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I was unable to pee twice during labor with my DD....I asked the midwife to do a quick-cath both times because the fullness of my bladder was really getting to be painful, and it just wasn't coming out. Both times we could feel, as she inserted the cath, that the babe's head was pressed hard against my urethra. I don't recall the exact amounts, but I do remember that neither were "oh my gosh look at all the pee!" quantities. I had no problems peeing after the birth, thankfully.
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Just wanted to say that I had no problems peeing after either of my hbs, but that my midwives would not leave until I had successfully peed... so it seems like it's a common concern, but not inevitable! Lots of neat ideas to get things going here! (I so can't believe that some of you have never peed in the shower -- really? I totally feel like I'm saving the water from flushing ... every morning! TMI!)

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peeing in the shower after birth is one of the greatest reliefs for me~ i forgot to mention the shower in fact that is where i found success
thanks for the reminder donutmolly

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I could pee while early in my labor, but once I got around 8-9cm, that didn't happen anymore. They did a quick-cath and I was relieved at how better I felt. I had a natural birth, and no trouble peeing afterward.

I think the idea about being fine if you didn't have an epidural is a myth - luckily there are ways to help.

Jen, SAHM to Jamie and Alexandra and with #3 in May
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Originally Posted by jennifercp8 View Post
I think the idea about being fine if you didn't have an epidural is a myth - luckily there are ways to help.
i agree - i couldn't pee during my home waterbirth at all. eventually they cathetered me when i was around 8 cm (which didn't hurt btw). the midwife thought the bursting full bladder was one of the reasons my labour stalled. i really really intend to pee a whole lot more next time round.

i eventually ended up in hospital with pitocin & an epidural, no problems peeing during that or afterwards at all.
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I just can't pee when I am labouring.

First birth - epidural and ended up being cath.
Second birth - I just got on with it and did my best without peeing but a couple hours after birth I did a mega pee (labour was 12 hours).
Third birth - Couldn't pee, thank god I only had 6 hours of labour.
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It took me a little longer than 'expected' to be able to pee after both births. The first time (unmedicated hospital birth) I did manage to get a little bit out but it missed the little pee catcher thing and I had to convince the nurse that I did indeed pee a little in order to avoid being catheterized. Within an hour of getting to our postpartum room, I overflowed the little pee catcher thing Second birth, same thing - midwives left here about 2 hours after he was born, and I still hadn't peed (I tried, no luck). Within an hour of them leaving I was up out of bed and had a huge pee. It takes me around 3 hours to recover, I guess. I have no trouble during labour, up until things really get active and then I don't really pee until baby is out.
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I am one of those can't pee during labor gals. Unfortunately, I think it is the reason I had the cascade of interventions in the the hospital. I couldn't pee at all from the time I was in active labor and kept trying. I stalled at 9.5 cm for hours with horrible pain everywhere. I had been in labor for 35 hours @*#($*(@ at that point (and it had probably been about 20 hours since I had last peed). Of course none of the doctors thought about a full bladder and I wasn't thinking clearly and so I got every intervention short of a c section BEFORE I got the cath which actually got things moving So this is something very much on my radar this time as I am planning a homebirth.

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I thought I was the only one!!! So glad to hear that there are others out there who couldn't pee right after birth.

I didn't pee at all during my 9 hr labor. It was just too intense and I couldn't focus on anything except getting thru each contraction and resting in between. So, you can imagine how surprised I was to find that I could not even feel the need to pee after DD was out. That theory about the bladder being paralyzed makes a lot of sense to me, because I could not feel a thing (and I had a completely natural birth). My MW cathed me and a ton of pee came out! A couple of hours later I tried to pee, because I could feel the need to, but nothing would come out. I, too, found success in shower, after many failed attempts on the toilet and threat of another catheter.

