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I don't want to "put the cart before the horse" so to speak, but I am anticipating a large baby this time around. I had an 8lb. 12oz. daughter almost 6 years ago... and since I didn't have the guts to stand up to my OB back then, I let him induce me at 40wks+5days because of her "large size."

But this time around, I am consistently measuring big. There is no question of the date of conception. I charted like a freak.

My DH was a large baby himself (10lb. 6oz.) so it won't come as a surprise if this porkchop of a guy that I'm gestating takes after his daddy.

I am not a little person. I am 5'7" with a largish frame. Two weeks ago I switched from a HORRIBLE OB practice (way overmedicalized) to a very nice midwife who, unlike the OB practice, does not seem to be concerned with the size of my baby right now.

The OB practice I was with bullied me into an extra ultrasound to measure my baby and to check my fluid levels. The ultrasound dated my baby three weeks ahead and 3.5 pounds at 27 weeks. I refuse to make a big deal out of it... but I can't stop wondering if I am setting myself up for more intervention by insisting that I wait to go into labor on my own. (So far my midwife has said that she might consider induction a wise choice if I approach 42 weeks and the baby is still measuring 3 weeks ahead.)

So, I am interested in hearing about the birth of your 9 pound+ baby. Did you have a successful vaginal birth? Under what circumstances did you go into labor? Did you require intervention? Were there positions you found helpful during labor?

Ali - Wife to Steve and mom to Zoe - age 7, and Ezra - 17 months (9/2009)
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DS was 10+lbs. and while he was by far my most difficult birth (hurt like H*** ...with both my dd's I kind of just grunted them out with ds I was screaming and SD (shoulder dystocia) I wouldn't have had it any other way (having a homebirth).

I kind of had a feeling he was going to be bigger than my dd's but never imagined him being 10+lbs. especially since I consistently measured behind with him. Plus with dd2 who pretty much came flying out, I could tell he was going to be a biggun' when I really had to work to get him out....but just because a baby weighs 10lbs. or more doesn't necessarily make him/her a "big" baby, it's the measurements IMO. I've heard of mamas who had little 8lbers with bigger heads and chests than their bigger babies. I think that's what got me was DS's 15" head and chest. He also had a 14 1/2" stomach. So was just plain BIG.

FWIW I am not a tiny person either 5'5" with an I would say medium/average build/frame. I was hard work but definitely doable. I know I had heard of all these mamas who said their bigger babies were easier to birth but in my case that wasn't true.

Also I ended up birthing his head kind of semi sitting sort of.....laying back supported by dh and then when my m/w couldn't get his shoulders to budge she did McRoberts/corkscrew manuever(flat on my back with the student m/w pulling one knee to my ear and dh the other and she had to reach in and unhook his shoulder.

You've already proven you can birth a good sized baby so I don't see why you would have any I don't put any stock in fundal height measurements anymore!
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My ds was 10 lb 4 oz. His shoulders did get a little stuck, but the midwife was able to get him out no problem. Drug free birth, no tearing. It was hard, but not any harder than my dd who was 7 lb 8 oz. You can do it! My midwife gave me great advice. She said "when you are in that moment, you aren't thinking about whether that baby weighs 5 lb or 15 lb. You'll do whatever to get them out." She was right

~Manessa mama to one teenageer, one tweenager, and a toddler
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My ds, baby #2, was 9 lb 4 oz, and has a giant head like his father. He came out sooo easily. I didn't even know he was moving down- I was on the toilet and then he was right there! I barely stood up in time for my DH to catch him on the way out. That squatting position did all the work for me. It was much easier than with my dd, who weighed a pound less- because with her I was in a reclining/sitting position.

You can do it! Good for you for not worrying. Oh, and I am built like you, just a couple of inches taller.

Tallulah Dare 8-01,  Marcos Gael 12-04, Cormac Mateo 9-09, Leonidas Ronan 11-11

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My last birth was a 'big baby' at 10lbs 1oz with a 15 1/8" head too (I guess that's big as well since my mw felt the need to comment on it). I had no clue she was going to be a big baby because I never measured big or looked very big. After she came out I kept saying "wow, you're so big" because it was a surprise.

I labored at home and labor did take a while. My first birth (induced) was around 8 hours or so and I had thoughts that the second would be a quick birth. But it ended up taking about 25 hours in all though it didn't really feel like it was that long. I only pushed for 15 minutes or so.

