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Brettys_Girl's Avatar Brettys_Girl 10:54 AM 02-19-2009
Just ordered this book along with "The thinking woman's guide to a better birth"
and LOVE the reviews/overviews I've read about it.

Just wondering if anyone has read this/reading this & had a chance to "use the book" (already delivered) & how it helped/didn't help you & if anyone is interested in doing a sort of discussion book review thing on it?
(It also has an option with CDs on real birth experiences)


Beccadoula's Avatar Beccadoula 02:27 PM 02-20-2009
Well, as a doula I use that both of those books on a semi-regular basis...particularly the video with Gentle Birth Choices. They are both great for converting family to your way of thinking - something about those solid stats that gets people. Anyway, I'm so glad you've made this great discovery! Best wishes!