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Hezzie's Avatar Hezzie 05:18 PM 04-25-2010
Hi all...I gave birth to my first baby in Aug. 2009 and breastfed/pumped until around the end of Feb. As I expected, I had a period Mar.27 for seven days, which is usual for me. Before my pregnancy, my period was like clockwork and extremely predictable. I was on a 26 day cycle with little variation. I expected my period to start on the 22nd, but it hasn't shown up yet. I know it will probably take time for it to regulate itself, but just wondering how long? Did any of you notice variations in your cycles for a while once you started menstruating again?

I don't think the "late" period is from possible pregnancy. DH and I didn't do much to cause one in the first place and we're very, very careful about using protection. Also, I was so sick and pissy the entire week before the two pink lines confirmed my daughter's existence (10 days before my missed period), that I was already about 90% sure I was preggo! I've been feeling great this month with no pregnancy symptoms.

Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 07:27 AM 04-26-2010
Well, in my experience, once AF starts, she is normal and regular. However, the length of time between cycles has changed for me after birth. Before my first birth my cycles were irradic. After my first cycle they began and stayed regular at 30 days. After my second birth they were regular at 31 days. After my third birth they were regular at 28 days. And so on. So, they were "regular" once my first cycle began. However, my "regular" changed with each birth.

So, perhaps your "regular" is just going to change a bit.
Kelly1101's Avatar Kelly1101 09:19 AM 04-26-2010
Mine used to be like clockwork, 28 days.

Babt started sttn at 6 months, period came back. First cycle, 28 days. Second cycle, like six weeks. Third cycle, 30 days. Fourth cycle, late again and that one was a pregnancy.

Keep some cheap dollar store tests on hand just in case, but expect it to be wacky for a while. It's probably different for all women.
kltroy's Avatar kltroy 11:47 AM 04-26-2010
My own experience... I had my son in 5/2006 and got preg again with my daughter, born 6/2008. No period between births (conceived on first PP ovulation). Got my period back after having her at the end of 11/2009 and since then I've had one every 6-8 weeks. She weaned about a month ago but before that was down to 1x/day.

Mine have been different since they returned, though I don't know how much of that is due to a copper IUD that I have now. They've been super heavy, but only 4 days long. It took me a few cycles to figure out how to deal with the much heavier flow.... Not sure if/when my cycles will get shorter. *shrug*
KristyDi's Avatar KristyDi 03:25 PM 04-26-2010
pre-pregnancy I had a 32 day cycle. I had my 1st pp period around 15 months then had really long cycles (around 50 days) for a bit and they began getting a bit shorter each time. Now dd is 25 months and I just finished my second 38 day cycle. I don't know if they'll stay at 38 days or go a bit shorter.