planning a vbac in October. Bookworms anonymous member.
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I'm also a 2nd VBACer (actually HBACer).  Here is my quick summary:


1st Birth - Emergency Cesarean after laboring long

2nd Birth - HBAC from the beginning (first twinge) to the end it was 24 hours.  The last 5-6 hours were hard but I only had to push three times and baby was out (no tears).

3rd Birth - HBAC - from beginning to end it was 10 hours.  Only the last 45 minutes were intense and baby was born so quickly and easily that my husband had to catch him because the midwife was still en-route.  No tears and super easy recovery - after three days I felt great.


I didn't sweat my second HBAC.  I knew I could do it and I was prepared from already having a previous HBAC.  I think this was one of the reasons that I found it to be a lot easier.  i hope the same goes for you as well.

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I am pregnant with my 3rd and gearing up for my second VBAC. It will always be a VBAC, because that scar on the uterus doesn't ever go away. The only real difference, IMO, is that you have a "proven pelvis"


my first was a c-section due to too much intervention and poor positioning. 26 hours from start to surgery.

my second pregnancy it was a struggle to find the "right" care provider, but in the end, it was mostly my doula who helped give me the confidence I needed to find the right one, stick with it, and have my VBAC. I had 4th degree, front to back, tear. recovery from that SUCKED.


This time, I know I have care providers I know and trust, and the same doula. The only part that worries me is the fact my last birth will be less than 18 months from this one. It's still really fresh on my mind. It was awesome, unmedicated, and only about 10 hours from start to finish. Pretty darn fast for a first "real" labor. I have concerns, of course, that this one will be even faster. But that's not something I can know until I'm in the thick of it.


So glad the OP had a great birth!


I am jealous of you HBAC 'rs. midwives here will not attend an HBAC - at least no midwife I have heard good things about otherwise (as I would definitely want a great midwife to attend me at home, not just someone who said they would attend an HBAC, and didn't have the reputation and experience that you'd want). 


This is my last baby, and I am looking forward to a great birth -

Katrina - Mama to Gabriel
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I'm about 5 weeks out from my EDD for my 2nd VBAC but 3rd vaginal birth. I definitely feel less pressure and worry this time, and it seems my provider does too.  (I hospital VBAC with an OB.) There's lots less worry about dating and baby size and baby position and all the variables that make OBs feel hinky about VBACs--even though all the uncertainty is there again. I think with the same provider, a successful VBAC makes the next pregnancy easier to navigate. 


I think I also feel more at peace with whatever outcome happens. Last time, it was SO important to me to be successful.  I knew I could birth vaginally, so that wasn't it for me. But I desperately *needed* to do it for my 3rd.  

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Glad to hear everything went well!  I'm also a second time VBAC'er. ;)  My summary:


1) Baby 1: Fourty-four hours of labour after being admitted to the hospital, had an epidural after hour 20ish because I was exhausted. Got to the pushing stage, baby would not come out.  They wheeled me into the O.R. and told me that they would try the vacuum but if that didn't work they'd be doing the section.  Vacuum didn't work.  They started the section, I felt everything. Epi had worn off?  Pretty hellish.  Thankfully they gave me something to stop me from feeling everything.  Oh, and the idiots throw that sheet up in front of you so you can't watch, but had me beside a mirrored cabinet.  Brilliant.  Recovery from the c-section was long and hard. 


2) Baby 2: Five hours of labour in the hospital.  Had a great nurse that didn't leave my side as she was experienced with VBAC's, and acted as a doula.  The OB came in and caught the baby, I had one small tear.  No pain medication.  Recovery was quick.  I was literally shopping the next day.


3) Baby 3: Four hours of labour in the hospital, with midwives.  Laboured in the tub for most of it, and got out and demanded an epidural because I was "only" at 6cm and the pain was crazy and I knew I couldn't do it.  The epi guy didn't get there in time.  I had time to climb out of the tub, feel my water break, get onto the bed, and I was pushing.  Recovery was very easy, I left the hospital 10 hours later (I was allowed to leave after 3 hours, but it was late at night so I decided to just sleep over at that point).


So my experience was that babies 2 and 3 were very similar deliveries.  I've given birth three times, and the third time was just as mysterious as the first.  You never know how it's going to go, or how you're going to react to it.  I knew going into labour number three that it was going to be painful, as I had done a medication-free birth before.  I had every intention of handling it better (ie: not screaming like an idiot).  I didn't.  Your body takes over and you just go with it.

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I have a 2nd VBAC story! :)


My first was born by c/section due to a totally over-medical, over-managed labor....induction, AROM, epidural, the works.  Because of all that, my baby ended up being OP and wouldn't descend thru the birth canal and after pushing for 2 hours with no progress, it ended in a c/section and I was SO UPSET!!!


So with my 2nd baby, I sought out a midwife and had a natural VBAC in the hospital and it was so wonderful.  Labor started at 40w3d and lasted about 10 hours from start to finish and my beautiful second daughter came into the world after about 4 pushes and it was so smooth and easy....complete opposite of my first birth experience!!


My 3rd baby was also my 2nd VBAC.  Labor started at 40weeks exactly and from start to finish it was about 19 hours....longer than my first VBAC but not all of that was hard labor.  My sweet son came into the world after about 10 minutes of pushing and it was also another great VBAC experience in the hospital with a midwife.  I debated a home birth with this last one but something in my gut told me not to and I am SO thankful I listened because my son was born with a congenital heart defect and had to be rushed to the NICU immediately with open heart surgery following at 5 days old.  Having a hospital birth saved his life.  Having said that, I am still a HUGE advocate for home birth and hope to have my next one at home. :)


Hope this helps!

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