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Megs Mom's Avatar Megs Mom 02:58 AM 02-22-2004
Originally posted by UD_CHICK
KKmama - I thought about hiring a Doula for my last birth - everyone was against me at that time. This time around I feel like it's too late - and if I don't know what I want yet, how can I get someone to help me! I'm hoping to 'train' my SIL in time.
You might want to ask her to read The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin. Good luck!

UD_CHICK's Avatar UD_CHICK 10:49 PM 02-23-2004
I had a great conversation with my OB today. She's really incredible.

I actually made two flow charts about the various possibilies of complications with VBAC and CB. We went through every one - she talked both about the general statistics of when complications arise, and then what she tends to see in this area at our hospital. She talked about her expereinces with severe complications. We then talked about my options.

Of course, I feel so terrible right now, part of me just wants the baby OUT - in the quickest, most painless way possible. I actually contemplated calling the on-call doctor yesterday and offering to bribe them to do SOMETHING to get this baby delivered.

I'm better today - though there appears to be an intestinal virus working through our family. EXACTLY what I need as I'm preparing to give birth to my son. So far my FIL and MIL have had it (hit MIL started last night), DD has had really bad diarrhea today and is a bit fussy (no vomiting fortunately). And I've felt off the whole day. Fortunately my SIL spent the whole day here and took care of us.

We almost went to L&D twice this weekend after 2 4-hour bouts of contractions 4 minutes apart. I was even laying down when they started! At 2:30 this morning I took a shower and got myself something to eat and they stopped AACK!

So, OB checked me today - NO PROGRESS AT ALL! I'm 50% effaced. That's it. I'm contracting every 10-15 minutes - and then for hours at a time it will crank up to every 4-5 minutes. The doctor said that the contractions don't necessarily mean anything - we can dilate without them. Pretty much is up to the baby if he wants to come or not.

The game plan is to go in to L&D Thursday AM and get checked. At that point we'll decide whether to try some pitocin (a LITTLE bit - only if I'm dilated) or go through with the CB. I can still cancel the CB on Thurs - but every day I wait, the baby gets bigger - increasing my concerns about complications during a VBAC - particularly 4th degree tears and vacuum/forceps assist. I'd take a CB over that experience ANY day of the week.

I feel more comfortable with the idea of a repeat CB. I feel so physically lousy right now - I don't know how I'd do a VBAC - but if the baby wants to come that way, he'll let me know.

Thanks for your support ladies!
OnTheFence's Avatar OnTheFence 11:08 PM 02-23-2004

I know how you feel in some ways. The end is so rought. Especially when you feel bad. When I go to 38 weeks I had a breakdown. My MIL pulled one of her stunts and screwed me on child care, saying she had the FLU. Well she really wasnt that sick. So in essence in my emotional state I screwed her out of being here for my youngest sons birth. I know she was heart broken, and I now sort of regret it, but then she can be quite irritating and she wasnt a person I really wanted draining my energy.
Around this time I was having very vivid night mares and my blood pressure was going up up up. I just went into my doctor, spent and said I just couldnt go on. So Friday we scheduled my csection, a week earlier than I had planned.

Also I have never dilated. NEVER. In fact with Jack I had contractions from 14 weeks onward and then they stopped around 37 weeks. They checked me a few days before my csection. I was not dilated, not effaced, not nothing.

Now I have come across some women who have had csections that actually had contractions for days that never dilate. Never progress, even with induction methods. I always wonder about those women and why they never dilate at all. One woman had been in labor 40 hours at home before going to the hospital. Then started on PIT. She never got past 2cm.

That is not something I would want to experience!
UD_CHICK's Avatar UD_CHICK 02:44 AM 02-24-2004

Thanks - you make me feel better about being at my wit's end.

The whole no dilation thing makes me wonder if I would die during childbirth if I were in a place without such good care. Makes me wonder if I'm passing on bad genes - ie counterevolutionary genes - by 'circumventing' mother nature's controls.

Isn't that crazy?!

OnTheFence's Avatar OnTheFence 03:16 AM 02-24-2004
Originally posted by UD_CHICK

Thanks - you make me feel better about being at my wit's end.

The whole no dilation thing makes me wonder if I would die during childbirth if I were in a place without such good care. Makes me wonder if I'm passing on bad genes - ie counterevolutionary genes - by 'circumventing' mother nature's controls.

