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I didn't have a tub or a shower at the hospital & we did fine. We waited til the contractions were about 4 minutes apart to go. I would've waited longer, but we were in Seoul & it was near rush hour - that would've been a disaster. I would recommend to keep moving: I let them put a monitor on for a little bit in the beginning & not only was the belt thing uncomfortable, it limited my motion and really sent me to bed earlier than I would've gone otherwise. I believe that made the labor longer than it needed to be. But, yeah, to answer your question, it's totally do-able! I didn't even really think of the contractions as painful but just as a ton of physical work. You can do it, Mama!

Me, my Sweetie , DD 1 (Dec 07),  and DD 2 (Dec 09). Co-sleeping, delayed-vaxing, quia Lutherans!
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I don't see why not, I didn't use a birth tub for my birth center birth. I did enjoy a shower or two in labor but it wasn't something that I absolutely had to have done or I would need pain meds. IME as long aas you don't allow them to strap you down with monitors and have IVs and who knows what else connected to your body you should be OK.

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Yes. With my first son, I was induced because of complications. I had a good bishop score though (100% effaced and 2cm dialated). He came within 4 hours of hard labor. To be perfectly honest I labored mostly on the toilet. They allowed me to remove the monitors while I went to the bathroom. I only pushed 3 times and he was out. No tearing or anything. It was pretty ideal for a pitocin induced labor in which I couldn't really move around much or have access to the shower etc.
My advice is to spend as much time as you can at home before you arrive at the hospital (if possible). That way you can labor in the tub etc. at home and then head out to the hospital when your contractions are very close together.

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Another party-crasher

Yes, my second was an unmedicated hospital birth (not even an IV). It helped that I labored at home and walked in dilated to six. I spent a lot of time in the shower at the hospital and walking around the hospital room.

It also helped me, from a pain-management perspective, that my water didn't break until 20 minutes before she was born. Once that 'cushion' was gone, it got really intense. So keep that in mind if you have anyone pushing you to artificially break your water.

Good luck mama!

Wife to a great DH, SAHM to 3 great kids
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Crashing too!
I had an intense 4 hr hospital birth where they put in an IV for fluids, kept me on the monitor (which moved everytime I changed positions and drove me crazy) and I did it without pain meds.
I used hypnobirthing and read the McCutcheon Bradley book to understand the emotional signposts in labor. So when I threw up and doubted whether I could do it without drugs, I knew that I was entering transition and it wasn't going to be long.
You can do it!

Emma - Welsh Wife to DH and Mummy to DS, Lloyd 13/08/07 and Cerys 15/07/10
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DDC crashing! Yes, you can do it. My first with ds1 was a hospital birth without a tub. I didn't even use the shower, which I thought I would, because it was so small and uncomfortable looking. No drugs. I would spend some time thinking about what other things you think might help you. Like for my pressure on my back and sitting or crouched forward letting my belly hang was what helped me.

Although I am going for a homebirth this time and very much wanted a tub to labor in.
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yeppers! had an 8 hour labor. I used the hospital shower....endless supply of hot water beating on my back. before I knew it I was at 8 cm.

At this time I broke down and wanted the epidurnal, but I had told my awesome nurse I wanted to do this naturally and she coached me through and I did it!!!

So, if you have an opportunity use the shower, talk to the nurse before hand of your plans.
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Moved to Birth and Beyond.

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I did with my son. I actually had a wonderful birth experience with him in the hospital without a tub. I waited until I was nearing transition to go to the hospital. I used the contraction rules and emotional sign posts to know when to go. I had such a good experience I wouldn't mind another hospital birth since I really like my care provider and how he respected me. I do reccomend a doula because they can be a good go between if you end up with a less than stallar nurse. Everyone respected my birth plan and me and they put him right to my belly and let me nurse him for 45 minutes before they weighed him.

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Originally Posted by Truckerdoo View Post
I'm giving birth in the hospital where there is no tub. It is a great hospital and I'll have a private room and bath, lots of room to walk around, and the bottom of the bed turns into a birthing stool thing should I want to squat.

But I'm just wondering - are there any moms out there who had a successful unmedicated birth in the hospital with no tub? I read stories all the time about ppl who do it w/o meds but have the advantage of a tub, and I'm just wondering if I stand a chance w/o access to one!