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Ok I haven't read the prev posts, but I found that I wasn't really able to feel my bladder well into labor. I had been peeing regularly for a while but when I went to push I just pushed urine out. I allowed the doc to briefly cath me - I think they drained maybe 2 cups or so? - and then they removed it and I was able to push much more effectively. In my case, my bladder was full enough that it was preventing my baby from descending very well. It was not traumatic, it didn't hurt, etc. At that point I just wanted to push the kid out and have my VBAC, KWIM?

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I don't think I pee'd much during labor and then not afterwards for 4 hours. No stress, no worried care providers, etc. They knew it would happen eventually. I was very relieved to go when I finally was able to.

I find it strange that others were cath'd or threatened with catheters. I am so sorry that happened to you ladies.

DS - 5! - adopted at birth after infertility, IUI, and IVF; DD - 4! - surprise pregnancy discovered when DS was 8 months old ; Hoping for another soon (actively TTC ~ 2 years)
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I had a epi and was catheter. I could not pee for about 36 hours on my own. it totally sucked. It wasn't fear or pain or anything i just COULD NOT go. after a day and a half of asking to be cath'd when i had to go i was finally able to start to pee on my own. after about a week i was more or less back to normal.

: feminist mama to DD 04/08
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I had an Epidural with my son. Just a single shot, lasted about 45 minutes or a little less, and wore of before the pushing phase (still felt the urge to push and nothing was numb by that point, and the contractions were a little worse). I only had to have a chathater while I napped during the time my Epi was in affect. Once I started to push they took the cath out. I did have a bowel movment while pushing, and I'm sure I urinated. When I did feel the urge to urinate I was afraid. I tore and it was very sore. My Ob gave me a peri bottle which did work wonders. For the first few days I urinated in the shower and had the shower head with warm water on my peri and vulva. That really helped and made it less painful, it burned for awhile to pee, other than that I had no problem using the bathroom.
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I couldn't pee at the end or after labor with my son. A drug free home waterbirth but with a very long second stage. I last went to the toilet about two hours before he was born, but could hardly get anything out. After the birth, I still couldn't pee, and the placenta didn't separate. My MW catheterized me once at home, 500ish mLs of urine. Even the warmish bath (we ran out of hot water!) didn't help. Still no placenta, so we ended up transfered to hospital. (This was three hours after the birth.) Another catheter there, 1200mL urine.

The MW guessed that because I was pushing for so long (4.5 hours) with a (unknown) posterior baby, my urethra was bruised/swollen and that's why I couldn't pee, also possibly why I couldn't push the placenta out effectively.

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Originally Posted by layla983 View Post
I've never known anyone who had a pain med free delivery & had the urine problem.
I had a birth at an out of hospital birth center. During labor, maybe 20 - 60 minutes before giving birth (without any pain medications) I felt that I "couldn't pee". It wasn't a problem before "active" labor. I think that my baby was just putting a TON of pressure on my bladder, really engaging in my pelvis.

As for pregnancy, pressure on the bladder often means that it can take a few trips to truly "empty" the bladder while pregnant.
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I shouldn't have read this thread...now I'm totally spooked about my upcoming birth.
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Really, the having to have a cath thing is very minor.

I had this happen after DD2's birth. She was born without medications or interventions at a hospital. She ended up being posterior facing, so came out face up rather than face down, which put a lot of extra pressure on the urethra and caused more swelling than is usual.

It is important that your bladder empties because a full bladder keeps the uterus from being able to contract back into it's original position correctly. This is really important for preventing heavy, heavy bleeding. And also of course for your comfort and the prevent hydronephrosis (where urine backs up into the kidneys) from your bladder being over full.

After having her I couldn't pee. Tried the shower thing. Tried waiting. Nothing. And I was bleeding quite heavily. Like multiple pads in an hour heavy. I was really freaked over the cath, but honestly it was no big deal. A slight pinch, they drained out a couple cups, my bleeding slowed down, I took an anti-inflammatory, and by the time I had to go again it was fine.

If you're having a homebirth ask your midwife if she brings cath supplies. My Mom just had surgery & ended up having to self-cath at home for a couple days. Seems like kind of a silly thing to have to transfer to the hospital for if it can be avoided.

Good luck!

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