Isn't that crazy?!

My sister, who is a former OB nurse, and I have talked a lot about csection births and do they run in families.

Now I am the first woman in my family to have a csection, maternal and paternal side. My mother had me under twilight and I weighed 9 and a half pounds and was 22 in long and was born at 42 weeks and 2 days. She had my brother, completely unmedicated, at 37 weeks and he weighed 7lbs. My grandmother had two children, my mother she was in labor for 4 days and my aunt was born at 35 weeks, vaginal breech. My other grandmother had 5 children, all unmedicated vaginal deliveries.

My SIL comes from a generation of csection mamas.
My neice born by csection was due to low amniotic fluid, this was after it being monitored for over a week and it kept getting lower. My SIL was born by csection for failure to progress due to pelvic issues. Her grandmother had all three children by csection (when it was really uncommon) for the same reason.

I hope I didnt start a new trend in my family.
My aunt also had a vaginal birth so that is good. So far I just have one daughter, and I really hope she can have natural vaginal deliveries, however I will stress that its not the end all and be all.
UD_CHICK's Avatar UD_CHICK 12:30 PM 02-24-2004

that's really interesting. I think part of the issue might also be the size of dad versus the size of mom. If you are petite and your husband is big, couldn't that possibly affect the size of the baby?

My sister and I both delivered our first via CB within 4 months of each other. Her son was around 7.5lbs, but his head was huge - after 3 hours of pushing, he never moved into the birth canal. My BIL is a big guy - 6', built like a football player, while my sister is 5'2" and very petite.

For me, delivering at 35.5 wks, my daughter was about 5.5lbs. She was ready to come, because my cervix effaced and started to dilate - but never got past 3.5/4. Why?

Dad's mom had her kids vaginally, we don't have a medical history of mom's family (adopted). So I guess we won't know.

Well, DD needs breakfast. I'll scamper off now.

Have a great day ladies!

Peppermint's Avatar Peppermint 01:48 PM 02-24-2004
I am the first c-birth mama on both sides of the family. It's funny though, b/c mine are due to pelvic abnormality, you would think that would be a passed down thing, but clearly not, as my mom had 4 of us vaginally. I do worry that my dd will have inherited it from me though
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 01:58 PM 02-24-2004
Wow. It's great to have found you. I wish I knew about you all 2 months ago when I had my 2nd c-section after attempting to VBAC.

First, let me say, I went to the successful VBAC thread and read one ladies wonderful VBAC and cried. That's when I realized I still need to heal.

I wanted to VBAC so, so badly. No one in my small hometown in Texas would do it. The closest midwife was 90 miles away and since my due date was the weekend before Christmas, I couldn't find anyone who would happily be on call for me.

So.....we moved.

The little town we are in now has a wonderful midwifery clinic and LOTS of midwives. There is a midwifery school on site and a surgical room on site. We were hoping to move to Mexico anyway. So, I visited, and met WONDERFUL, open-minded, supportive and healing people. I felt completely confident in our choice. I figured if I could VBAC anywhere, it would be here. If I couldn't VBAC here, then I couldn't anywhere.

Without going into my story at this writing (though I would really love to share it) I'll say that I did end up having to have another cbirth. HOWEVER, the support was incredible. The doctors were amazing, probably the friendliest, most supportive mds I have ever come across. They were so kind, talking me through the procedure. They really made it beautiful for me. I had the best recover yet. I'll post a link to this wonderful place.

Re: rupture fear
I was afraid, too. A midwife in the states said they always recommend an ultrasound to see where the placenta is planted. If it's not planted anywhere near the scar, then there's no problem. The fear is only when the placenta is planted near the scar and puts pressure on it.

Would love to write more. Have a hungry -and healthy-baby.
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 02:35 PM 02-24-2004
Okay, I have a minute now. I know I'm jumping into this thread late, but if you don't mind, I'll write a little bit about my experience.

Two sons. Both cbirths. 1st one 8 lbs 16 oz, 20 1/2". 2nd son 10 lbs, 22". With the second son, I had no idea I was carrying such a huge baby. I am 5'4". My dh is 6'4", broad-shouldered, big. A friend joked that my body just can't handle my husband's half of the DNA. I suppose he was right.

