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mouey77's Avatar mouey77 11:07 PM 01-23-2010
Is the mucus plug always blood tinged? Sorry, I know this is gross, but this afternoon I have had lots of contractions and when I go to the bathroom, I have what is like pieces or chunks of blobs of jelly. No blood though, so I was wondering if that could possibly be it.

kltroy's Avatar kltroy 11:45 PM 01-23-2010
That sounds like your mucus plug to me. Mine was sort of like a slightly pink glop of snot. ...and it didn't make its appearance until I was well into labor. (FWIW, I also had no bloody show to speak of).
mouey77's Avatar mouey77 01:06 AM 01-24-2010
Well, that would definitely be encouraging at 39+ weeks if it is the plug!
Burnindinner's Avatar Burnindinner 02:30 AM 01-24-2010
I think the plug looks really like snot!
mouey77's Avatar mouey77 02:48 PM 01-24-2010
That is definitely what this looked like, but it seems like everyone says blood tinged, and there was definitely no blood. Still no blood! Maybe it was a false alarm.
Plaid Leopard's Avatar Plaid Leopard 03:04 PM 01-24-2010
With my first baby I had lots and lots of gloppy mucous for days, but no blood or even a hint of it until I was in active labor. My last baby I had a couple of small globs of clear mucous a couple of days before EDD, then a pink spot of blood moments before contractions started, then a baby in my arms 6 hours later.
thefreckledmama's Avatar thefreckledmama 03:28 PM 01-24-2010
The times I actually noticed my mucus plug, it wasn't bloody at all, and looked just as you've described.
miggymama's Avatar miggymama 04:32 PM 01-24-2010
I just wiped and out came a big blob off jelly goop! It did have a dark brown color on one side but I know that we are talking about the same thing! Many blessings to you on the birth!
How long for others to start active labor after losing there plug? I have no contracts yet.
mouey77's Avatar mouey77 04:39 PM 01-24-2010
With my last baby, she came two days after I noticed my mucus plug and bloody show (pretty much at the same time), but this time, it is a day later and no labor yet.
smokeylo's Avatar smokeylo 04:54 PM 01-24-2010
My plug has been coming out over 4 days and looks like boogers -- no blood at all. Wish the darn thing was attached to a timer so we could use it to actually predict labor . With my first, I lost the plug and went into labor the next day.
lunarlady's Avatar lunarlady 02:37 AM 01-26-2010
My plug looked just like several tablespoons of snot. Seriously. It was a shock because I was like "Isn't that supposed to come out of my nose?" I went into labor about 8 days later. There was no blood until after labor started.
akat's Avatar akat 06:51 PM 01-29-2010
at first I had little blobs of like, dark yellow or light brown jelly like snot - like would come out of my nose if I had a bad cold.

then the next morning, I got a big, pretty dry and solid [it would've taken an effort to split it in two, I bet it would've stretched pretty far first], ball of white goo, in my memory seems like almost as big as a golf ball, with a few brown streaks through it.

then nothing for a couple of days, then this morning there was more of the yellow/brown snot stuff.
miggymama's Avatar miggymama 03:32 AM 01-30-2010
So three days after posting that I had lost my plug she arrived! It was a good predictor that it was imminent. So happy to have her here and part of our lives! Good luck to all you other mamas awaiting the arrive of your precious ones!
kltroy's Avatar kltroy 05:10 PM 01-30-2010
Yay congratulations!!!!