I labored in the tub and then felt like I was either really close and far away and asked my mw for my frist check and was only 7cm. I remember being very disappointed (this was about hour 24ish) and frustrated. I knew I needed to get out of the tub, walk around, and really get things going. But I was also tired and feeling a little overwhelmed too that I had "so far" to go. But some toliet sitting and a trip down and up the stairs and poof, transition done and baby was on her way.

I ended up pushing on my side in bed, not as I'd planned it. Took some time get her head out, but that also helped avoid tearing. But she still came out but wasn't rotating. So my mw had me get on hands and knees and my mw helped get her shoulder under the pubic bone (shoulder dystocia) and out she came... no tears either, even with the mw's helping hand. As I said, only about 15 minutes of pushing in all.

Everything was fine afterwards too. I just hung out in bed for about a week as instructed and held my big-little girl. I was pretty wore out after the birth but that's to be expected.

Karen happily married mother of 3 great children (19, 6, 5), in my last semester for my Masters in Nutrition and started a six-month internship.
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Moved to Birth and Beyond.

Being right is not always fair, but being fair is always right
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My dd was nine pound even, so no + here! She came out with one arm crossed over her chest and her hand up near her ear or chin (I guess this is called a compound presentation). Despite that she was born pretty quickly, especially for a first baby (mild contractions all night, water broke at almost 7 AM, she was born at 11:49).

She was born at home, no induction or other interventions. I had thought I would try to use gravity (stay on my feet or squat) but was literally floored by the power of the contractions and laid on the bathroom floor most of the time (nice, cool tile) until moving to my bed (when I realized my midwife was preparing for a bathroom birth). I tried hands and knees but couldn't relax enough and hold my own weight so I ended up birthing with my upper body kind of curled on one side in my husband's lap.

I was my mom's biggest baby at 9 lbs 3 oz. My husband was 10 lbs 2.5 oz. We were both late (more than two weeks) and our daughter was 13 days post. Compared to us, she was a smaller baby

I think that more important than your child's size is what you are permitted in labor. Talk to your midwife about that (is she a hospital midwife?) -- find out about monitoring, walking, etc. You can't know until you're in the situation what is going to work for this birth, so I would make sure all of your options are open!

Momma to my sweet kiddos DD (2.19.07) and DS (9.27.09) and wife to the most amazing man (7.24.04)
: :
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A different view

Dd (1st) was 8lbs 12 oz and 41 weeks 2 days.

With Ds (2nd) I consistently measured way ahead. Way ahead. And then... I went to 43 weeks 5 days.

Wanna know how big he was?

8lbs 11oz

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My dd was born on the day before her due date at 10 lbs 5 oz. I am not a big woman, 5 ft. 6 inches and around 150 lbs. I was induced because of a fluid leak (now I know better, but that is what happened). Labor was 7 hours, 2 of which were pushing. I had a epidural for the last 2 hours, but felt the pressure from her on my tailbone as she was Posterior Presentation (I think that is what it is called.... sunny side up???) Pushing wasn't bad, no getting stuck, small tears. My tailbone was a bit sore, but I think if I had a natural birth, I would have squatted and avoided some of it.
I totally plan to do it natural next time (and I know babies have a tendency to get bigger the more you have.)

I measured at least 2 weeks behind on all my prenatal appointments and at my final appt. they said a 8 lb baby, so I don't know if I would trust any of that stuff.

Good luck and trust your body! You are going to do great!!!

SAHM to Chloe«- 6/2008 (10 lbs, 5 oz), Hannah- 9/2010 (9 lbs, 12 oz), Liam- 2/2013 (9 lbs, 6 oz)

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my ds was 10lbs 2oz, 14 1/4 inch head, 22 inches long. home vbac. spontaneous labor at 39 weeks 3 days. 15 hours from first early labor ctx to baby out. Labor was pretty manageable up until the very end of transition, when I started wanting counterpressure. Pushing was hard. I pushed with everything I had for 2 hours! He did have shoulder dystocia but my midwives handled it wonderfully, he was perfectly fine and born over an intact perineum! Oh and I'm 5'2", smallish frame, and usually around 115-120 when not pregnant. Position matters SO much more than size!