With my first birth, I never dilated past 3 cm. The ob encouraged a section. I remember being HUNGRY mostly and weak. After 18 hours of active labor, I relented and allowed myself to be talked into a section.

With my second birth, I wanted a totally different environment and staff. So, I refused a hospital and opted for a clinic. After 16 hours, nothing. nada. So...another section.

Interestingly enough, both boys were born with IDENTICAL scars/ markings on their foreheads. Since I was in many bad car accidents, my theory is that there has been some pelvic damage. Perhaps a bone spur or calcified scar tissue is blocking the entry.

Incidentally, I am the first cbirth on both sides of my family. My mom birthed me easily. Genetically speaking, I feel like my body is programmed to successfully birth. However, I think extenuating circumstances (car wrecks) or something else has caused physical damage to my pelvis. I would love to get an x-ray, but I'm not sure if they could see everything.

Blah, blah, blah. I feel like I'm blabbing.

I will add: great outcome. The 2nd cbirth was by FAR better. In the nice, upscale hospital in the states, I got an infection and had to bedrest for 8 WEEKS after the section. In small-town Mexico, in a pretty primitive clinic, I had NO COMPLICATIONS and was up and walking the next day. I ran out of painkillers within a few days and was fine. When I ran out of painkillers with my first birth, I cried.:
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 05:12 PM 02-24-2004
this thread is either dead or hopping!! There is no lukewamr with you gals

Just thought I'd jump in on a topic or 2

I am one of those women who only dilate to 2 or 3 : it doesn't make sense to me either. With Tracy I started serious contractions at about 28 weeks. By 30 weeks I was 1cm and by 37 weeks I was 2. then at 38 weeks I was 3cm. I was induced at 38wks 1d. I was on pitocin for 16 hours and didn't dialte past 3cm. I had no epidural either so that wasn't it. So, Ihad the c/b.

With Bryce I dialted to almost 2 and by the next week i was back to no progress. He even went from engaged to dropped to floating in 2 weeks. : So, I had the second c/b planned.

gotta go...toddler attacking newborn....
LisaG's Avatar LisaG 06:06 PM 02-24-2004
Hi lades,

Just poking my head in - noticed there were some questions about single vs. double layer incisions and potential risks. From what I've read there are mixed reports - some say there are higher risks with a single and others say there aren't. If anyone is interested I have a list of abstracts from pubmed that I'd be happy to pass along (just PM me).

Take care!

OnTheFence's Avatar OnTheFence 06:32 PM 02-24-2004
Yall did notice Lisa is pregnant right?

Congrats again!

LisaG's Avatar LisaG 08:57 PM 02-24-2004
Aww, thanks Kim

I have a whole new admiration and amazement for all the women who've been pregnant - who knew?! And "it's only just begun....."

Peppermint's Avatar Peppermint 11:01 PM 02-24-2004
Congratulations Lisa, I had not noticed, I always notice the part about your uterus, but didn't notice that what is before it in your sig line had changed
Monkey's Avatar Monkey 04:00 AM 02-25-2004
hi all thought id chime in here. doin well feelin good, but i had a big baby and yea i just cant get over it. he was 10 14 oz. and im small, 5 1/2 small boned dh is 6 feet maybe lean, althought i know no one really on my bio dads side my mom has told me my dads size wasnt real big dh side small puerto ricans.

so where did danny come from? all that organic food? :LOL

my first was 5 14 oz and was 5 weeks early. i was pre term with him at 32 weeks dilated at 2 and 80 % efaced.

with this one my 1st c/b it was unplanned and i was dilated to 1 80 90% effaced.

: no real contractions really none, i had a small burst but lasted 1 day .

i was also informed next babe would be c/b i would like to get a second oppion bc im am terrified about conciving. i go back and forth one day im ok ready looking foward beating on my chest then another day shakingh in my boots!:

im so glad to have all this info at my finger tips. im a resercher and i nevber thought in a million yrs i would be having a c/b. so i new and still now not much.

