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I have a friend who is due in a few weeks and the doctors are scaring her about how big her baby is and that she might need a c-section. She is at the point where she thinks she needs one, even though she has had a previous vaginal delivery.

If anyone has any information or articles I can pass on to her, I would apreciate it. To my understanding if she has had a vaginal delivery her chances of c-section should be low, correct? If you have anything I could pass on to her that would be great!
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ACOG recommends against prophylatic section for macrosomia unless predicted weight is 5kg or larger (4.5 kg with gestational diabetes). It's not the be-all and end-all, but it's a good one to use on OBs--they're going against their own professional guidelines if they try the "big baby" scare.

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Guesses of weight and size can be as much as 2 lbs off at the end of pregnancy, and the only way to tell if you can't do it is to give it a try. It's more positioning than size that could cause her to be unable to fit the head through her pelvis, so odds are she'd only have CPD if the babe's head was tilted or possibly from a posterior baby (baby's back to her back, front to her front). Help to ensure a good position and labor should go fine, just hold the c-section option in reserve on the off chance it doesn't.
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providing her with risks of cesareans may help. here is the coalition for improving maternity services fact sheet Notice the first one 5-7 times greater risk of death!!

Married the love of my life : on 3/18/06, SAHM to Livi 3/11/07 : and Eva 10/10/09 :
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Quoted: 0 Post(s) Some of the most well balanced information and evidence out there regarding u/s size estimates, induction, unnecessary c/s and INFORMED CONSENT is on that site.

that dr is full of crap and not making recommendations according to medical evidence, nor with regard to your friend's bests interests, let alone the practice guidelines set out by ACOG. ACOG says c/s for "big baby" is not recommended. as stated above late term u/s are NOTORIOUSLY wrong for size estimates.

the nursingbirth blog (just google "nursingbirth") has a "don't let this happen to you" section that covers inductions for "big babies"

All birth has risks. It's a matter of weighing the risks v. benefits. The danger to her of a c/s or unnecessary early induction (that will likely head to c/s) to try to avoid having a big baby is huge v. the risks of a vaginal birth.

it's also fairly common for the bladder to be nicked during surgery - requiring another surgery to fix that damage. Risk of infection, fetal injury - yes babies sometimes get get during c/s. blood loss requiring transfusion for the mother... anesthesia complications... death.

the risks to her future fertility b/c of an unnecessary c/s are important to consider. The recovery time is significantly longer. And frankly it's no fun trying to take care of your first child when you can barely stand up straight or pick up the new baby for weeks.

My last baby 10.5# and I am an average sized person. That baby was my VBA2C baby and was a full pound larger and had a 2cm larger head than my first c/s baby. I've met petite women that have given birth vaginally to similarly sized babies.

your friend has already had a vaginal birth. there is no reason for her not to go into labor on her own. Her pelvis already knows what to do.

Stinkerton 12/10/01 9lbs8oz, induced to c/s; Little Man 5/20/03 7lbs11oz, r c/s, fear of another labor; Jillybean 11/18/07 10lbs8oz 37cm head, induced VBA2C; and the Wee Beastie, 9lbs8oz, 35cm head, rpt VBA2C
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: So frustrating to hear. Most of mine have been "big" babies, no troubles at all.
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ITA with all the other pp's....My first was induced because they said she was getting "too big"....I came REALLY close to having a c-sec..luckily I had her vaginally but not without every other intervention under the sun.....she weighed a little over 8lbs.....

Well so much for them!! I had DS with the same m/w's I had dd2(who was smaller than dd1) with and he weighed in at 10+lbs with a head that was a whole inch bigger than dd1's.
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ITA with PPs. Hopefully you have enough links. I'm sure the book "Thinking Womans Guide to a Better Birth" should have something on this as well.

If she's also concerned about tearing, then she might want to instead focus on tactics to reduce that risk (rather than go for CS):
  • no directed pushing
  • no epidural (increases risk of tears)
  • no pushing in lithotomy position
  • don't push as baby's crowing
  • NO PERINEAL 'massage' (aka "vagina wrenching")

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please! i have to agree wiht everyone else that says this is totally against acog's recommendatinos. seems ob's use the acog recommendations when it suits them, but ignore them if they dont like what they have to say.

I had a 10lb 7oz baby vaginally. my 4th baby, but my biggest by 1.75 pounds.

Student Nurse Midwife and semi crunchy mom to 4 "C" named kids! 10yr old DS, 8 yr old DD, 6yr old DD, and 3 yr old DS. Praying that C #5 is in the future for me!
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People will say this or doctors will even say it, but it is not true. There are a lot of women now, so scared of labor at all, they will just jump to the csect. OB's, who are trained surgeons, will happily take the extra money and the less work that they have to do with a csect. The extra money is actually a lot, as in thousands of dollars extra, not a couple hundred. They will spend more time on pushing alone than they would on a csect if they wait for the woman to give birth. Plus, it might interrupt their dinner or nighttime sleep, or whatever, if they just let the woman give birth. So they schedule the csect and take the thousands of extra dollars.
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I have a friend who VBAC'd a nearly 12 lb baby after having "had" to have a c/s for her "too big" 9lb baby.

The dr doesn't know what he's talking about.

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my c-section baby was 7lbs 12oz
my VBAC babies were 8lbs 14oz, 10lbs 4oz, 10lbs 2oz

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My cousins wife was recently told she had a big baby and needed another section....... Baby was 8lbs.
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I agree with previous posters - it sounds like a scare tactic. My DH's aunt is only 5'2" and weighed like 100 lbs. before PG, and she gave birth to a 12 lbs. 3 oz. baby naturally, no problems. If this is not her first birth, I'd definitely encourage her to try without a planned c-section. Our bones move appropriately and the baby's head molds and moves in order to fit. And as someone else mentioned, their estimates of a baby's weight is off more than it is correct.

Andi, 32 - SAHM to Aaron Patriot born at home on 8/7/09 and devoted wife to Paul. : EC, Non-Circ ::
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