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fyrflymommy's Avatar fyrflymommy 12:48 PM 02-17-2004
hi! my friend S is most likely going to go into labor this week she didn't take any childbirth classes, and it's been tooooo long for me to remember anything from mine!

so i'm just wondering what can i do to help her during labor? i know that she' s real scared of pain and birth (especially since she's supposedly having a "big" baby). other than my mom and i reminding her up till now that she needs to breathe and squat during labor, i really don't know what else.

i was thinking maybe of telling her jokes in the beginning to get her mind off it. uh...know any good jokes to tell a laboring woman?

what kind of stuff am i sposed to be like telling her to encourage her? i'm stuck for ideas:LOL what positive things do you suggest for saying?

and since i don't remember the breathing from my lamaze class, how am i sposed to help her get thru contractions?!


SamuraiEarthMama's Avatar SamuraiEarthMama 02:12 PM 02-17-2004
keeping your sense of humor is a great place to start!

i would get my hands on a copy of "the birth partner" by penny simkin ASAP.

this is a little late to be getting started, but if you can keep a positive attitude and try to be as aware of what your friend needs as possible, you'll do great!

good luck...

Mummoth's Avatar Mummoth 02:23 PM 02-17-2004
Encourage her to keep trying different positions, and move around. The more she tries, the more likely she'll be to fond something that works for her. Encourage her not to tense up during contractions... try & keep her as relaxed as possible. Write down all the ideas you collect/think of, so you have something to refer to if you need it.

Tell her that a big baby doesn't necessarily mean harder labour. My mom explained this to me in an interesting way: Which do you think you could squash better in your fist? A cherry tomato, or a roma tomato? (the answer is a roma, because your muscles experience resistance sooner in their range of motion) The same could be applied to trying to pop a marble, as opposed to a golf ball, out the top of a soapy fist.

I don't know if it's relevant AT ALL to how a uterus works, but I chose to believe it (DH wanted our baby to be 10 pounds... in his family bigger=healthier... DS was 6pounds 12ounces)

A game of cards might be a good thing for keeping her mind off it in early labour, but you might also suggest that she pay particular attention to some of the earlier ones. Since she's sorried about pain, that might be the best time for her to observe what her body is doing exactly, and become more aware of the muscles involved.

Good Luck!
noodle4u's Avatar noodle4u 04:23 PM 02-17-2004
Laughter is great for labour! What about a funny movie or two?
I recently watched 'Jackass-the movie' and even though there were some gross and disturbing stunts, I couldnt stop laughing. Theres no story line to follow, just a group of crazy guys doing crazy stunts. ***If there are kids around DONT watch the video.

I didnt do childbirth classes and was okay during labour and birth. I did read some books though. I also had a good sized 9lb'er.