my son is 4mos now so i still have time to really make my desicon, but i wish i was so "jaded" poor choice of words but really im scared
thanks all for all your support

congrats!!! LISA G! YEA!
witchbaby's Avatar witchbaby 04:39 AM 02-25-2004
i'm another one of those women whose cervix seems to be against dilating. i had preterm labor starting at 33 weeks which ended me up in the hospital repeatedly and on meds until 36 weeks (i was abruptly taken off trebutiline and procardia at 36.5 weeks when i started having really terrible reactions to the drugs). after that, i was stuck in the hell of prodromal labor until the day i was induced (39 weeks, 2 days). at 36 weeks, my midwife was sure i'd go any time in the next two weeks because dd's head was right there and my cervix was very soft and effacing. however, i only dilated to 2.5cm by the day i was induced (i was induced with cytotec); i was only dilated to 3cm and effaced to 80% by the time a c-section was called for (as i said in an earlier post, dd had "unreassuring hearttones" and labor could go on for days and she wouldn't be able to withstand it).
i worry i'll have problems dilating when i have my next babe. i know my inability to dilate didn't contribute to dd's c-b, but worry it might with the next. my midwife said i'm a perfect canidate for vbac, but i won't have her next time around-- i'm moving back to my hometown (yay!) and am not sure i can get a midwife like her.
(ot: as far as i can tell by my internet research, there are no free-standing birthcenters in colorado and i'm really wanting a bc over a hospital next time-- not b/c of my experience, which i find to be rather satisfying in spite of the c-b because of the support from the staff that cared for me; i just want a very natural birth, as i'd originally planned)
i'm rambling. forgive me.
loftmama's Avatar loftmama 12:02 PM 02-25-2004
Hi everyone. This is what I've learned about repeat c-sections.

I was told at a midwifery clinic in the states that there's a 3 strikes and you're out rule. Meaning, 3 sections is the most an ob/gyn will do. I asked 2 obs about this and they confirmed it.

My midwife/doula at my last birth (which became a c-section) had worked with a woman who had 5 c-sections.

A Mexican woman I met said she knew a woman who had 8 c-sections. She said she was all sliced up with scars every which way you can imagine.

So, I figure at least 3 sections is definitely safe.

Also, I was told the risk for uterine rupture lessened the longer you waited between pregnancies.
KKmama's Avatar KKmama 12:57 PM 02-25-2004
I want to add more later... I don't doubt that women are told "3 strikes and you're out", but where does it come from? Is there any research or science behind it? (And what are they going to do if/when you come in pg the 4th time? )

There have been several studies which have said that if you have at least 24 mos. from birth to birth, it's safer than with a shorter interval.
Henry's_Mamma's Avatar Henry's_Mamma 02:49 PM 02-25-2004
For what its worth, my ob says that it takes at least 6 months after a c/b for your internal incision/scar to heal, and for some women, for their uterus to finally get back to normal (size and position). And it takes the rest of your body at least a year to recover from the physical demands of preg. So it makes sense that the longer you wait between c/b's the more healed and stronger you'll be -- and theoretically, the greater the likelihood of a successful VBAC.

I had no problem dialating --I made it to 10 cms, 100% effaced, and pushewd for 2+ hours. However, ds had a bad sense of direction and really wanted to come into the world sunny side up -- and that just wasn't gonna happenvia v/b under the circumstances (I still question whether differe nt choices and/or a different practitioner would've made a difference).

Oh ... CONGRATS LISA!!! I love my Nov. baby ...
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 03:01 PM 02-25-2004
i have found that looking back at my birth with Tracy is pretty much pointless. I think that a different practioner, more research and a whole lot more patience MIGHT have chnaged things but I can't go back in time. I opted for a repeat at 39 weeks instead of going with the planned vbac and I don' regret it.

All of a sudden it jsu made sense that I decide what happens. I am in control of my decisions. i believe I made the best one. Yes, a v/b would have been nice...maybe... but c/b is what worked for me. It wasn't my first choice but neIther was having children in the first place
OnTheFence's Avatar OnTheFence 06:28 PM 02-25-2004
Hi everyone,

I am going to start a new support thread again. This one is fixing to be over six pages. Since the ICAN poster just came out and its awareness month I figured its time to start a new thread. I hope all of yall will come on over and get it going. I like seeing our thread at the top of the board and that it is being read.

Megs Mom's Avatar Megs Mom 09:57 PM 02-25-2004
Link, please!
Peppermint's Avatar Peppermint 10:35 PM 02-25-2004
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