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CoBabyMaker's Avatar CoBabyMaker 03:46 PM 03-05-2010
We are preparing for our second birth and I am looking for information to review with DH. I am already planning on reading The Birth Partner and Husband Coached Childbirth with him. I just want to go over as much as possible. We are trying to avoid the expense of a class but he needs more info that we had last time.
A little history: I learned last night that he didn't know he was supposed to really do anything until it was time to push. I had a very long back labor with DD and the contractions were so intense I didn't know how to communicate to him that I needed more support. Partly because I shut down emotionally when I felt like he wasn't helping me. I am dumbfounded and more than a little hurt by him saying he "didn't know". I am just trying to move forward though since we can't change what happened, only prepare for what will. I have asked a friend to come for support and we will be HBing with a midwife and her assistant so I will have more support from them too. (Last time was a hospital birth with MEDwives who were only there to check in occasionally, ending in a C/S.)
Anyway, any suggestions would great! Sorry this is kind of long and emotionally charged. I am pretty upset but not sure who to talk to since I don't want to just "bash" DH. He was amazing through so much of what we went through but we still needed to deal with this.