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What was the reason given for it? Did you feel it was necessary in the moment, or were you bullied into it?

I had a C/S for breech positioning with my son. He was NOT footling (I'm not sure if it was frank or complete) and I was bullied into it because I'm military and the docs who all outrank me refused to talk about a vaginal birth. I was intimidated.

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1st c/s - "Failure to Progress/ positional CPD"
Had a 33 hr cytotec and Pit induction at 38 weeks due to "big baby"
posterior and was born weighing 7.12

2nd c/s - at 42 weeks no labor and agreed to RCS. In retrospect I believe I was in early labor with her.
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I voted other. My first c/s I believe was due to convinence for my doctor, but he told me it was due to my high bp that day(that I would not be able to tolerate labor), that I was post dates, and that my baby was big. So- I went to the hospital for the c-section, my bp was normal, my baby was 8 pounds and estimated at 39 weeks. It was completely unnecessary and I didn't know enough at the time to fight my OB on it.

My 2nd c-section happened because I didn't go in to labor after SROM. I was over 41 weeks, and after arriving at the hospital 7 hours after my water broke I was strapped down to the bed and not allowed to move. I had a few contractions, but they stalled out at the hospital. I never dilated more than 1-2 cms. My c-section was 36 hours after my water broke.

Anyway- I am just TTC right now, but hoping to try for a HBA2C.

C- mama to K (8) and A (5.5) (8w5d) 10/08, new baby O-2.11.10
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I was scared into it and not given other options.

Mom of a 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. Wow. How did that happen?
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Mine was due to failure to progress, at the time I was okay with doing it though and I wasn't really pushed to do the c-section. I was so uneducated then.

Just what I have learned in the past few weeks makes me realize I most likely could have had my baby vaginally if I would have waited longer.
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I was told fetal distress was the reason (I believe that it was more of Sunday afternoon, on-call doctor with somewhere to go - was paged out of a movie with his family), but I had fetal distress with 2 others and was given the opportunity to change positions, etc. which fixed it both times. With #1 I was laboring flat on my back and no position changes were suggested and I didn't know to ask.
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I was told fetal distress and failure to progress. They gave me so much epidural that my neck was numb, I laid in the bed on my back the ENTIRE time. DUH, like I was going to progress. If I had only known then what I do now... My OB just wanted to go home plain and simple.
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Breech (frank). Utterly unnecessary except that the OB at the hospital wasn't qualified to catch dd safely and I wasn't gutsy enough to go push her out in the parking lot. I had 2 OBs ID'ed to catch her but neither one was on call that day nor saw fit to come help (even though he was a whole 300 metres down the street).
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Mine was for malposition (transverse occiput arrest). I was in labor for four days, three at home. The midwife and I tried everything in the book to get his head to turn. The nurses at the hospital also tried with me. I stalled at 9cm for several hours, even with pitocin, and knew I needed a section. I'm angry that I had to have one, but feel it was necessary.

There was never any fetal distress, Gabe did great all through it. I just knew in my heart that I needed surgery. I hated every second of the surgery. It was awful.
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Mine was FTP, though I was actually *finally* in the pushing stage ON the operating table. And no one bothered to notice or check. :

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I was told fetal distress and failure to progress, there were late decels in his HR, but ONLY when I was being checked. This was after High doses of pit for about 8 hours, an epidural, and laying on my back for the entire thing (about 17 hours total), because "they told me to". I was dialated to a 9, checked by 4 people, the HR dropped, I was checked by the doc and he said I was dialated to a 6. I was then told I'd have a section, I was pushed on to my side, and the decels went away, the HR was great, but they said they already called the c/s, so that is what they did.

