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and how it affects choices to VBAC...

I am 19 weeks pregnant and have started to research VBAC. To be honest though, I am absolutely terrified.

Can you please share what led you to a csection in earlier pregnancies and how have you come to succeed in a VBAC or in making a decision to have a VBAC.

Would love to hear some VBAC stories. Both sides even
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Can you please share what led you to a csection in earlier pregnancies
Doctor coercion for me. Ds is my first and only child at this point. I was blissfully unaware of most things and just assumed that you got pregnant and you gave birth vaginally. It was the natural way things worked so why wouldn't it happen that way for me?

I was 37 wks pg when my female ob started telling me that ds was already big (she thought 7lbs) and that if I didn't go into labor on my own by 39 wks they would do an u/s to estimate his weight. 39 wks came and no labor so was sent off to u/s. The u/s estimated ds at 10lbs 4oz. Was told that ds was outside the ACOG guideline for vb so it would probably be safest for me to have a c/s and very soon. Was also told that I could try and wait, but that if I went to 41 wks she'd either have to induce at that point or c/s. Was also told that we'd have to try and do so when she was "on-call". OB told us to "go home and think about it" and that she'd call back later that afternoon.

OB called around 3pm ish. She told us that she felt it was safest for ds to be by c/s and that she'd scheduled our c/s for Thurs (it was Tues). I didn't question, and didn't really know what to think anyway. I mean, gosh if the OB tells you that it's safer for you to just have a c/s, then certainly it must be! Barely got the info I needed to prepare for the c/s. (BTW: my records list the reason for my c/s as maternal request/primary elective cesarean. I take issue with that as it's hard to "elect" a c/s that's already been scheduled for you.)

Went in for my c/s and ds was 9lbs even, more than 1lb less than the u/s estimation. Wasn't told until I was on the operating room table, with my innards splayed for all to see that u/s estimations are notroiously wrong in big babies and can be more than 1 lb off. (This is after the pre-op discussion ob had with the resident about baby size - both of them, both females, thought that ds felt more like 9lbs. Ob is of course quick to reassure that ds' shoulders "looked too big" to have fit anyway.

Spent the majority of ds' first day separated from him (even though lots of other people got to see him) b/c of breathing issues (due to c/s). I assumed while he was there that "they" were actually "doing something", only to find out that he was under a heat lamp for the majority of the time, all alone.

Had a VERY rough recovery. Ds lost over a pound in the nursery (duh, his birth weight was inflated due to fluids required in c/s to prevent mom's bp from dropping) and was harangued by nursery staff everytime they came in that I was starving my child and if he was their child they would be giving him formula. PP nurses refused to get LC even though we expressed several times that we wanted one. When we were actually able to get one it was very helpful. Did sucumb to pressure to give formula, although ds would always spit most of it back up. LC's told me that was probably b/c ds was already full and that he'd take whatever was offered.

Was harassed by female ped who bf'd her own children b/c ds wasn't gaining enough weight back. Ended up at the drs office four of the five weekdays after we got home from the hospital. Ds started gaining weight back, but it wasn't fast enough. Felt completely overwhelmed by the whole situation, especially b/c I could barely walk upright and had a DVT scare mid way through the first week (needing u/s to rule it out). By the end of that first week we were already supplementing at least two feedings. By the end of the second week we were down to just one bf feeding. By the end of three weeks we were completely formula.

Took me six weeks to feel more like myself, 10-12 weeks until I was actually back to "normal" for me. Have had some adhesion pains and lots of guilt over everything that happened. Had discussion re:VBAC and my uterine incision at 6wk pp appt. Dr was not very supportive at all.

how have you come to succeed in a VBAC or in making a decision to have a VBAC.
By the time ds was three months I knew I would never want to go through a c/s ever again and would VBAC next time. By the time ds was 1 year I had found ICAN ( and joined the email list. Got copies of my own med recs and learned all sorts of things about my pg that I never knew while I was actually pg. Started interviewing midwives by the time ds was 1 yr. Decided for sure on a HBAC for next time shortly there after.

Basically, I underwent a complete paradigm shift as far as pregnancy and birth were concerned. Next time, instead of someone who inherently distrust pregnancy and labor (thinking that it's a doomed process to being with and the cp has to rescue both mom and baby before the apocalypse of the pg world starts raining down), I will have a cp that trusts the pregnancy and birthing process. I will have someone who sees pregnancy and birth as a normal, natural process. I will have a cp who respects and supports me in the decisions only I can make about my body and my baby. I will be at home where I am most comfortable surrounded by those I know, love, and trust.

