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I'm wondering if anybody out there has experience with a VBAC after 2 C-sections.

My first child was born by emergency C-section (failure to progress, face delivery, overly large) after 28 hours of labor. For my second child, the doctor told me my chances of a successful VBAC were low considering there were "so many" factors contributing to my first section.

I now know enough to know the doctor was a dolt, but I didn't then and I was scared of going through so much only to have an emergency C-section again, so my second child was a scheduled C-section. Both were lower, horizontal incisions, the ones that are supposed to be safer for VBAC's.

I do not want another C-section! I've read enough about the risk factors of them and know how badly my body heals from them that I really want to avoid it if possible.

I've read SUCH conflicting stuff about a woman's chances of a successful VBAC after two C-sections! I recently read something in an online medical journal that said there are no substantial jumps in the statistics for complications between 1 & 2 previous C-sections. It said if everything else was fine, a woman with 2 previous ones should be encouraged to attempt a VBAC.

OTOH, a midwifery site I visited said they refused to do home births of VBAC's after more than one C-section because of "recent studies" about higher chances of uterine rupture.

My doctor supports VBAC's but said she didn't want me to have one after 2 C-sections because she attended 2 who ruptured (moms and babes were fine). I don't know if those were induced, though, which ups the odds of ruptures. She doesn't remember.

My doctor is willing to try to do a VBAC since it's what I want, but it's been really hard to try to gather information and decide what to do. There are so many people out there telling stories of VBAC's after one section but there's almost nobody out there who's tried it after two.

Anyone have experience with this?

Also, how can I give myself the best chance of being successful at a VBAC and reduce the chances of FTP again? With my first child I was so at peace and confident in my ability to birth my baby. I was unmedicated and happy through the hours of labor, and I still stalled out and had it turn to terrible pain and crisis. I worry it will be harder to be so trusting and calm during this one.

You always hear how if you believe in it and trust your body it will work, but that's just not always true. How do I convince myself *again* to believe in it and trust my body?

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no advice, but just wanted to tell you i'm planning a vbac after two cesarean births. My first was because water broke and no contrax so i was started on pitocin. I dialated fully and began to push after epidural wore off, but the baby was wrapped in the cord and i had a cesarean. (it was 13 years ago, i was young and my ob was obviously not the right ob )

two and a half years ago i went in planning vbac and one again ended up induced with pitocin, coudln't manage the pain since i was strapped down and ended up wtih the same scenario.. epidural and cesarean.

this time I have a wonderful midwife who supports my intention to vbac fully. I will be birthing at a local hospital tho, after 2 section births I will not be allowed to birth at the birthing center, and my husband is too nervous about home birth. I've been reading so much - i cannot recommend enough the Thinking Womans guide to a better birth, The VBAC companion and Birthing from within. And if you can read spiritual midwifery its a pretty groovy read. lol. My dh and I got some hypnobirthing tapes and cd's from a friend and have begun listening and practicing the relaxation techniques.

I have NO DOUBT that both of us can successfully vbac. Our bodies were made for this and "Labor is hard, it hurts...
and you can do it!" (from birthing from within)

anyway, i'm new here, but if you'd like to talk more.. .post or pm me?
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I know lots of women who have had VBACs after 2, 3, 4...I think the highest number was 7 previous cesareans.

Check out this site for information on VBAC after multiple c-sections, including a frank, well-researched discussion of the risks, and birth stories of women who did it. The author and owner of the site is a friend of mine who had a VBAC after 2 c/s herself.


Also see her general pages on c/s and VBAC here: http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/C...vbacindex.html

I hope this helps you. You might consider printing off some of the info for your doctor.
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I just finished an older, but still good book called "The vaginal birth after cesarean experience" by Lynn Baptisi Richards. There is a birth story in there about a woman who had a vbac after 4 cesareans, two of which were classical incisions. Have you read "Silent Knife"? Also a classic, but there is no other book that is quite as reassuring when it comes to the subject of rupture. It really makes it the nearly non-issue it should be. As long as our labors are not augmeted by artificial hormones, we'll be o.k.. Doctors love self-fulfilling prophesies when it comes to rupture. They scare a woman into thinking that her baby is too big, then they convince us to get the labor started earlier, just a little pit. Then our babies and uteri get stressed. Ugh!

I'm also going for a vbac(August), and I found an incredible doula who really focuses on optimal fetal postioning long before labor begins. That means lots of time on a birth ball, no time slouching or kicking back in a recliner. It makes the mother a very active part in how her labor is going to go. I slouched in chairs through the last half of my first pregnancy. That didn't get me far, or my baby. So this time I'm really working on it. My beloved papa-san chair is already stored in the basement.