dd (9) ds (7), ds (4) & ds (1)
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My lovely baby boy was 10 lbs. flat. I measured right on or about a week ahead the whole pregnancy, and he was born the day before his due date (and I was fairly sure of his conception time frame, so it should have been pretty accurate). I had a home water birth, and it went really well. I didn't know how big he was before giving birth; it turned out afterwards the midwife thought he would be 10 or even 10.5 lbs., but honestly, it didn't matter during labor--you do what you have to, and fat squishes, so weight (as others have said here) doesn't necessarily mean the birth will be hard. I had a smooth labor; about 14 hours from start to finish, with approx. 3 hours of pushing (which I didn't view as too long, but I was really in the zone!). Based on his head molding, my midwives thought he may have been a posterior presentation but the birth went so smoothly that they weren't sure... all I know is it wasn't easy, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be; I found it exhilarating, and the bragging rights have been quite enjoyable too.
I did hit a point in pushing where I wasn't progressing as fast as I could have; I had been pushing while sitting sort of on my knees and grabbing my ankles in the birthing pool, but pushed on the toilet for awhile and that helped bring him down to almost crowning, at which point I hoofed it back to the pool (very odd sensation to waddle with a baby's head wedged there!) and slowly eased through the crowning stage. As a result, I didn't have any perineal tears; only a minor labial tear. I was thrilled at how well it all went and was ready to do it again almost immediately (well, after a year or three in between anyway).

If I can do it with a first baby, I have every confidence in your ability to do it too, mama. Good luck!

ETA: I'm average-sized too; 5'5" and was about 155 pre-pregnancy (went up to about 195 pregnant, though... ice cream was really popular in our house all the last trimester! )

Stay-at-home mama married to my best friend of 10+ years. lovestory.gif  Aspiring midwife loving parenting our beautiful babyf.gif Julian, born 5/24/09. Expecting a second bean in late July 2012!joy.gif
  h20homebirth.giffemalesling.GIF  intactlact.gif  namaste.gif

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My 4th baby was 9even
#5 was 10lbs 4oz
#6 was 10lbs 2oz and born UBAC

you can read my birth story in my journal here

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DS was 9 lbs, which surprised me because I'm on the small size (5'6", under 120 lbs) and I was a tiny baby, but he was born in a hospital with a midwife, no drugs. I did ok an episiotomy after four hours of pushing because I wanted him OUT and I wasn't tearing. He slid right out after that. I don't think it was his body size that was a problem; his head was huge, though! It just took a little longer to push him out, but everything was fine.

Mama to DS1 (2/08) and DS2 (9/10).
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ds2 was 9lb13oz, 14 hour labour, 15 minutes or so pushing, UC, waterbirth, slightly sticky shoulders so i flipped onto hands and knees and pushed him out no problem. He was 13 days 'late' and i measured 2 weeks ahead most of pregnancy.

Mummy to T 06/04, L 08/06, R 08/09
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I have had two over 9 lb. 9 lb 15 oz and 10 lb 8 oz. Both short, intense, successful labors. the "smaller" one, after labor I bled very badly, so I had a shot of pit after the bigger one, just in case.

The smaller one, the labor was very, very intense but not really painful. The bigger one, it was super painful (back labor), but also short, only 4 hours. :
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My babies were 8lb 2oz, 8lb 6oz, 9lb 6oz, and 8lb 6oz. Oh, and I'm 5ft 2".

The easiest and least painful of those to push out was my 9lb 6oz baby. My perineum afterwards wasn't even sore, let alone torn--didn't feel like I'd pushed a baby out at all!

My daughter 2 years later was a full pound lighter, but hurt like *&^! coming out...I swear she came out sideways.

I think really big babies are more likely to be forced into the ideal position for birth. Smaller babies have more room to tilt their head/extend their chin, etc.

It is pointless to induce for a big baby. Studies show it doesn't help. And that makes sense, because in the 24 hours before labor starts naturally, your body floods with a hormone called relaxin that makes the pelvis way more flexible. If you induce, you skip that step, and try to push a big baby out through a fairly rigid girdle. You did well to succeed!

Liz Chalmers
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Position of the baby is the most important thing.
I had 5 babies at 9 lbs, and a nearly 11 lb baby 4 days ago!

The hardest labor for me was that of my 4th, only 9lb. Extremely painful and soooo hard to push out. All due to bad position. I pushed for 20 minutes!

