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My husband owns a young small business which doesn't make enough just yet for us to have insurance.  We are wanting a baby very badly and have been researching home births. 


I love the one on one attention you get from a midwife and personal hand my husband can have in the birthing of our baby.  I still have a few questions.  It might vary from midwife to midwife but maybe ya'll can help.

-Like I said I like the fact that my husband can be my coach and actually do the birthing, is that true with all midwives? 

-Would you recommend a CNM, CPM or a lay midwife, is there really that much of a difference?  I know one has a masters as apposed to the other being certified, and then just trained but when worse comes to worse would a CPM really be more beneficial than a lay MW?

-Financial, how much cheaper is a home birth?  I know it has to be significantly cheaper because you don't  invasive and unnecessary tests and procedures or drugs.  I don't want to go the cheaper route and compromise care or health.   We are hoping that this is something we would be able to afford in cash and not have to have insurance to cover the fee.  I understand that if complications  arise and I have to go a hospital it will be alot more expensive, but I am just wondering about a typical no complications pregnancy.

-When looking for a midwife what would you suggest I look for that you maybe wish you had thought about, or things you did require from yours?  What are some good questions beside credentials and education?



I am on the verge of going into this after all my research, talking with MW of all types and reading forums but this is a big step and i want to make sure it is the right one and any insight would be appreciated.


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I have personally used both CNMs and CPMs for my pregnancies. I had my first with a hospital CNM, the next two with CNMs in freestanding birth centers and the next two with CPMs at home. The home birth with CPMs were the most affordable (obviously).


As far as safety, I am personally comfortable with either a CNM or a CPM. I'm a little bit more comfortable with a CPM for an out of hospital birth, because their training requires it.


What providers charge really seems to vary by area. What state are you guys in?

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We live in Mississippi.  If I were to do a natural birth with a CPM or a CNM I think it would be more comfortable at home and that is what i would prefer to do.  I haven't been able to find anyone who isn't associated with a hospital or a gyno clinic, but I am still looking.  I want to find a CPM because of the education and training like you said, but I want to make sure i still get the one on one personalized care ya know.  I don't feel like I would get what I am looking for with a CPM who is with a womens clinic or hospital.  

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