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My Story..

I know it is long, but hopefully someone will have some advice or words of encouragement. In south MS, VBAC isn't something that is thought too highly of.
Here is my story:
I was a day late with my first child and I was diagnosed with pre-e. They immediately sent me to l&d and used cervidil through the night and broke my water the next morning. They started pit and I was 3cm when I got an epidural. My labor slowed down and the doctor was getting impatient. He left and another came on who ONLY does csections in his private office. He checked me, I was 7cm. He said he was sure I would be too tired to push my baby out and he felt a c section would be the best choice. I was naive and uneducated. My 7lbs baby girl, Amberly Danielle, was born at 10:53pm.
So, I got pregnant with baby #2 thirteen months later. I went to the same doctor because I thought he was so honest and had my best interest in mind. I also didn't know I could have a vaginal birth after a csection. The morning of my scheduled csection around 2am I started having mild period cramps that kept getting a little stronger. They put the monitor on me while I signed away my rights (didn't know what I was signing really) and the nurse asked if I felt the contractions I was having. I told her I wasn't paying any mind to them, I was nervous about the surgery. I asked if I could wait and see if I was going into labor and she said no, my doctor didn't allow those births and that I'd signed the consent forms. I should have got up and walked out. My 7.9 baby girl, Kylie Madisyn, was born at 8:07am.
I had a really bad gallbladder whenever I got pregnant with my third baby three years later. I went right on back to Mr. csection doctor. He scheduled me for surgery to remove my gallbladder at 12 weeks, but failed to tell me of the possible side affects that it could have on my baby. When the anesthesiologist told me, I freaked out and I demanded to talk to the surgeon. He told me in my case, the good outweighed the bad. My gallbladder was in bad shape and could rupture at any time. It made me angry that my OB didn't explain all of this to me. I got smarter and found another OB. We also switched hospitals. My new doctor's nurse practitioner is the one who told me I DO have options to try for a vbac and they can't MAKE me do anything. I was shocked! But when we checked the baby, he was breech. I was also put on high blood pressure medication for the first time. I had this with the first two pregnancies, but they never seemed concerned that is was dangerously high every time I went in. My sweet baby boy, Ryker Joseph, was born at 11:07am weighing 7.10.
It was the best c section experience I ever had, but my spinal tap hurt because they put it in wrong and several other issues that I would love to avoid this time by trying for my vba3c. I had to stay on hbp meds unfortunately after my last pregnancy. I know it'll be an issue this time too, but my doula has suggested the paleo diet (not strict though) and exercise and several other things to help me keep it in check.
I have faith that God will help me experience birth the way it was intended. I know csections are life saving surgeries for life and death situations, but mine wasn't that and he took advantage of a young woman who didn't know much about child birth. It was my own fault for not educating myself. But now I know and I am so excited. And you know, if my vba3c fails, I'll have at least tried. Keep me in your prayers!
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Magnesium is a supplement that can help lower your blood pressure. Vitamin c also.

Good luck.
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Just so you get encouraged, I too m planning on attempting a VBA2C after I learnt that I had a choice on whether to have the CS or not. I will have you in my prayers n hope that your bp stays normal.
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I will be trying a vbac3c as well God willing everything will be just fine.
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Best of luck to you, honeybee873. You will be in my prayers.

TizTaz5, wife of a wonderful husband, mother of ( June '09), two (July '13), and a little due March '15. hopeful!
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