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my 1st c-section was very necessary as i had severe pre-e and iugr, she was born at 31 wks but had stopped growing at 28 wks. my 2nd was not necessary but my obgyn backed out of a vbac at 37 wks. : my 3rd was vaginal.
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My first cesarean was because her head was slightly turned funny. Of course, I was in bed for the entire time I was in labor, with monitors not able to move. I shouldn't be surprised now... LOL

My second, was because the heart tones weren't rebounding like they wanted. They did a uterine irrigation to relieve the pressure on the cord, and tried for 2 hours, after two hours there wasn't any change, and they told my dh that the baby would die if I didn't have a section. They had me flat on my back. Wouldn't let me move. An hour after that they finally got around to cutting me open. It was such an emergency :rolls eyes: that they finally cut me open 3 hours after his tones didn't rebound correctly. Whatever.
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I was bullied into a c-section for big baby (9lb8.5 oz) based on U/S measurements. My aunts birthed my nine and ten pound cousins just fine, so next time I hope to push out a ten pounder then write my prior ob/cnm a letter about it!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm not getting into my second and third sections right now.

My first was done for breech presentation (frank). I neither felt it was necessary nor was bullied into it. I said "no", and they prepped me for surgery, anyway.

Lisa, lucky mama of Kelly (3/93) ribboncesarean.gif, Emma (5/03) ribboncesarean.gif, Evan (7/05) ribboncesarean.gif, & Jenna (6/09) ribboncesarean.gif
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My scheduled cesarean was for high blood pressure, and was done on a scared 18 yr old girl who was told "it would help to skip labor". The fact that they scheduled it ahead of time, when it was for something like high BP (and I was NEVER even given meds for high BP..not even when I went to the hospital for the birth) makes me feel lied too.

And then to have them destroy my records after 7 yrs, and go looking for them at 10 yrs to have another baby... :

Just because they lost my records, I was not "allowed" to attempt a VBAC "ever again" according to the CNMs and OBs that I dealt with last pregnancy. Forever, if I want to have children, I have to either do it unassisted, or find a midwife who is willing to break the law to assist me. The latter is not very likely, and the former is what I have chosen to do. I came VERY close to having another cesarean, because even though my OB assured me that "this cesarean would not affect my having a baby normally in the future if I chose to" nobody would take that as good enough confirmation that my "scar" was correct (even though the external scar looks right as well). I will never be able to VBAC with an OB, or a midwife because of what was done to me. I hate them so much.:
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After Cytotec induction at 41 weeks 2 days, and AROM, and forced epidural, we had primary CS for "fetal distress" which was never documented in my medical record!!! I was supposedly 4cm at the time they called the CS and about 6-7 in the OR. We are TTC #2, and are planning a HBAC

Emily, WOHM to Joshua (05) River (08) HBAC,  Rylee (09) HBAC and Levi (coming 8/11) planning another HBAC 

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Technically it was fetal distress, but chances are good it would never have occurred without pitocin. So the root cause was unnecessary intervention, but in the end "fetal distress" is what's listed in my records.
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Other, they never really gave me a solid reason, a couple decelerations and a long labor. Early on they were telling me to walk and sit on the birth ball and stuff, but when I didn't progress very fast they quit coming around except to check my cervix. I wonder if they were just waiting for me to give up. I think I was right at the edge of transition when I took the epidural. The nurse told me the epidural "usually speeds things up," then the OB came right after that and recommended c/s. I said yes mostly because I was tired and starving. (Then I couldn't eat for 2 days!)

eta: btw dd was OP, nobody ever bothered to tell me that, I didn't find out until I got the OR from my MW for the next birth.
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FTP & one of my twins went into distress. That wouldn't have happened if they hadn't loaded me up on Pitocin...

I didn't care one way or the other about having had the first c-section until I started planning for my VBA2C. My second was an ERCS.
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Officially, my records have failure to progress and CPD checked off.

What happened was I was "on the clock". My water had broken and the doctors didn't want to wait for me to progress naturally. So they ignored my birth plan, turned on the pitocin without my knowledge, gave the epidural after much pressuring, gave the "baby's not doing well" and "you'e not progressing" speeches (both LIES, according to my records) and then surprise, 22 hours after water breaking I had a csection.

