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I had a pap smear set up today with my FP. She has been pretty helpful throughout our time TTCing and I do like her as she is open and respectful of our ideas and wishes.

When discussing HBAC she said she thinks its too dangerous and she would never do it herself but that she will respect our wishes.
She also said that she believes all women should have the choice to VBAC in a hospital or birthcenter connected to a hospital.

Now I'm questioning my choice to do a HBAC. I know its more dangerous than a regular HB or hospital VBAC, but is it really that irresponsible?

I was pretty set on this idea and thought that I had all the affirmation that I needed but now I'm not sure.

Its amazing how months and even years of research go down the tube in a matter of minutes...

Mom of a 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. Wow. How did that happen?
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First, pap smears have a very high incidence of false abnormal results during pregnancy. Don't freak out if you do get an abnormal, unless you have a history of them. Just wait until six months post-partum and have another one.

second, there isn't anything more dangerous about a HBAC than any other HB, and it definitely is safer than a hospital birth of any sort! Do your homework. I have tons and tons of info on vbac saved in my favorites, I also have tons of info on homebirths too. If you are a good candidate for vbac, and a candidate for homebirth, HBAC is probably the safest choice for you. There are studies out there that prove this to be true. If something goes catastrophically wrong during a vbac, being in a hospital is no guarantee that they can help you any faster than if you are transferring from home.

find a care provider who is really supportive of your wishes. I thought my OB was, until I got to 36 weeks and he started in on the scare tactics. But, he knew all along that he was just my back-up plan, in case things didn't work out the way I had planned (you know, I had my vbac at The Farm). If your doctor is voicing her doubts this early on, she will just get that much worse as your pregnancy progresses!

You CAN do it!!! You know you can! And you probably also know it's the best choice for you, or you wouldn't have bothered posting here about it.
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Having had a HBAC, I also feel that it is a safe choice. My mw's had an underwater dopplar, and checked babies heart beat every 10-15 minutes or so. It has also been proven that intermittent monitoring is as safe, or safer than continuous fetal monitoring that they would be doing in the hospital. It is safer b/c a midwife will be with you the entire time, watching and supporting your progress. In the hospital, they will be reading the machine from another room. You will recieve much better, hands on care from a homebirth midwife. Your birth will be easier and faster being in an environment in which you feel comfortable.

I know that it is hard to go against the mold and do something that most people say they would be too "scared" to do. But you have done your research, you know the risks are low, and birth is safe as life gets. Remember that our country is 27th for infant mortality, and that around the world, midwives deliver 80% (I think) of babies. So hospitals do not equal safe!

Something else that helped me is I listened to the hypnobirthing affirmation tapes. It went a long way to giving me confidence in my body, as well as Ina May's newest book. Good luck to you!
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We planned an HBAC....we went to the hospital eventually and after 5 days had a cesarean, but I do NOT regret my decision, and if we we ever have another baby I will plan another HBAC.
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As a HBA2C mama, I would say it isn't a decision to be made lightly and it isn't for everyone; but it was the only way to go for me.

I considered what caused my 1st c/s and all of those things were still present at the hospital and even more so being a vbac, if I could even find a doctor to agree to it seeing how I'd had 2 c/s (the CNM in our area were out completely).

I considered the distance to the hospital from my house in the event of an emergancy (and the only emergancy I was concerned about was the less than 1% chance of a rupture for 1 c/s and slightly higher for me having had 2 c/s). I read 17 minutes or less from rupture to cut was the most acceptable time frame and 30 minutes was the maxium. I talked with my mw about emergancy transfers and how that would work and who's call it was.

I live less than 4 miles from the hospital and it takes roughly 14 minutes taking it slow from my driveway to the ER entrance. From previous experience (w/ my ds#2 having an accident at home), I knew an ambulance would take 11 minutes or more to get to my house, assessment time and then transporation back to the hospital at 14 minutes, so we agreed that we would self-port in our 15 pass van in the event of an emergancy. The mw would call ahead to the ER and inform them of the situation. I had printed the map to the hospital and the phone numbers of the L&D and the ER for the mws prior to the birth. The mw held my records and copies of my op reports, I had pre-registered at the hospital to facilitate a smooth transfer if an emergancy were to come up.

After doing all this leg work, I was confident that if the unthinkable were to happen I'd be safe and my baby would have a very good chance of coming out with minimal damage.

I trusted my mw most of all. I knew she had my best interest at heart and would do her best to see us through a successful vbac. I dare say a good portion of her mamas are vbac mamas, so I knew I was in good hands.
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I want an HBAC too. The only thing stopping us is $. Hospital VBAC is $100 and a HBAC is $1200. I am trying to get my insurance to pay for my HBAC.

I don't think that it's irresponsible to HBAC. I think that it's irresponsible for doctors to force interventions on a VBAC b/c it's those interventions that start the cascade of problems leading to c/s in the first place.

Good luck with your decision
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I think it's the wisest decision you can make. Even if you choose to transfer and need a c-sec, you'll know that it was necessary and not caused by the dangerous protocols in hospitals which are opposed to VBAC. You go for it! It's what I'll be doing too after transferring for a c-sec from my planned HB.

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I'm with you...
I had my baby boy by c-sec. He was posterior and asynclitic (sp)? and they couldn't tell. Because he was too far down in my pelvis, they thought for sure he was facing the right way.

I want a HBAC with my next one. I think I am just going to do everything I can to minimize the risks of rupture. Like wait a couple of years to get pregnant again, and stay healthy, and avoid pitocin and induction (which EQUALS homebirth in my book). I was reading up on VBAC last night and saw a statistic, you have a chance of uterine rupture that is NOT higher than the chance of any large unforseen problem with any birth. So, if you feel/felt safe having a homebirth of any kind, then isn't a HBAC just as safe?

I am going to see my CNM again soon for my annual, and ask her to read me the report from the OB who did my csec. That way I can be sure to check what type of incision is on my uterus. I was reading that the incision on the skin is not neccesarily the same as the incision on the uterus. That is another thing to find out, because a low transverse incision has the LOWEST chance of rupture.

Go for it girl! I know how you feel though, because some days I think I am crazy for wanting a HBAC. But then I think if I am in the hospital, and any one thing happens like a jump or drop in heart rate, they'll jump on me and say it's time for another csec. I want more control over the experience than that!

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