I REFUSE to be afraid! If the process was inherently flawed then the human race would have died out a long time ago. Women's bodies are made to birth babies, plain and simple. I could go on, but it's probably more than you wanted to know. I'll get off now.

I'd suggest you head on over to They have lots of info available there plus a very active email list. It's really an eye opening experience and so very worth it IMO.

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Mine was doctor/midwife coersion for big baby as well. They moved up the due date on me during an earlier u/s and when I went past that due date they sent me for another ultrasound that estimated my baby to be 9lb10oz. The midwife told me over the phone that I needed a csection and basically dropped me. We went in and talked to one of the doctors she worked with and he scared me into scheduling the section (i was not dilated or effaced, but no wonder, I hadn't even made it to my true due date!) My daughter was sectioned on her originally due date, almost a week after the u/s and came out 9lbs 8.5 oz.
Next time I will find a care provider who believes in birth and in my ability to give birth. They said they missed GD, but my baby came out healthy as a horse with no blood sugar issues. I just grow em big!
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My baby was in the frank breech position. No other options were discussed. #2 was a vbac. They like to know what kind of insision that you had as well as if you had a single or double layer of internal stitches. Also how long it has been since your c-section seems to help a bit if it is 2 years or more. I had to change groups in order to be allowed to have a vbac. The birth was still very medicated, I was induced (went a week & a half past due date). The pit made my contractions really strong & I had been up in prodomal labor for 2 days. So I wanted an epidural. Inducing a vebac mom is not a good thing as it increases the chance of rupture. I do have to say there was doubt in my mind during labor, I though I might end up in the or do to rupture. I have been doing some writing of both of my birth stories to try to heal & move on. We have began talking about ttc #3, in the next year or 2 so, I recently started looking into hbac. And would like to someday have #3 at home. I truly think the chances of a vbac are safe & more possiable at home.
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My first pregnancy ended in a section because dd was in a frank breech position and I was seeing an OB. She didn't know of alternatives to ECV so we did a c-section at just under 37 weeks because I was progressing.

I really felt that had I been allowed to give vaginal birth or had I been given alternatives I would have been successful in a drug free birth. Of course if I had a midwife it would have been a lot easier to get those things!

Long before I got pregnant with ds I decided on a VBAC. I read some good books, "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" and "The VBAC Companion" amoung others.

ds' birth was smooth as any vaginal birth should be. It was incredibly emotionally moving and just an amazing experience.

Mom of a 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. Wow. How did that happen?
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you just encouraged me to post my vbac story in my you can click on E's birth story to read why i had 2 c/s's. IMHO both were BS but i didnt know any better at the time.
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My section was for breech. The dr said he wouldn't even think of delivering vagininally without a "proven pelvis" . The more reading I did after my section the more I realized that a mw probably wouldn't have batted an eye at a normal delivery. DD was frank breech, the easiest kind to birth. I'm having an HBAC with #2 and even though I hope it's not breech, it wouldn't change my mind if it was (nor my mw's).

Kirsten, wife of Jason, mom to Anne, 7, and Orion, 5 (my HBAC baby!).  Owner of Bloo Kangaroo Carriers - bringing moms, dads, and little ones closer since 2007.

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Frank breech, attempted external version twice, both times failed. I was offered an induction (I had severe preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome and I needed to be delivered) but at 36 weeks, with a completely unripe cervix, I knew the odds were lousy and I would have had magnesium sulfate and labored on my side the entire time. I'm still glad I was offered an induction with breech, though, despite the fact that he was a frigging huge 36 weeker (3900 grams).

I'm considered an excellent VBAC candidate now as long as I can go into labor before my isoimmunization titers rise too high.

mama to Max (2/02) and Sophie (10/06); wife to my fabulous girl
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My c-section was b/c baby was in a breech position and my water had been broken for 10 weeks. Once they got inside, it turns out the cord had implanted in the wrong place on the placenta and the cord was only 6 inches long. I'll hopefully be able to VBAC next time, but next time won't be for a while yet.


Wife to an amazing man love.gif, mommy to 3 wild dudes: ds1 (5/23/05 @ 30 weeks), ds2 (3/5/09) hbac.gif, and ds3 (9/26/10) hbac.gif. Part time librarianread.gif, full time mommysupermod.gif, occasional chef and maid.

