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I was induced with my first, labor was 4 hours.

labor with my second was 4 hours

labor with my 3rd 3 hours 40 minutes. The third was the best by far because I was at home and could sit on a birth ball then later labor in the tub, I have to say because the stress level was less so was the pain level. Pushing was certainly easier since i was on my knees vs laying on a hospital bed.

since I didn't have a slow labor I can't compare. Luckily I have bloody show a couple hours before I start having contractions so I have time to prepare.

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My first labor was weird. My water broke and I didn't go into labor until 12 hours later . We got to the hospital after four hours of later and I had an epidural, even though I had hoped for a natural birth. I was at 10 within the hour. So yes, pretty quick labor for a first time mom. But after I dilated fully, my midwife concluded that the baby hadn't descended *at all.* That's pretty unusual and I would have had a C-section with most obs. But there was no distress and my midwife "let me" ride and five hours later the babe figured it out and descended. Pushed for about thirty minutes and had a vaginal birth and with a small tear.

With my second, I worked really hard with hypnobabies, I saw a prenatal chiro when the babe was breech and successfully flipped her, I also saw their acupuncturist for "cervical readiness." I was really skeptical of the later but I also listened to my mom's birth stories this time and her first labor was very difficult due to a pelvic misalignment. I didn't want to take any chances. I was expecting another labor with a possible delayed descent so I tried to work on some visualizations with the baby moving down quickly and the cervix opening.

My water broke again around 12 hours before my labor. This time I didn't even bother to call my husband and just went to bed. =) All the next morning I listened to the hypnobabies really loud, kept stress away from me, and played with my son. I didn't feel any labor so either I wasn't experiencing it or the hypnobabies kept it out of my consciousness, probably the former. When I finally started to feel a few twinges I sent my son and the toddler to the park. She was born as unplanned, unassisted homebirth almost exactly 2 hours 20 minutes later. About twenty minutes after they left labor began with a boom and I really was working hard on visualization, hypnobabbies techniques, within an hour I could barely make it to the phone to call doula (who said she raced to our house but still missed birth). I don't remember very many breaks in the contractions. It was wild. I was intense. I don't remember any breaks in the contrx. Hyp helped for awhile. Husband got home with terrified toddler about 20 minutes before birth and went to calm toddler in the other room and call 911 because he didn't think he could drive me.

Meanwhile, the only place in our apartment I could tolerate was the toilet, which was good because I felt a lot of pressure and thought I was going to have diarrhea. I finally let go with a big push and realized, whoops, that’s a baby. When I realized that birth was very soon I was estatic because it meant the contractions were almost done. I didn't even call for my husband. The pushing felt so good. I just gave two or three more big pushes (which felt SO much better than the labor) and she slid out. Caught her, held her to my chest, and my husband wandered in a few minutes later. It was awesome and I felt great. Very easy recovery. The EMT arrived a few minutes later and cut the cord and transported us the hospital. I got hassled a bit about emergency room and I finally was able to deliver the placenta in the labor room. After I bounced up and took a shower shocking everyone. (My midwife didn't make it and the ob who delivered the placenta has an absurd c-section rate.)

It was beautiful and although I would never plan an unassisted birth I can't imagine a more wonderful moment. If we have another child, I'll definitely plan a homebirth with a midwife.

So yes, wild and intense and short. I wish everyone was so lucky!
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My labor with my last one definitely qualifies as "Fast and Intense"! I probably had been laboring since three that afternoon when I started getting a stomach ache, then vomiting and diarrhea. But I totally missed the boat, since both my mom and my 2 year old had a raging stomach virus and I thought that was what was happening. I also had been induced my first time after PROM, so I didn't really know what to expect with an all natural labor.

By the time I caught on around 8 that night, I wasn't in any pain from the contractions and the doctor on call said for me to go in and get checked once it got worse. I made it to the hospital at 11:45 that night and the nurses said I was only 3 cm--I still wasn't in any true pain, but I could tell the contractions were steady and increasingly close. The nurses didn't want to call the doc since I was just 3 cm. Lucas was born at 12:30 with no doctor and (even the ER doc didn't get upstairs in time!) after my water broke, around 12:15, it seemed unbearably intense. It was 0-60 just like that! He came shooting out before the nurses had supplies open and a sterile field set up. They called him a "future track star!" Not funny at the time. I was a bit pissed that they didn't listen to me when I said they better call the dr. Oh well, it all ended up okay and I have a beautiful two year old now!

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1st labor: water broke and labor didn't start until 46 hours after!! It only lasted 2 hours before he was born. I got active labor first(woke me out of my sleep in pain) 2 minutes apart for about 20/25minutes then the rest was the pushing stage which didn't seem that bad (but I think I might have gone in a trance as DH remembered some sayings I didn't. It went by so fast though(it only felt like 45minutes), as by the time the midwife came active labor was finished and as they was setting up I was in the pushing stage.

2nd labor(which I exercise like the first): water broke again and labor didn't start until 60 hours after!! This one was more typical. I lasted 5 1/2 hours it actually wasn't anything to complain about except for the last 10/15 minutes which was my pushing stage, now that was crazy.

I would rather the my first labor since it was faster but I would keep certain parts from my 2nd labor like the fact that I didn't tear so recovery was a breeze, I was even back to DTD at 4 weeks.
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Both my labors were intense, but not difficult. Both of them started out with me waking up to 2 minute contractions. They never increased in strength or duration. They just stayed the same throughout.

