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If you have a baby over 9lbs, you are diabetic

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So can we have a discussion on large babies and diabetes during pregnancy?

A nurse told me that since my baby was over 9lbs, I'm definitely diabetic. Now, I've heard of the diabetes connection. I've got a general understanding of it. I never thought to disagree with it. But I'm pretty confused.

My kid was big. But I didn't get diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy. I never had any related symptoms. Nothing in my lifestyle puts me at risk. Post-partum I have no problems.

So what happened??

And if it really wasn't diabetes, anemia, sugar problems or anything of the sort, then why was my baby huge?

My MW told me it was due to the amount of protein I ate during the 2nd trimester. But so far she is the only person who is not telling me I am diabetic.
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I've known quite a few people who had babies over 9 lbs. and none of them were diabetic. That's a bunch of BS.
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Mine was over 9lbs, and I didn't have GD. I was tested for it, even. Twice.
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I was borderline on the GD test with my second so I tested my bloodsugar multiple times daily and was within normal range throughout my third trimester. DS was 9lbs. 7oz. I tested throughout my third pregnancy and was always within normal range. DD was 9 lbs. 3oz.

My first child was 10 lbs. Never tested with that one but did pass the GD test.

I think some people just make big babies
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9 pounds 10.5 ounces
NOT diabetic at any point before, during or after.
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9lbs is not huge. It's well within the range of normal. My first was 9lbs14oz, nothing diabetic about either of us - NOTHING.
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DS1 was 8 lbs. 12 oz. Tested neg. for GD.
DS2 was 9 lbs. 1 oz. Declined GD test.
DS3 was 10 lbs. 2 oz. Declined GD test. Random blood sugar testing showed absolutely normal results.
DD was 8 lbs. 4 oz. Declined GD test.
DS4 is measuring at 75%ile at 28 weeks and I tested neg. for GD.

I just make big babies.
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Both of my boys were over 9 pounds (9lb7oz & 9lb1oz) and I am most definitely not diabetic. My blood sugar and GTT tests throughout all of my pregnancies have been normal.

Some babies are just big.
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Big baby maker here too, and no diabetes!

DS#1 - 9 lb. 3 oz.
DD#1 - 8 lb. 5 oz.
DS#2 - 9 lb. 6 oz.
DD#2 - 9 lb. even
DD#3 - 10 lb. 5 oz. - I did eat extra protein with her and feel this is why she was bigger.
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My boys were 8.15, 8.14, and 9.3 and I've never had GD. Big babies run in my mom's side of the family (I was 9lb and my mom's smallest) without any trace of diabetes. I definitely don't think 9lb is *huge*, some people just have bigger babies, just as some people have smaller babies.
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My first was 9 lbs 7 oz, my second was 10 lbs 3 oz. (at 38 weeks 0 days!)

No diabetes.
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Induced at 39 weeks (born by c/s), DD was 8.14 oz- it's safe to assume she would have been over 9 if not delivered then. I was tested twice, passed with flying colors. I was vegan until my 3rd trimester, so I don't see how protein could be responsible for growing a big baby. However, I do see how family genetics can- my father was 6'4" and mother 5'9", both large framed (I'm 6'0").
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I am a little surprised to read this now. My mom fought this when my sister was born in 1972 at 9lb 14.5oz.

Being diabetic can cause the baby to be large but the causality doesn't work in the other direction. There are other reasons to have a big baby. Two that I can think of are 'superior' nutrition and genetics.
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My daughter was 9 lbs 12 oz. I was really worried about GD this time, and I took the 3 hour test, but as it turned out not only do I not have GD, but my numbers were much better than average. And I'm turning 41 this month so I'm pretty high risk for it.
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10 lbs 1 oz. Did not fail GD test. Do not have diabetes now.
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My ds2 was 9 lbs 5 oz, and I did not have GD, nor do I have any other form of diabetes now. My brother was over 10 lbs and my mom isn't diabetic either.

I wouldn't call over 9 lbs "huge." I think that nurse was just plain wrong.
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Both babies big, over 9lbs, never had GD still no diabetes!
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I have heard of a link to big babies and a risk to developing diabetes down the road. And when they say big they only mean over 8 pounds. I think a lot of us here fall into that category because many of us (unless there are other reasons) on MDC are wait and let the baby be born when it wants to be born kind of people. I don't know anyone IRL that went past their due date, as they were "done" being pregnant. All the baing said I only gained 16 lbs with my 1st 10 pounder and have never had any signs of diabetes.
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It's a classic logic error.

Some babies born to mothers with gestational diabetes suffer from macrosomia -- i.e. they're large babies at birth.

this does not equal

All large babies are born to mothers with gestational diabetes.

But that's the connection some medical professionals make. It's wrong. Take my son and I, for example. He was 10 lbs. 4 oz. at birth.

I took the stupid test during pregnancy -- big fat "negative" for GD. I had no symptoms. My weight gain was the same as during my first pregnancy, which resulted in a 7 lb. 12 oz. baby. Granted, this pregnancy went three weeks longer, to 41 weeks, which is partly a factor, I'm sure.

So no symptoms, passed the GD test, and I had a large baby.

They tested his sugar more than TWENTY TIMES before he was released from the NICU for unrelated health issues. They just couldn't believe that I hadn't had gestational diabetes because he was so big.