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Mine was after 62 hours of excruciating back labor with no meds and a baby who no longer tolerated labor a.k.a. fetal distress. He was posterior when they pulled him out and acynclitic (head titled to the side). I plan the next to be a vbac and will work hard so that the next is in the optimal position for birth.
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Transverse breech in a bicornate uterus. He wasn't moving.. 2vbacs later and we're on pg #4. Also planning another vbac. I don't think my OB even remembers DS1 WAS a c/s. She didn't do it!

It's lonely being the only XX in a house of XYs.
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Ok here goes mine.

At 38 weeks, dd was breech and estimated at 7 pounds. So they wanted her out soon. At 39 weeks, I went in and they said nothing was happening, she turned, so we would wait.

My water broke that night at 3am. No contractions. So I waited to go in until 10 am. Still no real contractions. Got to the hospital, nothing happening. They said that by 1pm, they would give pitocin. Walked and walked, still nothing.

So I got hooked up to pitocin. Never progressed past 1cm. DD's heart started to decelerate after 2 hours on pitocin, so they rushed to a csection. When they cut me open they saw the cord wrapped once around her neck and that the placenta started had a partial abruption.

I wonder how much could be avoided and if I would have ever progressed.

So nervouse about similar dangers of like with dd.
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Mine was a long pregnancy with interventions that went bad. I was all gung-ho about a natural birth and only went with an OB/hospital in the first place to appease my dad and husband, who were both afraid that a homebirth was too risky. I thought I was doing everything right-- I'd hired a doula, was seeing a midwife or osteopath for all my prenatal care, and read Ina May cover to cover.

Well, the baby was asynclitic and nobody figured that out. I didn't learn the term until afterwards when I was researching VBAC. She never dropped, they tried to induce (that's another post right there) at 41 weeks and it didn't take, so we went home with instructions to come back the following week if I didn't go into labor first. I did go into labor, but the contractions, even though they were coming every few minutes apart, never did anything so when we went to the hospital they started pit anyway-- for two days. I never dilated beyond one cm. Why would I? The baby wasn't positioned right! : At this point I was at the 42-week mark and the fluid levels were low so they scheduled a section.
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DD#2 was a frank breech. We were planning a birthing center birth. I transferred care at 37 weeks after a failed ECV by an experienced perineonatologist (sp?) b/c no one in town will deliver a known breech baby. I have small babies and am pretty confident that I could have delivered a 6.4 lb breech baby but did not want to try it out of the hospital--just did not get a good feeling and I doubt I could have found a local midwife with a good reputation who would have attempted it. I tried moxibustion, accupuncture, and all the rec positions and exercises but that little baby's butt was jammed into my pelvis!! I was disappointed to have a surgical birth but emotionally did well b/c I feel like we did all we could to have a vaginal birth.

This time around we are going for a HBAC and I feel very good about the chances of that happening. I am 37 weeks and baby is head down, ready to go! I chose a homebirth b/c I feel that is my best chance to have a safe birth--no one watching me like a ticking time bomb at the hospital, sharpening their knives, haha! My babies are small (5.14 and 6.4 at 39+ weeks) and I tend to have "lower" fluid levels and I have refused any sonogram this pregnancy b/c I feel that would lead me down the road to induction and ultimately surgery. This has been my most stress-free pregnancy! Hopefully I will have a HBAC but if it doesnt end up that way I feel like I have made good decisions thus far and I have a capable practicioner whose advice I feel I can trust! I think that goes a long way in helping you have a satisfying birth, VBAC or not!

Wendy  Wife to my sweet husband, homeschooling mom to 4 little girls and a new blessing due in November! chicken3.gif
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My C-section (:Puke ):

I went into my Ob's appointment for my 39 week appointment (I do Like my OB, Yes she is is an OB, but I like her anyway ). My appt was typical, she did check me and there was absolutely NO CHANGE, so she said a "see ya next week) for my next appt. This office is truly in no rush to hurry babe along, which I love......they are willing to wait (well, except one evil lady who I will speak of later lol).

I was pretty clueless to be honest with you, I never even thought about a c-section.