The birth of my 11lb was dramatic because she did not rotate after the head come out and was therefore stuck on the neck for 2 minutes between contractions. It was hard work, but the whole second stage was only 5 minutes long (pushed through 2 contractions). It was the HARDEST I ever pushed because I did not have an urge but had to in order to get the rest of the body out, but somehow pushing baby 4 hurt a lot more. I am feeling the bruises more now, 4 days later.

The other 9lb babies came with 1-2 easy pushes

Edited to add: I teared a bit with the first baby, but not since.
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My first was a hospital birth/epidural - 29 hours. Even though DD was just 7 lb 4oz, I had a second degree tear, I think from being on my back (dead bug pushing). Second was a birth center water birth - from water breaking before contractions to birth took 2 hours. DS was 9#5oz, his chest was as large as his head - and he was 22.5 inches long. Only needed a couple of stitches - he squirted out like toothpaste. I think squatting in the tub really helped birth such a large baby easily.
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Dd was 9lb6oz and I was pressured into an induction at exactly 40 weeks by my sucky OB due to "large size". (Despite the LONG conversation I had with her around 16 weeks about my family's history of large, large babies AND her telling me I had a dream pelvis for giving birth...whatever, she sucked.)
Anyway, I labored drug free on pitocin (pain drug free anyway) for about 8 hours (I was 4cm dilated and having semi-regular contrax when I got to the hospital to start the induction...I should have just not gone!) and then pushed for 20 minutes and out came dd, no problem at all. She just slid out like it was nothing. I have nothing to compare it to so I don't know if it hurts more than having a smaller baby, but since it was the contrax that hurt the most anyway I'm assuming it wouldn't have been all that different.

Wife to dh and mama to : dd (7/08) and ds (11/09)
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I replied for myself last night, but reading the rest of these responses made me want to add something.

My mom gave birth to four children
#1: 8-3 (only hospital birth - natural though)
#2: 9-3 (me) -- her easiest, quickest birth
#3: 8-9ish (only boy)
#4: 6-7

And guess which one was her hardest birth? Yup, my little bitty (for our family) baby sister -- #4.

I really don't believe size counts that much at all!

Momma to my sweet kiddos DD (2.19.07) and DS (9.27.09) and wife to the most amazing man (7.24.04)
: :
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My second ds was 9# 14 oz. He measured big and I had a lot of extra fluid. The Drs at my mw practice wanted me to have a c-section but I refused. The mw said I "might not go into labor on my own because my uterus was so stretched". DH and I deliberated and then I was induced at about 39 weeks.

I was induced from nothing and while the experience wasn't "horrible" it was a typical: pit, try to progress, not too much progression, more pit, epidural, birth an hour after epi.

He had mild shoulder dystocia and they did some sort of manuver where they pushed my legs way back to pop him out. I didn't know it at the time, dh told me about it later.

He didn't have a giant head, the mw was laughing while trying to pull his "guts" out because that was his widest part!

I had like 2 stitches from a tiny tear and that was it. He nursed like a champ in the bed.

Mama to 4. winner.jpghomebirth.jpg
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My son was born 11 days ago (at home), and he was 10 lbs 7oz. It was a great birth, no problems at all... 2 small tears but no stitches.

here's our birth story + pics:

Amanda , mama to my two boys: N (10/06) and : A (7/09)
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Most of mine were 9 or more. My last was 10lbs 3oz. I have always went into labor on my own, I birth at home and push w/ desire. I birth in water, I determine as I am in the midst of it all what feels best and push in that position. I had no interventions, most were unassisted. Fat squishes, bigger babies are not usually bigger everywhere. The majority of "big" babies are problems b/c OB's and some midwives make it so, not b/c it is so. All were VBACs BTW.
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my 1st was 5 weeks early, 6 lb 11 oz, 7 hour labor, 20 minutes pushing, 2nd degree tear.
my 2nd was 3 days late, 9 lb 11 oz, 5 hour labor, 20 minutes pushing, no tears, nuchal hand.

with my 1st i measured ahead 4 weeks the whole time. with my 2nd, i measured ahead about 2 weeks. neither was induced, neither was a waterbirth. 1st was hospital, 2nd was UC.

my dh and his youngest brother were big (10 and 11 lbs), so it doesn't surprise me. i'm fully expecting this one to be around 10 lbs.

successful #2 Jan. 25th - welcome Maisie Elise!
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If you can grow the baby you can birth it!!!