It's crap. There's a wide range of normal, and some babies have to be the outliers. That's just how it works.
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Oh, this annoyed me so much. My DD weighed 4020g at birth, and apparently the cut-off for 'diagnosing' GD in the hospital where we ended up was 4 kg even! So they insisted on doing a whole bunch of totally unnecessary tests on both of us, only to show that, no, in fact, I did NOT have GD. Which I'd already told them I don't know how many times :

It couldn't possibly have anything to do with genetics? Both my brother and I were 9lb 4oz when born and my mom didn't have GD either. My DD was considered small by everyone in my family whose babies are all over 9 lb. I had also expected her to be bigger.

They really need to stop using the same yard-stick to measure everyone - one size does not fit all, literally. I mean, look at the mother and father. If they're both of small build then maybe a 9lb baby may signal possible GD. But if mom and dad are both of a larger build then it's fairly obvious that a 9-10 lb (or more!) baby is simply following its genetic programming! Plus, I find the whole GD thing a bit of a con for the most part. Yet another way to scare women into unnecessary stuff...
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Ridiculous! My mother is not a diabetic and I was 10lb+ baby. My sister has had several babies over 10 and is not diabetic. My daughter (second child) was 9lb 6oz and I am not diabetic. I am in fact the opposite, I have low blood sugar.
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My daughter was 10lbs 7oz at birth. No diabetes--in fact, I was eating an excellent diet to prevent bladder infections (a diet that is recommended for women with gest. diabetes)--all whole grains, NO sugar or any corn syrup products (even reading labels excessively to avoid the sneaky "cane juice" type things), etc. I was also eating a largely vegetarian diet. I do think her birth weight was a little bit inflated due to an IV and pitocin, but I mean, heck, even if you take an entire pound off for that, she was still big!

My friend's midwife suggested that for my next baby, I avoid drinking milk during the last month or two. She said that she believes that mom drinking lots of cow milk (which I was--organic, whole cows milk) can cause babies to be larger. I'm in to try...
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Had 3 9 lb babies and never had gd in any of my pg. My bs is always perfect.

ETA about cows milk. I don't drink cows milk cause I am allergic. But every pg once they see my placenta and its always calcified (I always go to 42 weeks its gonna be) they always ask if I drank a lot of milk. So it didn't cause my bigger babies either lol.
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Originally Posted by Full Heart View Post
ETA about cows milk. I don't drink cows milk cause I am allergic. But every pg once they see my placenta and its always calcified (I always go to 42 weeks its gonna be) they always ask if I drank a lot of milk. So it didn't cause my bigger babies either lol.
Gah! I am still holding out hope that I can get a smaller baby next time! Rats...
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I've had two 9.5 lbers (9lbs, 6ozs and 9lbs, 10ozs) and have not been diabetic before, during or after either pregnancy. I have found out that there is a pretty good family history of decent sized babies on my side of the family (my dad was 9lbs, 2ozs). I was due Dec 4th with my third and both the OB that I see and my MW believe this one will be another 9lber at least. I hope to find out very soon how big this baby will be when he/she arrives!
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The local military hospital (where I just had bloodwork done at the beginning of my pregnancy with DD2) called me to tell me that since DD1 was a "big" (in their minds) baby that I would have GD during my pregnancy with DD2. I wasn't even being seen there, but they still called me around 19 weeks to tell me that, and try to pressure me to come in for the GTT and to go ahead and schedule an induction at 38-39 weeks. : I just told them that I wasn't their patient, all pregnancy related decisions would be discussed with my midwife.

DS: 8 lb 3 oz, passed GTT
DD1: 10 lb, declined GTT
DD2: 9 lb 9 oz, declined GTT but monitored my blood sugar (mornings & post-prandial) for a week and my numbers were always excellent

Good-sized babies just run in my family and DH's family.
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My last three babies were all over 10 pounds. I never had the GD testing with Aaron, but I did have it with dd and ds2. I was fine. They also did some heel prick blood sugar test on ds2 (maybe dd, too, but I was in post-op) and he was fine.

Why are my babies so big? I don't know...but my son with my ex was only 7lb. 12oz. My ex's own birthweight was 7lb. 12oz...and dh's (father of the last three) birthweight was 9lb. 13oz. His three brothers were all over 9.5 lbs., as well...and there's nothing to suggest that MIL was/is diabetic.
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Thanks for the wide range of responses!

Now that I think about it, both both sides of all families (in-laws and paternal/maternal) have babies 9lbs+. Out of my eleven siblings, I believe only 1 was under 9lbs, a couple were 10lbs and a couple were 11lbs. Dh's siblings were all 9-10lbs.

LOL, you know how you ask a potential partner "those serious questions" before marriage....maybe I should have asked DH for a list of baby weights before marrying him!
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My babies were 8lbs, 9 ounces and 9 lbs, 10 ozs. No one ever mentioned having diabetes to me. That seems like a silly and inaccurate way to diagnose that.
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that is freaking ridiculous. not only is it a scientifically (and logically) unsupported proposition, i have gestational diabetes and let me tell you, you would KNOW if you had it. when your blood sugar gets too high your heart pounds (not faster, but you can FEEL it beating - it's weird) and you don't feel good and get all shakey (in a different way than low blood sugar).

For the first week after i was diagnosed with GD i thought it was bullpuckey, but after that, it really kicked in. Mine's very controlled, but man is it real for people who have it! I'm not talking about slightly elevated sugars that are natural in pregnancy, but full on GD.

Right now if baby's growth is on track the same as it's been my whole pg, we're expecting her to be like 9.5 lbs... and i'm 4'11"! [sob, baby come OUT! you are 40w and too fat!] And mine's been under control since 26w.

But yeah, GD related macrosomia is very different than just a plain large baby. GD babies have extra fat in their chest & shoulders. They have their little >9lb rubric but I think an experienced practitioner should be able (95% of the time at least) to look at the baby and tell.

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