Any stories like this to share?
My first baby (32 hours 9lbs4oz), was born unmedicated in a hospital without a tub (neither birth nor bath). Shower was my only water comfort.
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I've had all 3 of my babies on hospitals with no tub/shower. You can do it! We had great CNMs and took a Bradley class before #1. I read the Birthing from Within book before #3.
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13 yo dd1 was born in a hospital with a midwife. No birthing tub though there was a regular tub/shower - which I only used to take a shower the next day.

I had dd2 at a freestanding birth center that DID have a birthing tub - which I never used. I had dd3 at home where we have a large soaking tub with jets - which I never used.

So no, it isn't at all necessary. In the OP's case, I'd stay home to labor as long as possible (for me with dd1, that was 14 hours) THEN go to the hospital when it is actually getting close to time to HAVE the baby.
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I did, both times

GOOD moms let their kids lick the beaters. GREAT moms turn off the mixer first!
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My three were all unmedicated, pretty much intervention free hospital births (no IV's, intermittent monitoring mostly with doppler, delayed cord clamping, yadda yadda.) I only used the tub with the second, and not for very long with her (my body temperature was rising uncomfortably with the warm water so I ended up getting out). With my first there was no tub available (I HAd her at a university teaching hospital with a family practice doctor), but I spent a lot of time in the shower with hot water spraying on my back. With my third I was only at the hospital long enough to stand next to the bed and push her out (I barely got my underwear off!), so there was no time for the tub.
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I will assume you are speaking of specifically pain medications. My first was a hospital birth, pitocin-induced, and I had no pain medication. I was pretty confined to bed, so I didn't have a shower or tub....only really got up to use the bathroom. 6 hours of labour, 2.5 hours of pushing. Totally do-able.

My second was a homebirth. No tub (it was too fast!). Again totally do-able.

Just put your mind in the right place and you can do anything!

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Yup! I did it and it was g-r-r-reat! (imagine Tony the Tiger voice)
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I've had two! (My very first birth I was medicated with Stadol. yech. But the other two were non-medicated completely)

One of them was intense but not severely painful. THe other hurt like the dickens (seriously, ouch!), but I got through it.

For both, I think the key was being able to move around into positions that allowed me to cope with the contractions. The really painful labor, the *only* way I could get through a contraction was if I was bent forward at the waist, or on my hands and knees. If I wasn't in that position and felt a contraction coming on, I started having panicky feelings. The midwives were great and encouraged me to use the positions that worked.

Watching shows like A Baby Story, I always cringe when I see those women suffering in bed for hours and hours. I'd have wanted an epidural too if the only positions I was "allowed" were on my back or on my side. Totally would not have worked for me.
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Yup! I had an unmedicated hospital birth with #2 and there was no tub. I did a lot of labouring in the shower. Honestly, my hospital birth (midwife attended) wasn't any different than my homebirth, except for the location.

Mama to Finn (04/05) Arlo (04/07) and Henry (04/10)
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Oh yes, yes, definitely! I did it twice!
Well, for my first birth, I did use the tub but only for about an hour at around 5-6 cm. I hated it, didn't get any relief at all in the tub, so I got out after an hour and did standing/rocking. That birth was completely natural, med-free, and went perfectly. 10-hr labor, 49 mins pushing, 9-lb baby. Never even had an iv port inserted, it was as natural as can be (for being in the hospital).
For my 2nd birth, I didn't use the tub at all. I presented to the hospital with PROM at 37 weeks; I'd given it 36 hrs after my PROM for labor to start, but I wasn't having contractions. My midwife was livid that I waited that long, and I was given the choice of being admitted and given pitocin, or waiting and being forced to do c-section (b/c they were all up in arms about possible infection). So I gave in to the pitocin, but I still did the entire labor/delivery completely natural other than the pit. No pain meds, none needed. No tub allowed due to my PROM (which I wasn't disappointed about due to my prior crappy experience in the tub). Once the pit kicked in, it was a fast, intense labor. 3.5 hrs long, 3 pushes, 7.5 lb baby.
So yes, you can certainly do it without a tub, especially with all the other helps you have there. You didn't mention a doula in your OP, so I'd recommend that, but you can do it with or without the tub or the doula (the doula just helps a lot!).
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