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OnTheFence's Avatar OnTheFence 09:38 PM 12-19-2003
Originally posted by cwaddick
I would like to know if there are any natural approaches that can be taken during or after a c-section surgery.

For instance, can I request acupuncture instead of pharmacalogical anaesthia? (Not sure I'd want to, but...)

I am just wondering what my larger array of choices are in a hospital.

I'm sure the epidural would make me itchy....It makes 25% or more of all people itchy as a routine side effect... I'm not sure I would want more drugs to "cure" the side effects of the first ones.

What are my other options?

-- Caitlin
Ummm, trust me when I say you dont want acupuncture for pain relief for a csection. Have you ever seen a fish gutted alive? I felt my first csection -- I dont think acupuncture would put you in a position to deal with the pain of being cut and manipulated and having your uterus plopped up on your belly to be stitched.

I chose not to take anything for itching, that is totally up to you if this were to happen. but the scrathing can get to be annoying. It hasnt happened to me personally but it has to others. You can also get a spinal or GA.

OnTheFence's Avatar OnTheFence 09:39 PM 12-19-2003
Originally posted by Megs Mom
Self-hypnosis has been used for all kinds of surgeries, but you might have a hard time finding a dr. to agree to it...
This was something I basicly did with my last csection. I did get an epidural but I got no pre-op or post op drugs and had a PCAP in my epi cath. But even after it was pulled I did not have pain. I was a little sore but that was it.
OnTheFence's Avatar OnTheFence 09:47 PM 12-19-2003
KeysMama if your client gets an epidural and is planning on breastfeeding and doesnt want to be out of it I highly recommend continues pain relief with demerol that will go directly into the epi cath. She can give herself doses with a PCAP pump and it will offer long term relief and allow her to not be out of her mind. If she gets shots afterward or morphine in a PCAP pump it may really affect her and she may not be lucid.

I had my husband and my sister with my during my csection. I dont think you being allowed will be an issue. I had pictures taken at both my csections. Very good ones I might add!

During the first csection no one hardly spoke at all and it bothered me. My second one we had casual chit chat, very nice atmosphere with funny conversation. (when they pulled Jack out he peed all over)

If she is going to have to have a csection, try to prepare your client for certain aspects of it. Like nausea and vomiting -- ask her to request Zofran instead of getting phenegran or both. Let her know she may have to get oxygen and wearing headphones may not be an option. Also if an emergency arrives that is something that doesnt need to be on her head or around her neck. She could have a cd player brought in but some already have them installed in the ORs. Ask to tour the local hospital and ask to look inside an OR. Talk to others who have cbirths there.
guestmama9924's Avatar guestmama9924 10:27 PM 12-19-2003
OnTheFence- thanks, all good stuff to pass along. She is birthing in the WORST hospital in South Florida, so I won't hold my breath for anything!!
I would like to know if there are any natural approaches that can be taken during or after a c-section surgery.
cwaddick - Yes!( for postpartum anyway...)
Homeopathic arnica is great for surgery and trauma, as well as Star of Bethlehem flower remedy. Both can be taken post-surgery to assist the body in healing itself. Also when you get home, a good massage to ease the stiff body
julie128's Avatar julie128 04:50 AM 12-21-2003
Here is a link to some vbac birth plans. Most, if not all, include a section for CS.
anythingelse's Avatar anythingelse 04:54 AM 12-21-2003
one thing that really helped with the shakes after was having a warm small blanket immediately laid over the midsection, they were microwaving them for me
Megs Mom's Avatar Megs Mom 11:34 PM 12-28-2003
How about a couple of Christmas Eve babies?

Patrick Nicholas 4 lb. 7 oz. 17.5" 10:54 pm
Catherine Constance 4 lb. 8 oz. 17" 10:55 pm

Home with me today, on Day 4 of their tiny lives. Details to follow.

MamaOui's Avatar MamaOui 10:38 AM 12-29-2003
Megs Mom's Avatar Megs Mom 11:11 AM 12-29-2003
thanks, kerry!
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