First one was 11 hours. It would have been faster except I was in a hospital and once I got to 9cm they started disturbing me by making me get out of the tub, breaking my water, talking to me during contractions and such. I stalled at 9cm for about 2 hours. I would have been better off in the tub.

The second one was just under 4 hours. Steady regular 2 minute contractions to start. This time there was no hospital drive, no annoying people and I could just do my own thing. I never felt overwhelmed by my labor. It was almost too easy. I did have a moment of "I can't do this" when Dd2 was crowning. I just said " !" a lot. After that I was fine.

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My first two births were around 24 hours, with back labor, but very manageable. I felt great the whole time, and never felt like I had anything from with to "recover". My third was 3 hours almost to the minute, and I did find that more intense, even though I had no back labor. But the birthing waves were still less intense than stomach cramps due to bad gas, for instance. I was walking around, chatting, leaning on the birth ball, getting myself drinks, etc. for the first 2+ hours. I had to focus more at the end simply because I held the baby in for about 40 minutes past the time he wanted to be born, so I could wait for the tub to be set up and filled. Once I was in the water, I was able to let go and he was out 24 minutes later (with 25 seconds of consciously pushing). I was using Hypnobabies, so even though it was more intense than my longer births, I still found it to be pretty smooth and easy. I literally found myself thinking, "Wow, if pregnancy didn't take so long, I could give birth like that twice a day with no problem!" So clearly shorter and more intense wasn't a problem!
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My last labour was 4 hours. In retrospect, I was probably in labour much longer, but brushed them off as BH. The morning before, I felt some strong BH contrax, then they settled down. The evening before, same deal, but they settled down. Then at around 2am, I woke up with my water breaking and contrax that were NOT BH. I was already 4 cm by the time I was examined, and had the 9lb baby at 5:55am.

It hurt like hell, not enough to the point I was crying or screaming (I have a pretty high pain tolerance) but it wasn't fun. After the initial recovery from the pain though, and the lack of sleep all night, I was pretty much good to go. The recovery was a lot easier than my first, which was a 13 hour labour.

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With my second I woke at 2am feeling funny, got to the hosp at 3am, water broke at 4am, labor got really rough ater that, shortly after 5am I pushed ds2 out in 2 pushes and they were the most intense pushes!
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My first was 39 hours, my 2nd 12 hours and the last was 2 hours of active labor. First 2 births were posterior, the last was not but much more painful than my previous 2 births. I went from a 3 to baby birthed in 15 minutes. Though the entire 2 hours was transition like. Long, strong and close together contractions with no breaks in between all horrible back labor. I thought for sure this one was posterior, but nope. I think though most of my pain was due to mental/emotional issues going on in regards to the birth itself. Long story short, i wanted to be at the hospital and dh and doula's wouldnt transfer me. It really messed with my birthing mojo lol.

This time will be different, even if it's as quick. New care providers, dh who's been dutifully kicked in the rear and an actual plan to birth at home.

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Dd1: 3 hours
Dd2: 47 minutes
Ds1: 1 hour 40 minutes
Ds2: 15 minutes

Henry's birth was downright crazy. Wild and crazy. I had advanced cervical progression 5-7.5 cm when I started labor with all of my babies. I think that's why mine are so quick.

I was about a stretchy 4-5 cm and 80% effaced for a week before having ds2. Same with dd1 and ds1. I was induced at 6 cm with dd2.

In the case with Henry. We induced with CO and the cohoshes, though I think only the CO really had time to work. I managed to get to 6 cm walking around and rocking on the toilet during bowel movements. No labor or anything. Felt fine. I was *really* impatient. Then contractions started coming every 2 minutes minutes or so. Started bleeding (swollen cervix). Waddled into the living room while still on the phone with my mom. I laid on my bed so my midwife could check me and the baby. Still talking to my mom. I told her things might get going soon (to me that meant 30-45 minutes) and we'd call her to come over (we live in the same apt. complex). I hung up the phone and my midwife had me roll onto my left side to keep pressure off my cervix. About 4-5 contractions later (coming about every 20 seconds or less) he was born.

It was very, very sudden. I was checked 5 minutes before and was 6 cm; he was at -2 station. He was born with my legs still partially closed. My midwife rushed over to open my leg and he shot out. Things happened so fast I didn't know what the hell had happened. I was in complete shock and I'm sure he was, too.

Definitely not the birth experience I had in mind. I knew it would be very short--45-90 minutes, but not *that* short. I don't even call it 'labor.' That I can recall, I had maybe 10 distinct contractions where I knew it was the real deal. The 4-5 contractions I had just before his birth were super intense, namely the pressure.

Can you believe I tried using my kegel muscles to 'hold' him in when my midwife reminded me not to push 'cause my cervix wasn't "ready" yet.

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My first baby came after about 6 hours of labour and then number 2 decided 90 minutes was long enough. It was very intense and felt like being hit by a truck again and again. I wasn't as tired as with the first time, but it happened in the middle of the night so there wasn't much sleep happening LOL Baby #3 gave us about 6 hours notice again and that was just about right. I was tired but felt more engaged with what was going on and less overwhelmed.

With the fast labour my midwife wasn't able to arrive in time and I would have felt better having her with me while I laboured and birthed. The friend we had arranged to care for ds didn't arrive in time either so my dh was having to contain a toddler who needed care and attention while supporting and assisting me to give birth. We are very relieved when it was all over and everyone finally pulled into the driveway!
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My second born was a very, fast intense birth. From start to finish, it was 4 hours long.
It was intense, and drug free and I felt great afterwards. I really think it was the better way to go, my oldest took 22 hours and that was just a marathon!

I'm hoping baby #3 comes fast too.

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