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I didn't have an epidural so maybe that chagnes things, but if you could stand up ok I don't see why it should be any different.

When ds was born I tried to latch him and then when they went to weigh him and stuff I jumped up out the bed and ran to the bathroom without asking...I was DYING to pee. When I got back, the doc was like, "do you mind if I stitch you up now before you go anywhere else?" lol.

You may as well take a shower while you can, because once you go home with the baby you only get to shower, what, maybe every three days......

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I had an unmedicated birth with midwives in a hospital last time. They also didn't want me showering right away, but they did have a separate room with a bath tub and let me take a bath as soon as I wanted. I think it is the fainting concern, which I kind of understand. Especially because they can't really watch you while in the But personally, I think it should be a case by case thing. The first thing I did after birth was eat a huge meal. I had way more energy at that point than I did probably through my entire pregnancy. It was pretty rediculous to assume I was going to faint just from standing up.

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I had one about an hour after giving birth - fifteen minutes or so after having the placenta extracted by forceps. I was covered in amusingly grotesque amounts of blood, so it was good to get clean, but I really shouldn't have showered that early. The midwife told DH to go into the bathroom with me in case I fainted, but he was holding the newborn baby at the time (in an awkward never-held-a-baby-before kind of way), so what he was supposed to do if I did faint I don't know... I didn't faint, as it happened, but I felt pretty woozy and out of it.

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No one told me I couldn't. I didn't think of it, mostly because my very first thought was FOOD, not showering. I did hop up (literally) to pee quite soon after each birth, too. It was surprising because I'd been constantly peeing during labor, but I apparently shed a bunch of my extra fluids immediately after birth.

I had unmedicated births in a baby and NCB friendly hospital.

I think the rules are different if you have an epidural, because even if it has worn off, there can be lingering effects for some time. I can see why they'd be less comfortable with you doing something that involves standing for long periods. There's also the issue of the blood pressure drop that sometimes happens with epis -- its possible they were worried that when your body got into warm water and you lifted your hands above your head, you'd pass out.

savithny, 42 year old moderate mom to DS Primo (age 12) and DD Secunda (age 9).

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If you were wobbly or woozy, couldn't you ask for a shower or bath chair? That way you could at least wash your hair and scrub down a little.

RedOak ~ Momma to DS (8) , DS (4) , DD (3) , & DD 9/10 ~
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At the hospital I work, all the showers have a fold down bath bench/seat. I will probably shower seated and then stand with the grab bar to wash peri area. I always showered by myself after birth, even with no one out in the room.
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I was offered a shower immediately after my birth (and subsequent stitching), while still in the delivery room. I chose a bath instead because I was not stable on my feet. That was gross.

Now mom to DS1 born January 2010 and DS2 born December 2014!

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With my epidural birth I did not feel steady on my feet to be in the shower that day as I had lingering numbness in my legs. With my natural births I know I could not sit up without fainting after massive blood loss following birth with ds1 so no shower that day. When I did get up to take a shower the next morning the nurse hooked the call string thing over the shower rod so it was right there in case I needed it. I can't remember if I showered the day ds2 was born or the following day, but I know they hooked the call line over the shower rod again.

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I had a nonmedicated hospital birth for my first and the only thing they said about showering was "eat first". I really didn't want to, but considering it had been hours since i had eaten, I'd been through childbirth and I'd lost a fair amount of blood, I have no idea why I was annoyed about that.

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I had an wore off within a couple of hours. I had no problem getting up. My BIL came to visit us and he watched DS while I jumped in the shower for a quick rinse. I felt icky and rinsing helped. I took a good shower the next day.

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I had a non-medicated hospital birth and almost fainted the first time I got up to go to the bathroom. The nurse was with me at the time and made sure I didn't fall. So I would just suggest that you see how you are feeling, or have someone nearby just in case.

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I have only had hosptial unmedicated births and was always allowed to shower if I wanted. That being said I still took precautions like having DH help me and letting a nurse know what we were doing "in case" also had them bring in a showering chair and literally sat there under the warm water for what seemed like forever. For me it really helps to shower after wards as quickly as possible.
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With my c/s, they had me in the shower with DH in the room as soon as the cath was out... roughly 8 hours post-op. They gave me a sponge bath before that, but really wanted me up and active as soon as possible.

After dd2's physically traumatic vbac I was in the shower within a few hours... I had a lot of blood loss but they gave me a bath chair and had a nurse in the room.

After ds's awsome hospital vbac I took a shower an hour or two after the birth with no worries. The nurse didn't say anything one way or the other, and she waited with dh and ds so we'd all walk together to the pp suite.

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I was allowed to take a shower if I wanted to. Didn't happen til the next day though due to blood loss. I actually fainted in the bathroom after getting up, but a nurse was with me anyways cause they thought I looked pretty pale...
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I felt pretty clean after my natural hospital birth and didn't shower until I got home the next morning.
With my home waterbirth, I got out of the pool and went straight to the shower-- I'd been sitting in "birth soup" and needed to get clean.
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I had a bath after my natural hospital birth with dd when she went to the nursery for her check up so about an hour later.

With ds I just had a shower an hour after his birth had him at the birth center.

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Originally Posted by Kreeblim View Post
Considering the blood loss, waiting might not have been bad advice. I had pretty massive blood loss last time and always felt great while sitting which led to some near accidents when I tried to do too much.
Yup! I've had three PPH's, two hospital births (one with an OB, one with a midwife), one independent birth center. All three times I was told NOT to shower for at least a day and when I did, dh HAD to be there with me all the time, without the baby, in case I fainted.

My last birth was just 6 days ago and while I only lost 600mls (500mls is a PPH, my last birth I lost 2 liters so this really was minor for me) they still wanted to be notified while I was in the hospital if I wanted to shower.

Hot water, steam and blood loss do not mix.

That said, if you don't bleed this time, they probably won't care when you shower! Good luck!

Mama of three.
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I showered pretty soon after both at home and in hospy, but did have DH stand close by as I do feel pretty woozy and unsteady in the first day.

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I had 2 hosp. births with epidurals - the 1st time, i was up and walking within a couple hours but i didn't feel up to showering until the next morning (she was born at 4pm) .. with my DS, he was born at 1am, and i showered about 8am before visitors arrived.. my legs were numb until about 5-6am with DS.. there was a seat in the shower a sitz bath actually, so i just had to get in there and sit down ..

- Staci, Mommy to Mollie (3/06), Jamie (5/08), Annie (9/10) and Bently (2/13) chicken3.gif
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