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I had a C-Section 6 weeks ago. I am still a bit sore/tender and numb in my lower abdomen area (over the incision). Doctor says this is normal and that the numbness might be permanent. Anyone have similair experience?
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I've had numbness around my scar for 18 years, about half an inch above and below. I've also got a midline scar down my chest from 1974 that is numb. You get used to it...
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Unfortunately, surgery cuts through nerves and often results in numbness. Cesarean surgery is no exception. Although some women heal without numbness, most do have numb spots... some bigger and some smaller.

My c/s was almost 5 years ago and I have a numb spot of about two inches along the scar. Scar massage helped a lot, but i remember the numb spot really freaking me out at first. Be gentle with yourself... at 6 weeks you're still healing!

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Very normal. I was the only one in my ICAN group who didn't have numbness after 2 years, out of a group of 9 women. I had numbness through the first year, I'm not exactly sure when it went away. So just because you are numb now, doesn't mean you always will be. But yes, it is very common.

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At 6 weeks tender and numb sounds pretty good to me! I had a c-section in May, I've found in the last few weeks that I have some general tenderness after being pain free for a while, but it seems to be related to getting feeling back as well, so I guess it's nerves doing something!

The numbness felt wierd at first, you can't feel anything, but because you can feel other places you are aware of the window, as I got used to that I became less aware, it's a subconcious thing.

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Yep normal. Luckily my numbness didn't last too long, just a few months, but my mom who had a c/s 25 yrs ago still has a numb area on her belly, so yours may or may not stay that way. And I was tender for months.

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