I went into labor on my own at 39w4days. Now here's where my mistakes begin: Went to the hospital way tooooooooooo soon, they actually sent me home the first time: I was not in "enough" labor! I went back to the hospital later that night, actually more like 20 hours later. I was dilated just enough (4cm) to be admitted. My next mistake: Epidural. . So stuck in bed for another 12 hours or so. progressing, albeit slowly. Anywho, finally got to complete dilation YIPPEE. Started pushing (my doctor was not on call, I actually had an awesome doc throughout my labor but she left just before I started to push). I pushed, and pushed and pushed and pushed (you get the point), the epidural was gone at this point. so a doc (evil women) comes in and offers a c-section. I was sooooooooo exhausted and I truly believe that if she would have given me a little encouragement I would have gone on. But her words "you can have a s-sec or push for 2 more hours, but I dont see this babe coming down with even 2 more hours of pushing". So STUPID me, opts for the c-section.

I knew almost immediately (I first went through a period of time when I did not want any more children) that I wanted a VBAC. I went to my 6 week pp visit with my OB and we spoke about it. She was very supportive, which is nice b/c I did not want to switch (but I will if she pulls a switcharoo on me lol). The baby was "sunny side up", my OB said that typically they try to turn the baby (WTH, why didnt evil woman try this).

I truly feel as though I "missed out" on something. I love my dd, but it took a while for me to bond with her. I am researching now and feel educated on what I want for my future birth(s). Thats with the help of you wonderful ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My c/s was after two totally normal vaginal births. the c/s was because babe was frank breech, and a 32 week preemie, so realy there wasn't any discussion of other options because we couldn't try a version becuase my water was already broken. And honstly, with a preemie, neither doc nor I was willing to risk anything and we just wanted to get baby out safely and quickly so he could go off to the nicu.

I think that I'm fortunate in that I didn't/don'thave a lot of sadness or guilt or other issues surrounding my c/s. while I do think that c/s are WAY too common in the US, I do think that there are many cases where they are completely appropriate and really make for a better outcome for babe and mom. In my case, I can't tell you how glad I was that I had a skilled surgeon to do my c/s and have it go well.

This time, I'm planning a VBAC with the same OB, and I expect that it'll go fine. I'm educated and informed on my options, and so far I don't see ay rason why I can't have another vaginal birth like my first two. But, if an issue like with my third arises, I'll be fine with having another c/s if that's really what's warranted. But I think at this point, I'm educated enought hat I won't be bullied by a medical staff who just doens't want to dal with a VBAc
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My c/s- short version.

at 40w5d (my calculations) 39w my OBs calculations (she explained to me that after 38w there was really no benefit for the baby to stay in. I now know she was completely full of it). I was induced because of PIH which was turning into pre-eclampsia. U/S said my baby was +9.5 lbs on a Thursday. I was scheduled induction on Tuesday. I wasn't progressing dialation wise once induction began. 6+ hours on pit and hardly any change. Then the OB broke my water and I labored on for 5+ hours w/ pit and no pain meds. I was tired and baby started having decells and still there was hardly any change with my cervix. I got an epi to see if I would relax and dilate. That didn't help and the decells got worse. I had my c/s 1/2 later. Baby was fine, really high apgars and 8.5lbs. A whole pound less than the estimated weight 5 days ago.

I believe it was my OB lack of knowledge about diet and nutrition that helped set me up for pre-e. I think if she had counseled me better about my PIH and GD would have been better controlled. Because of this and her alarmist attitude she talked me into an induction. I tried all sorts of home induction stuff the weekend before my induction and nothing helped. In hindsight I realize that was my body's way of letting me know that I wasn't ready to have her.
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Originally Posted by Hindyg

Can you please share what led you to a csection in earlier pregnancies and how have you come to succeed in a VBAC or in making a decision to have a VBAC.

I had an E-S/C at 10 cm, due to fetal distress.. my son had his cord around his neck 3X (all of my DC had their cords around their neck, & or arm, torso, whatever body part). I was a transfer from a birthing center.. so I had already set it in my head that I was going all natural!.. well, there was a bigger lesson for me to learn then birthing with no drugs in a center..

How have I come to succeed in VBACing???


When I became preg with #2 a repeat c/s was not even an option! I was not about to allow anyone to tell me that my body was incompetent to do what it is made to do. (same concept with breastfeeding)
#2 preg was over 9 yrs ago, back then women were still allowed to VBAC here, in fact I was stupid enough to agree to a induction (pit, serv, prost) at 42 weeks.

By the time I was preg with #4 VBACs were pretty much outlawed in my area. I had done all the research to have an UC.... at 33 weeks found a Godsent of a woman that took me on and was there for my first HBAC!!!