Mama to my spirited J, and L, my homebirth: baby especially DTaP, MMR (family vax injuries)
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induction then failure to progress. I wanted more time, but the doctors told me it was no use. I didn't know any better so I consented. I was ok with it at the time. It wasn't until months later when I started reading more about VBAC and birth and learned that the induction was not necessary and the cesarean was probably also not necessary if I had been given more time to labor.

homeschool.gifmama to two boys 10 & 8vbac.gif

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Originally Posted by ~Megan~ View Post
I was scared into it and not given other options.
: - That's my story. Scared into it and made to feel that choosing the other options would be irresponsible.
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I was told fetal distress and failure to progress. I was loaded up on pit, and had an epi. I was so uneducated

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My c/s was for posterior positioning. We tried everything in the book to get him to turn, but he just couldn't turn. His head circumference was 15 inches, and that's a lot of head to push out facing the wrong way! I'd say it was necessary at the time, although if we had caught the malposition earlier it might have been possible to turn him. Who knows?

I've had a VBAC since then, though, so I'm OK with it having happened.

Mama to Thales, 12/9/02, and Lydia, 2/26/06
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Mine was due to malposition of twins. One was transverse and the other was breech. Baby A (bottom) was the transverse one. They couldn't stop my contractions at 34 weeks 6 days so I agreed to the c-section because I was afraid of an having an emergency c-section. In retrospect I wish I had waited to see if they would have turned in labor. They probably would have stayed in longer thereby avoiding NICU stay and then I wouldn't be having all this trouble trying to VBAC.
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Well my first two were unmedicated hospital births. My first I had preterm labor so I didn't think I could attempt a homebirth, but then ds was posterior and 9.7 and I thought if I could make it with him I could do a homebirth! So we decided on a home waterbirth. I progressed to 7-8 cm, 100% effaced but after 30 hours contractions had spaced out and my dilation had not changed in over 12 hours. So I transfered to hospital for c-section. She was posterior and 10.4, but I still wonder if I could have had her vaginally! So this time we are going for a VBAC waterbirth with my midwife as doula. My midwife recommended this OB because she has an 80% VBAC rate! Blessings to all of you VBAC mamas!

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I wasn't really bullied into it. I thought it best at the time, despite not wanting to. Now that I know what was causing the problems, I could probably have worked around them. My 1st 2 were fast, easy vaginal births. My 3rd- water broke 5am monday. Tuesday night he still wasn't out. The 1st 2 from the time labor started until delivery was 2 hrs or less. W/ds2, I was at 8 cm for 8 hrs, tried pushing anyway, tried moving, tried whatever it's called where they add fluid back in b/c my water broke and we thought he didn't have enough 'cushion' to move. When he came out, we knew he was coming out forehead first and had been 'stuck' as his forehead was very misshappen (resolved within a few hours).

Doc even said 'I want you to be ok with this' and my reply was 'I'll never really be ok with it, but it's something I have to do' Of course, hindsight being 20/20 and knowing what I know now, i could have probably done things differently, but after almost 48 hrs with NO progress (compared to my other 2) I was very discouraged, impatient, upset, worried, etc. I definitely would have preferred a vag birth, but i'm not angry that I ended up w/a csection as my doc is a family practice doc who came highly recommended and was great throughout.

Michelle -mom to Katlyn 4/00 , Jake 3/02, and Seth 5/04
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bullied into an induction on my "duedate" by my CNM, who i later realized wanted to induce me cause it was convenient for her with her inducing another mama that same day same time same hallway. ARGH.
after AROM, huge ammounts of Pit, being strapped to the monitors, ordered to stay in bed, bullied into an epidural (that i admit i DID enjoy immensly) not allowed to eat or drink anything, then pushing on my back for almost two hours with Addy being sunny side up.. she got stuck in my birth canal. her head was SOOOO long and alien.
her stats started dropping, so did mine. and i had an "urgent" c-sec.
i havent gone over my records to see if they say the same as my experience. probably not.
one of the nurses in the OR had to stick her hand inside me to push Addys head back in cause she was SO stuck when the OB tried to pull her out.
knowing what i know now, had i NOT gone in for induction, had i NOT pushed on my back while epi'd, had i been in a squat, Addy would have definitely been born vaginally.
this baby is a HBAC waterbirth all the way baby.

treehugger.gif )O( unschooling, witchy mum to Addy(7) and Niamh(4)
Living with an invisible chronic illness.
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