My best advice, and I hope it works because I've got alot riding on it too, is find a doula who really believes in birth, and labor at home with that doula for as long as you possibly can. Oh, and find someone who isn't afraid to go to battle for you at the hospital. It helps to have a wall between you and interventions. Good luck to us all!
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Thanks for the sites and recommendations!

I tried to get a doula but there are none near me. My husband is supportive and my doctor is pretty cool. With each child I've become better at being my own advocate too.

Feeling better now. Thanks!
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I wish you the best of luck. I have had 2 c-sections and am hoping when I get pregnant again to have the next one vaginally and naturally!
I saw on video a natural vaginal birth after 2 c-sections. It can definately be done. Make sure you have as much support as you can around you. Most of all think positivelt and trust your body and your baby!!
I'm rooting 4 u!!!

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We just found out we are expecting sweet baby #3. I have had 2 c-sections and am planning on an HBAC too. All I can say is research and BELIEVE in yourself! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

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I VBAC'd after 2 C-SEction births.... I did it twice!

The first time was out of sheer stubborness! I REFUSED to have a C-Section unless baby went into distress... and ya know what? I did it!!! (With Epidural-DR. was convinced I was going to have to have a C!)

And then with baby #4, I got induced due to some health issues, and had her 10 hours later... COMPLETELY NATURAL... no drugs, nothing!

If anyone wants to talk to me about this, they can email me... [email protected]
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Gentle Birth Choices (the video) had a women that did a VBAC after C-sections. She was so inspiring, and it's so wonderful to watch how happy she is after she birthed her 3rd child naturally.

You can do it!
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ONe of my friends just had a VBAC after 2C and she had been told she had CPD...just to prove them wrong she spit out a 8 1/2 lber., bigger than the other 2!

Also, an L&D nurse I worked with who had 2 prior c/section and was scheduled for a 3rd - got a "stomach bug" and by the time she got the hospital (after realizing, no she really in labor - talk about denial!) was crowning the baby. So she pushed out a 10 lber and went on to have another VBAC after that. She went on to teach the VBAC class at the hospital where I work.

Good luck!
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We're going for vbac after 3 prior c/s's.

I decided before I was even pregnant that there is no way I want to fall back into the "failure to progress" pit. Yep. That's it -ftp is the ONLY reason I had 2 c/s's-- the third was just scheduled because, really, who wants to be induced only to "fail" again???

I managed to find a midwife who totally supports me and has been delivering babies for 24 years. Her highest vbac mom had had 5 c/s and delivered #6 no problem.


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We just found out we are pg with #3 and basically, I'm scared to death about the entire thing. I've had 2 c-sections, and personally, I can't even talk about them without getting upset and crying . Anyway, my last pregnancy, I did opt for a homebirth, I believe strongly in hb.

However, because of a wierd ligament pain that I also experienced with my first birth (which was much worse than heavy contractions, believe me!!!) I decided to go in. I had been in labor for 2+ days and was extremely exhausted. My midwife, blessed woman that she is! told me that in fact I don't need to be a martyr, so I started crying and at that point decided to go in.

Now if I didn't have that horrid ligament pain with each birth, I probably would have never had a cs with the second birth. My first birth ended up a c-section for the classic (ignorant) reasons due to being in a hospital which I won't even go into.

So basically, I feel like just going in for another c-section. There is no way we can afford to go through a homebirth midwife again and insurance won't cover it.

It's really hard for me to even write about because this whole birthing thing has been so extremely difficult for me to deal with. Women (and men, including my FIL) who have never had a cs simply have no idea what they're talking about when they attempt to talk to me about it.

I'm about 3 months along and was not prepared for all of these feelings to come back again.

Also, if I did want to do another homebirth, I'm very scared about my labor stalling, even though in hindsight, we did stuff with my second birth to get things going, and they worked!

P.S. You know, I remember that with my second birth, my next door neighbor was vehemently against hb and it was a sore point between us. I wonder if that ever caused any negative feelings that affected my labor process? We've since moved thank goodness .

Just venting, and thanks so much for posting this thread!!
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My c-sections were 18 and 17 years ago, so when number3 was on the way, I went to a CNM group out of state.

Just had my fifth baby via vbac 12 weeks ago! (third vbac)YAHOO!!!

Definitely worth it! Very healing. Yes, our bodies *can and *do work the way nature designed us!

Just wanted o mention that I am not new, been around forever, but show as new after resolving some puter problems. :
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