I would not birth at a hosp again. #5 birth I went to the hosp... it was HORRIBLE!.. another story in itself!
In my area of Florida there is not a single hospital in a 3 county area that will allow a VBAC, ITS INSANE!!!
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My 1st? "Fetal distress."
Ohhh, my day I'll write a book...if I can find the words...

~Marie : Mom to DS(11), DS(10), DD(8), DD(4), DD(2), & Happily Married to DH 12 yrs.!
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I went in to be induced at 40 wks 4days. The first day of the induction, I didn't get past 2 cms, so I along w/ the doc decided to turn the Pitocin off and let me rest overnight.
The next morning we started it again. I was still at 2 cms, but had been contracting all night long regularly. At about 9-ish I was at 4 cms and the doctor then broke my water. By noon I was in terrible pain from the pitocin-induced contractions and had to have an epidural b/c I was hyperventiliating from the pain. Next time they checked me at about 1:30, I was completely dilated and ready to push.
When I first started pushing, the baby dropped and was coming down fine. Then, because she was in the OP position, her head got stuck on my pelvic bone and she wouldn't come down anymore. "Arrest of Descent" is what they call it.
So after pushing for 2 hours, the doctor said I'd have to have a c-section. He never even offered to let me try different pushing positions (I was flat on my back the whole time) and he never offered to try vaccuum of forceps...he just automatically said c-section. At the time I didn't think I had a choice.

I was so traumatized by having to have a c-section. I suffered PPD for a good 7 months after the birth, and I still struggle with it from time to time. I know my c-section could have been avoided. I didn't know this at the time, but the OB I was going to has the highest c/s rate I've ever heard of from a doctor.

I started researching VBAC as soon as I was recovered from my c-section. I knew immediately that I wanted to try one. In the past year since my daughter's birth, I have read so many stats online, I have read books, I have talked to ppl about VBAC and called midwives...I've done lOTS research and I am 99% confident that I can have a successful VBAC with my next child.
I'm so much smarter now, I have learned what I did wrong last time and what could have possibly prevented my c-section.

My DDs birth was as medicalized as they come. But for my next child, I am hoping to have an all-natural birth with a midwife....probably still in a hospital, though, but that's just my personal preferance.

My DH and I are preparing to start TTC #2 within the coming months and I am already on my hunt for a midwife that I feel can give me the birth experience I desire. I've spoken with two so far, and I plan to interview several and decide on one BEFORE I become pregnant.

My best advice? DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! And find a good midwife and say "screw you" to your OB.
And don't let all that "uterine rupture" talk scare you. That's just what doctors say to try to scare you into another c-section. The risk of rupture is so low...there's actually more risk in having another c-section. You and your baby are BOTH better off choosing VBAC.

Much luck to you!!!!
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1st pregnancy ended in a c/s at 35 weeks. DS was footling breech and I was told by a doctor and several nurses that it was 'incredibly dangerous' to attempt a vaginal delivery.

So, misinformation and my own naivete are responsible for my c/s.

DS#2 was born via VBAC. It was a WONDERFUL experience to go into that pregnancy/birth with lots of research 'under my belt' and to be prepared no matter what BS came my way.

Pregnant now, due in December, and I've found a pair of midwives who are experienced with/and have no issue with various breech presentation births.

I think my VBAC succeeded because my OB was completely in favor of my choice. She would have done a repeat c/s if I'd asked for one, too, but was quite comfortable with my choice as long as both I and the baby were handling labor well. The other reason it succeeded is because I was committed. (Not meant to imply that other mamas who did not successfully VBAC were any less committed, btw.) What I mean is that if my outward appearance of committment to VBAC ever wavered, I have no doubt that there would have been at least a couple of voices jumping on that vulnerability and working me into a c/s.

Our very successful VBAC is what has led me to the homebirth route this time. After DS#2 was born, the OB said, "your uterus performed its job beautifully, you could have many more vaginal births without a problem."


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I came into the hospital with my second because I wasn't sure if I was in preterm labour or not (34 weeks, not *that* preterm...). IT was so mild I couldn't tell. I asked them to check me for two hours and no one would.
Finally the OBGYN came in and agreed to check and see if I'd dilated any. I was 4cm without ever going into labour and I let him know that in case he flipped out about it.