Mine were 10'4 and 11'1. No problems with birth related to it. I was not even in the best birth position (stirrups, erhhh!!! not this time, its a HB!!!) I measured exactly "right" all along. But with the 2nd and biggest baby I never looked as big.

With the 1st I was 10 days past edd and the 2nd 3 days before.

After going overdue with the 1st I had an ultrasound that said 10lbs+. I used a cnm and she and the docs in her practice all took turns filling of my belly saying it was about 8lbs.

Oh, they were both high when I went into labor and still when pushing started. I pushed for 45mins with #1 and 20mns with #2.

I am 5'8 normally 125-129. With the pregnancies I got to 164 and 168.
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1st VBAC -9lb 5oz- at a little over 42wks
2nd VBAC 9lb 6oz- at also a little over 42wks

oAlisha- eternal companion to mike:, mother to three energetic boys (02):, (05), and (07) and one sweet little girl 3/13. Two in heaven.7/21/2010, 11/05/2011
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Just shy of 43 weeks...10 lbs 1 oz with a nuchal hand

No rips, tears, or skid marks.

Born at home in my bedroom with two midwives and hubby present. She was my second VBAC.

ETA: Labor was uneventful and was just under 5 hours from onset to birth.
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My friend whose first child was 10.5 pounds (born safely at home), just gave birth to her second child, who was only 8 pounds and change. She cut WAY down on sugar during the whole pregnancy, and cut down on her milk and dairy intake during the last 2 months of the pregnancy. Her midwife said that she has seen this strategy make a difference for many moms. Who knows if that's what helped with the smaller baby, but there you have it. Worth a try, in my opinion (I birthed a 10.5 pound baby too and it went fine, but I wouldn't mind pushing someone slightly smaller out next time! Especially since she was posterior for much of the labor).

Mama to Nell (11/15/06) and Maggie (10/9/10) . AFTER 2.5 YEARS, I AM AN AUNTIE!!! joy.gifHOORAY TEAR78 and welcome Anika and Brand New Baby Boy!!!!  Circumcision: the more you know, the worse it is; please leave the decision up to your son!

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My mom's smallest baby was almost under 9lbs. She had two 11lbers and the rest were 9-10lbs (out of 11 kids).

She had fast births and rarely tore. She did 3 at a hospital, was traumatized beyond belief and went on to do 8 u/c at home.

My DD was 11lbs 4oz. But that was the end of the similarity. I had a 3 day labour, 5hr pushing stage and tore like the dickens. She presented transverse occiput...face to the side! I think the duration and effort required of my labour was due to her coming early and being malpositioned and not size, although I'm sure the size didn't exactly help things.

I am hoping for another big baby. OPINION ONLY but I think big babies are just...hardy. They eat better, sleep better, hit milestones sooner and get sick less frequently. Obviously this isn't every case and I'm not trying to generalize. But you're talking about a bigger human, w/ potentially more muscle and proportionate fat stores.

BTW very little dairy/sugar in my diet. I didn't introduce dairy (icecream) until the last couple weeks. I know I enjoyed it and really craved it, but that did not make DD 11lbs lmao.

Also, no history of diabetes/GD diabetes.

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I've had 2 9+ lb babies, both vaginally. The first 9lb2oz was a breeze. No tearing, short labor in the water, about an hour of hard labor...textbook.

The 2nd was 10lbs 4.5oz. He was a little more difficult. For starters, the whole end of the pregnancy was different, so I knew he was malpositioned. I could feel him bumping into my pelvic bone. Usually, I'm 4cm dialated about 2weeks before my due date and I wasn't dialated more than a stretchy 2 with him. So, at 1week overdue, I asked the midwife to break my water. She did that at 8:00pm. I labored all night long, in the tub,out of the tub, walking, climbing stairs, swollen cervix, screaming and begging for a transfer, given lots of homeopathics for swelling, then my midwife had me sit on a birthing stool and push him out while she held my cervix in place. It wasn't pretty. But, Once he clicked into place, the pushing wasn't too bad. He did get stuck for a minute, but I pushed down on my tummy and he rotated out of me. He helped a lot with his birth. I was exhausted and tore for the first time, but not too bad. I thought I was tearing front and back, but it was just back. I didn't care if I was tearing though, I was too into pushing. It didn't help that his head was 15" ! My largest head before that was 13.5".

So, I labored from 8pm to 6am. Not too bad. But the difference was that I had 3hours hard labor when I normally have 1hour of hard labor.

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