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It has been a while since I have been on this forum, as I have been really busy. I am done making the cloth diapers for the babies, but now I am addicted to knitting after just learning how. LOL Well ladies, I thought I would just pass this by you all. Maybe someone will have some insight. I am praying on it. I am not sure what to do.

I am 38 wks pregnant now. I haven't gotten any place for the kids to go yet. Not saying there isn't someone, just that no one has said they wanted to take some or all of them, and I have not checked to see who was available. Now, my friend was suppose to meet me at the hotel in the city midway between our houses, when I am in very early labor. The hospital is down the street, but my labor is either false, or it goes so fast that I would never make it to the hospital in her van by the time I realized I was in labor. Don't really want her freaking out or having a baby in a van. But, the hospital won't do VBACs unless you are advanced (which is 1 hr from 4 to finish for me and we live 45 min away in good weather), and we have the agreement with the care provider that I am okay to VBAC (uh, for the 7th time). I have the care provider, but now her OB just walked out, and I have to go visit the other OB this Friday. It was an awful long wait and visit on Monday because of this fiasco. Which is fine for anyone not so far along as I am, because they can always choose another provider or hospital, or whatever. But, I don't really want to switch this late in the game. And, I think this practice is really awesome to tolerate VBACs when many don't.

Before I knew about this OB issue, I had already been worried about not having my husband available when I go into labor. What would be even worse is if there was bad weather (and that is when babies tend to come), my husband is overnight in Kentucky (they moved his routes further out and no option to stay close by until baby comes), I have 7 other children that need care and the time it takes to have ppl come pick them up, and then driving myself to the city where I plan to have the baby. If I had not had the issues I did with this pregnancy, I would just have a homebirth in the hotel down the street. But, that may still require me driving myself in early labor, if it isn't false, and I have to do it all over again because it was. KWIM? The last homebirth was a fiasco because of the PPH thing from having the lost twin, and losing another twin this time does NOT make me comfortable staying at home when it takes them 1.5 hrs to get me ambulanced to the hospital. I tried everything to get the bleeding to stop, and nothing worked, when we finally called 911.

So, from very early on, and especially during the questionable times, I have wondered if I should just schedule an induction. I know that VBACs shouldn't be, but it wouldn't take much to get me started. That way it can be scheduled, DH can be off for 2 days if needed, or he can care for the kids, what have you. I asked the MW about this option, and she said they can't do that anymore. The hospital really isn't a VBAC hospital (are any of them really?), and even though they used to do that all the time, they can't do them now. I do have the option of scheduling a repeat csection, which I have wondered all this time if it would end up that way anyway. I don't know why, maybe because of the lost twin, then the PROM, then the blood pressure issues which seem to all be stable now for a long time. Maybe I just feel like there is some kind of doom and gloom waiting around the corner. I have never felt this way about any upcoming birth, except with #6 when we were having the homebirth, then my water was broke for 90 hrs before we went in for the meconium issue.

I knew that a RCS is always an option. I don't like the idea of using it, as my husband had mentioned yesterday as it were, that we have many more years of pregnant years ahead. He does NOT like the fact that I still carry the VBAC label after 6 natural births. The MW didn't say that I have special needs, therefore she is referring me out because of her situation. She could have, I guess, but they can't drop you the last month, legally. And, we have been doing very well at this practice. Fortunately, I know this other OB, as I had one after Corbin's birth in the ER, and I had the other as her back up OB when I had Coral-Lee in the hospital for the meconium. No problem for me. I would just rather have a woman if I am having a VBAC, but if I choose RCS, then it really doesn't make any difference, a competant surgeon will do.

Now, the recovery of a RCS is going to be tougher with the number of children that I have, although they are really helpful and good about things. My son has wrestling, and I am his ride home almost everyday. Either way, I need to arrange some transportation for him anyway. I still have so much to do, and so glad that I go overdue anyway. I really wouldn't want to do an RCS before 7 days late anyway, which would be Dec 26th. Isn't that crazy? The dr would want to do it before Xmas day, since I could always end up in labor and ruin his family day. They have Dec 24th as the due date, I know it really is Dec 19th. But, that probably means having the baby naturally Dec 29th-Jan 3rd.

The other thing is money. If the baby comes on the 1st, they will slam me with huge deductibles, just becuase it is a new year. My other option is to stay home and have the baby there if it is after the 1st, and the MW agreed that is an option, but I really am not comfortable with that whole thing. I am really not wanting to nearly bleed out again. Now, I don't know that it would happen again. I am taking my RRL tea again. The U/S showed the other baby has been reabsorbed, so that is good news, as it wasn't the case the last time. I am really small, but it is all baby, so that is good too. I don't know that a RCS would be too hard to recover from, as I think that I am a perfect candidate for it. OTOH, I know a csection is more risky for me and the baby, but an RCS is preferable to an emergency one.

Well, I don't know how much insight anyone can give me here, and I don't want to burden anyone. I just figured if anyone could tell me how an RCS recovery really is, that would be helpful. I have ALWAYS been very pro-natural crunchy homebirth type. I don't know that it is instincts telling me to go ahead and just sign up for it, or just fear of the unknown and the unpredictability of the whole thing. That has always been a big issue of mine about birth, is the not knowing when it is going to happen, or how close baby is to coming, etc. I am really a control freak, and to have 6 natural, God timed, babies is a pretty good track record.

Well, thanks for listening. Kymberli
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I can't help with your question other than to suggest some questions you should ask yourself to focus your decision making:
1. Do you plan to have any more children? Because finding a care provider for VBA2C is MUCH harder than for VBAC. Esp. since you have already had several VBACs.
2. If it's just finances and the fear of going beyond Dec 31 that are making you consider a RCS, I suggest that a crappy induction beats a good c-section any day. Schedule an induction for 12/30 in case you haven't gone into labor yet at that point. That's well past your EDD and even if you make it that far I'd be pretty surprised if it didn't go smoothly, given how far you'd be.
3. Start making phone calls to find someone to take care of the kids. Whether you have a natural birth, induction, or RCS, you need this.

My first birth was a scheduled c-section. I was very disappointed about the whole thing and it was very surreal. I left the hospital 3 days later only taking a large dose of ibuprofen. I couldn't walk more than half a block at a snail's pace. It hurt to laugh or sit up. I couldn't pick up anything heavier than my baby, and couldn't drive for 2 weeks. I remember when I was in the hospital wondering how long I was going to feel that crappy. And deep down, I think I was doing pretty well compared to many since I had a good niht's sleep and didnt even go into labor before my c/s. 2 weeks later I felt much much better, but still was pretty limited in my activity. The only good thing was that my husband got to do all the diaper changes for the first couple weeks because it was too much for me to haul myself out of bed every couple hours. Again, I did have a pretty quick recovery, but compared to a vaginal delivery it's night and day I think. (my 2nd was a VBAC).

Anyway, best of luck with your birth, no matter how it goes down. I switched my care at 31 weeks, which is not *quite* the same as 38, but still was annoying. Still, it was worth it to get the birth I wanted. My mom switched her care at 37 weeks when she was preg. with me because she didn't feel her OB would give her the birth she wanted either. She never regretted it. Think of it this way: you'll have one or two annoying days waiting in the doctor's office. You will have a lifetime to remember your birth, no matter how it happens.

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