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My water broke when delivery was imminent. It was a very fast progression from HOLY CR*P PAIN to HOLY CR*P going to pee myself (didn't, just the pressure) to HOLY CR*P a flood came out of my vag. The flood of the water breaking signified the end of the pain and pressure, and started the urge to push. As soon as my water broke, in all seriousness, the pain ended completely and was replaced with the urge to push. That is why I say I had a pain-free birth.
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Lol, so much in this thread sounds SOO familiar! I've had 2 VERY fast labors.

DD1 was 2 hrs, 15 mins from first pain to out. Was showering and all of a sudden I fell over from the sudden huge weight shift of her completely flipping inside of me! Such an odd feeling like a fish haha. 2 minutes later I was in transition in the tub yelling but still not realizing I was truly in labor! I got out and walked around the house, at one point getting nauseous, also seeing a bit of bloody show. But I had NO clue what was going on and I remember being terrified what transition would be like if this was labor LOL! I was convinced I'd be in labor for at least 8 hours so ignored the bloody show and nausea that indicated it was almost over. I was attempting UC but when I thought as a first-time mom I'd have hours more of this then transition and birth, so I begged my DP to call an ambulance () so I could get pain meds(wish I would have stayed at home ). So after laboring at home for about 1 1/2 hours, I got to the hospital and I was 10 cm, in absolute agony with transition still!( However, once I got in the room my labor totally stalled! So I spent that last 30-45 minutes doing pointless pushing and feeling like I wasn't getting anything done. But she eventually came out lol. I wish they would have just left me alone for a bit until I could feel the contractions and not even have to push. No pain either once I was there other than in the middle of my back, she came out sunny side up.

With DD2 I expected a short birth, and it was, 1 hr, 15 mins! I was lying in bed and like with the first, my back started to ache. I sung, rolled, and rocked trying to distract myself, thinking it was just practice ones like I always have after sex when I'm preg. It worked but then got worse and I went to sit on the toilet so I could rock and rotate my back more comfortably. I was still not sure it was IT but once DP saw me he started getting things together and calling a ride lol! I got to the hosp. and of course they were assuming I was in first stage, but omg it was awful signing everything feeling like that! My labors are so fast and furious they are pretty much one long contraction so I would sit there with my eyes scrunched up feeling like I was being sliced to bits, waiting for it to pass so I could open my eyes and sign, but they never would pass! But this time, unfortunately or not, the pain didn't stop when I got there. When I got to the room(triage not even L & D lol!) I was 6 cm. 5 minutes later I could feel my cervix burning very slightly and told DP that she was coming. The nurse checked me, said, 'There's head!' and my body took over! The pain was over, my body started feeling strong and amazing, and 2 big pushes and she flopped out like a fish. It was awesome!
Both labors came on after sex(several O's lol). And with DD2 I told her I was finally ready to meet her, made up her bassinet, and tried the rebozo technique on my belly for 10 minutes until it felt uncomfy. She came a few hours later! It was pretty amazing because until that day, I was not ready and scared; I had felt unready and been depressed the entire pregnancy.

With both births they automatically hooked me up to pitocin and both times I was in sooooo much pain I couldn't argue and I suppose it wasn't a big deal since it went so fast the IVs were only in me for a few minutes and after birth I ripped them out lol.

No ring of fire at all for either birth it amused me because I felt as stretchy as a rubber band but everyone talks like that is the worst part! (The stretching your lip over your head, pooping a watermelon, etc. ) And afterwards I jumped in the shower and was high for days.

My goodness I didn't mean to turn this into birth stories but it happened lol! I guess I'm feeling chatty. They are both def. atypical, everyone freaks at my birth stories, I've even had a mom not really believe me, then talk like I cheated hahaha! I don't know how that would work...

Well to actually answer the question! The first time my water never broke so I assume while I was pushing the OB popped it ugh, since I could feel and see her head. The second time it popped as she came out. There is definitely correlation between length of labor and water breaking!
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Originally Posted by preciousstone View Post
thanks mama's. this is sooooo interesting. seems like you all had fairly short labors or short pushing stage. be interesting to see how it turns out for me. my family is from the Caribbean and my mom calls water breaking just moments before delivery 'dry labor' but whenever i ask someone in the US/google it, it's the opposite, we refer to dry labor as when the water breaks at the very beginning of labor - meaning you're laboring without the cushion of the bag of waters.

Did anyone have dilation that just jumped to 10 in a very short period. Like say, you went from 4 to 10 in less than an hour, or something?
I went from 5-10 in just under 40 minutes!
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I had AROM my first two births, but with my third my water broke just as my body started pushing. It was a VERY interesting sensation... I was in the birth pool.
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16 hour back labor (she was posterior too though). My water popped as she slipped into the canal, I yelled at the nurse that she was coming *now*, and she was born into the nurses hands on the next contraction. Knock on wood, she only suffered some facial bruising. Many babies born that fast, run a risk of other complications. Well, actually, she didn't get all of her fluid out, as is common, because she spit it out all (a lot!) over dh a couple hours later. But none aspirated, thank goodness.
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