He said my son was crowning. I honestly never even knew I was in real labour, let alone had any idea he was crowning! He was crowning breech, and WHILE I was screaming, "I want a vaginal" they were already shaving me and putting IVs in my arm.
The OB put his hand up inside me and pushed my son back toward my womb. I can't even describe that pain!! I couldn't think clearly, and was totally freaked out, and eventually just signed the paper after they shoved it in my face, put a pen in my hand and even grabbed and clasped my fingers around it. They didn't give me much of a choice and I found out later even if I'd continued to scream "no" they would have done it anyway and found me unfit to make my own descisions.

So, long story short: an unnecessary c-section. I nver considered anything but a VBAC, honestly. Having a second c/s is the LAST thing on my mind.

photosmile2.gifBabs + trekkie.gifCurtis - Parents of Tempest blahblah.gif(08/07/03 autismribbon.gif), Jericho angel2.gif(11/01/05 ribboncesarean.gif), Xan moon.gif(10/03/06 uc.jpghbac.gif), Zephyra baby.gif(06/02/11 hbac.gif). mdcblog5.gif @

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my section was for failure to progress after 50+ hours of labor. he did not descend past -2 station. was also told my pelvis was too small.

i am pretty positive he was malpositioned. i worked hard to make sure #2 was positioned correctly. i had a successful vbac.

mostly WAHM, sometimes WOHM to my : two boys.
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First dd was for fetal distress and "failure to progress" I had maternal fever. The second, I was determined to do it right. I fought hard for a VBAC. I convinced my midwife I could do it. I never once said I was tired...I did not want them to use anything against me! I did have a successful VBAC, but only after tearing my cervix. I still think it was well worth it. I don't think I would have torn anything if I didn't have pitocin.
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Failure to progress/failed induction at 41 weeks 5 days. Basically, the baby wasn't ready to come yet, in spite of how long he'd been gestating ! The thing that made me consider VBAC was the doctor who did my section ~ as I was leaving the maternity ward, he said to me, "I did your section to be sure you could have a vaginal birth next time." Meaning low-transverse, with double sutures. Up to that point, I'd thought, "once a section, always a section".

I've had 2 successful VBACs (one at home) since then .

~~Kristina~~ Mama to DS(10/30/01), DD1(VBAC 3/28/04) and DD2(HBAC 5/21/06)
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At 38 weeks I was measuring big so they sent me for a U/S to get weight and at 38 weeks two seperate techs said my DS was 10lbs 10oz and at 40 weeks he would be around 12 lbs and that was "dangerous to the mother and baby" so my midwife said they would take me up to 40 weeks but not a day after. The baby was already down until they turned me almost upside down on the table for the u/s and then he was floating very high. We tried every induction method every day up to 40 weeks where I still wanted a vag birth. They started me on Pit then broke my water. 17 hours later I as stuck at 7cm and wasn't progressing. They gave me an epi to 1) let me rest for a minute as my contractions had not gone up and down but had gone up and stayed up for as long as 4 minutes at a time and 2) to see if my body would relax and let the baby come down. Needless to say I ended up with a section but the OB at the hossy was great and said that she did the section so I could have a VBAC. Over all I like the hossy much more than the birth center. Next time I plan on a VBAC at "The Farm" in TN.
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Familial and personal history of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. Asynclitic presentation.
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Mine was due to a footling breech baby. We knew he was breech, and I tried everything under the sun to flip that boy. I had a midwife/birth center but risked out after we found the baby to have Down syndrome, and the OB wouldn't try a version. We scheduled the surgery, but my boy wasn't waiting. I showed up at the hospital in the middle of the night dialated to 7 with both feet pushing through my cervix- a week before the date we had scheduled.
I don't regret the section under the circumstances, but would love a VBAC next time.
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Our 2nd dd was a c-sec because she was a footling breech. Tried everything under the sun to turn her nothing work. If she was a frank breech I would not had need a c-sec at this hospital. Since her I have had two HBAC and the last one was UBAC and I'm planning another HBAC this summer.
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My midwife had told me at the begining of my pregnancy that if I wouldn't be able to push out a 9lb baby b/c of the size of my pelvis. At my 32wk ultrasound, my son was estimated at 8lbs. I burst into tears. At my 38wk ultrasound, he was estimated at 10lbs. I had an option for vaginal, but was told that trying to push out a baby that big could cause problems for him and for me. I didn't want to risk any problems so I chose a c-section.

I wish I wouldn't have. He was 9lbs 8oz, and I think I should have at least TRIED. Right now I'm at the point of only considering a second child (my son just turned one) and I'm looking into VBACs because I feel like I cheated having a c-section. One big downside is that my midwife doesn't do VBACs and I really love her!
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