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I saw the midwife today, the one we had hoped to have for our HBAC. Apparently, the atmosphere surrounding VBAC right now is very negative. I had some idea that it was that way, but thought it was mainly among OB's and not midwives. Anyway, this midwife, whom I trust, said she would not HBAC with me but would VBAC me at her birth center if I really really wanted to. But I'd have to have fetal monitoring. She suggested using an OB practice that also has a CPM because they are the most VBAC-friendly in north TX. It looks like we may end up with a hospital VBAC.

What confused me was something she said in regards to my ability to "vaginally birth a baby." She said that because my first son was born at 8 pounds 13 ounces that we "may even want to induce at 38 weeks using Cytotec".


I was so taken aback that I really had nothing to say to that, but honestly, doesn't she know that ANY induction methods will most certainly ruin my chances for a successful VBAC? Am I destined to have a hospital attempt at a VBAC where they force me to be induced and I end up with another csection?

I'm scared. I don't know what to do. My gut tells me to give up now because I cannot for the life of me stand another ATTEMPTED normal birth and end up with the complete opposite. I know that no other midwives in my area will take a primary VBAC, I've checked. At least if I choose this hospital I will have CPM care througout and they are rumored to be very supportive of VBACers.

This is going to be our last baby. I had so wanted a healing birth, the one I always dreamed about before Shea was born. I spent the last 2 years healing from his birth. I joined ICAN, HBAC groups, etc. I have worked hard for this, I deserve it. But now how do I achieve it?

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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I would keep looking to find a more supportive midwife or ob, but if they really are the most supportive of VBAC then I would find a doula who is very VBAC friendly to attend your birth. I think that would really increase your odds for a sucessful VBAC.
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It sounds like this woman is not the right midwife for a VBAC for you. Everything I've read recently explicit warns against using Cyctotec for a VBAC because of uterine rupture risks with the drug. Odd that she would recommend that.

I know lots of folks who have vaginally delivered babies bigger than 8 lbs 13 oz (I vaginally delivered a 6 lb 13 oz then a 8 lb 10 oz), so inducing at 38 weeks just because of the "big baby" fear seems quite hasty, unless the baby's size was directly related last time to your c/s.

I second the doula recommendation.

Best of luck to you,

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I would also suggest finding a midwife who is more supportive of what you want for your birth. With my 2nd baby I wanted a VBAC and my original midwife who worked out of a hospital birthing center informed me on my 2nd visit I would not be able to have a VBAC at the birthing center but could try at the hospital. I walked out of that visit with the same gut feeling you may be having now. I just new she was not the right midwife for this birth and the hospital was not the place to try a VBAC. I researched and found a midwife who felt completely confident with a VBAC and I went from having the baby in a birthing center to deciding I was ready to try a homebirth. There was just something so empowering for me about making the decsion to leave my first MW and find another one. I really felt like I had control over my birth. Which was great for me because havind had a previous c-section I felt like I had the say about my first baby's birth taken away. I also think the idea of a Doula is great, it is like extra reassurance that your needs and the bay's will be thought of first.
I wish you the best and hope all works out.
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Okay, first off - good for you working so hard to VBAC, it is alot of hard work both emotionally and orginizationally but it is well worth the struggle.

I agree with the other ladies that this midwife is not a good choice - it sounds like she is not that supportive of VBAC and she has some significant fear/issues with baby size - 8lbs 13oz is not a huge baby? It's wonderful sized baby and absolutely vaginally birthable (My HBAC was 8lbs 10oz)

Rock on for joining ICAN - the ladies there were integral in my HBAC 5 months ago - Have you shared your concerns with them?
I know that there are midwives that will travel for a birth I wonder if there are any in your region of the country? Would you be willing to travel to a supportive midwife?

I know this all makes for a less than relaxing pregnancy but it sounds like you KNOW what you want and it's worth fighting for to get it.

Induction bad!
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I can't believe she suggested the possibility of inducing with cytotec at 38 weeks. If that was an ob saying that I'd be running as far away as possible.

Why not look into that ob practice? They may indeed be very supportive of VBAC.

As for giving up trying for a VBAC... I don't know. I know each person is different and what works for me may not necessarily work for you. All I know is that I can't imagine not trying for a VBAC. I think I'd feel worse scheduling a c/s than if I tried VBAC and ended up with a c/s. But that is me.

I hope you find a supportive provider and get the VBAC you want.
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holding nursing vbac baby lol but must be short - cytotec is ABSOLUTELY CONTRAINDICATED in VBAC as is ANY prostaglandin induction method (cervidil, etc) this m/w sounds clinically incompetent - most if not all hospitals that still do vbac FORBID the use of prostaglandins on VBAC, some even dissalow Pit. I would RUN not walk from this practicioner who is clueless to the over 5 TIMES freater risk of rupture with cytotec - you WOULD be better off in a hospital with someone who knows better. its practice like that which is giving/gave VBAC the bad name to start with. look up the vbac articles here on mothering and u will see the stats on rupture with cytotec/prostaglandins. she sounds dangerous
good luck
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Chiming in with the suggestion to find another midwife. There are many midwives in our area that are super supportive of HBAC.

I don't know your midwife, but from what you've said she sounds like a mEdwife. As another poster commented, it is completely contraindicated to use cytotec with VBAC and moreso, IMO cytotec is dangerous to use in ANY mother, considering it causes uterine rupture in even first time mothers.

If you haven't already, definitely post to the HBAC list for input there also.

If you'd like some midwife suggestions, I can email you some names. As I mentioned earlier, there are many CPMs and DEMs that are pro-HBAC and would not suggest inducing, much less with cytotec.

Birth is a natural process, not something to be feared. It sounds like your midwife has much fear. There is VBAClash in our community because of liability and lawsuits. It's the CYA attitude.
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I wonder if it's the hospital policy...and not the doctor's? Because I recently had an experience like that. I visited a doctor/midwife practice that advertised that they do vbacs! And at my second appointment, the doctor is already telling me he wants to induce me (break my water) at about 38/39 weeks! Apparently, this is the HOSPITAL's policy....he had to be IN HOUSE (not just on call) during my labor in case of an emergency c/s.

I visited another pro-vbac doctor who delivers at another hospital. She chuckled and said that Hospital A has a very strict vbac policy....but hospital B doesn't, so guess where I'm delivering! And she says there is no reason that I can't go into labor on my own, barring other complications.
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I am shocked she said that about cytotec. Not to mention that about being able to "vaginally birth a baby" I probably would have been very rude.

Definately find another midwife.

Not all those who wander are lost 
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Cathi, you might look on the local site, if you haven't been there recently -- not the boards, the website itself. I've put up another batch of names, and you might come across someone new. I can also send you names of several midwives who do take VBACs and HBACs.

Hang in there!
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I don't think you should go with someone who is this negative. You deserve to have someone support you more.

Just so you know though it is possible to VBAC with induction. I had to be induced at 37 weeks because of pre-eclampsia. They used oxytocin derriv. I was dilated to two at the time. This was in a hospital and let's just say my AP'ing doesn't really include giving birth. But I pushed my DD out easily with no problems at all and she was 7lbs 8 oz even this early! My ob was the one pushing for the VBAC, but needless to say this was 5 years ago before the new studies scared alot of people and I guess nobody would want to try this now.
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