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MrsMcCullen07's Avatar MrsMcCullen07 11:17 PM 02-04-2010
I am not sure that JohnPaul received a Vitamin K shot after bith but 2 days later he began having seizures and had intracranial hemorrage (along with 3 other hemorrages on his brain) my problem is I don't want to give this baby anything unnecessary but I am confused on why .. why not to give Vitamin K .. JohnPaul's medical records have been conviently misplaced for a few months now and we are not sure if he did receive the shot but if he did why didn't it help ??? Should I get it for this baby ?? why would you or why wouldn't you .. Thanks !!!

cheeqz's Avatar cheeqz 11:48 PM 02-04-2010
I did not get the Vitamin K shot for my son. Babies are born with lower levels of Vit K, which naturally pick up at about the eighth day (I believe, I researched this quite a while ago). I personally felt that maybe there is a reason that babies have lower levels at birth. The dosage given in the hospital is very high, and there have been studies linking the Vit K shot to issues later in life (some studies have been retracted...).

Since I was not circ'ing my son, and the pregnancy had no complications, I felt that there wasn't a risk going without. I felt more comfortable with that then with the unknown.

I hope that is a little helpful.
MamaMonica's Avatar MamaMonica 12:56 AM 02-05-2010
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claddaghmom's Avatar claddaghmom 02:10 AM 02-05-2010
This site says everything I want to say about it, except I don't want the oral either.

This site is anti-vitk injection. I present it for a different perspective:
MsBlack's Avatar MsBlack 10:36 AM 02-05-2010
If you gave birth in the hospital, then it is a near certainty that your baby did receive the injection--unless you specifically waived it. Yeah, you have to find those records, wherever you gave birth.

However, Vit K does not prevent ALL cases of Hemmorhagic Disease of Newborns (HDN...otherwise known as Vit K Deficiency Bleeding/VKDB). Research I've read indicates that Vit K seems to prevent about 1/2 or a bit more cases of HDN--but not all cases of newborn hemmorhaging are caused by Vit K deficiency (no one knows what else may cause it). Hence, Vit K cannot help all babies.