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I want to opt out of the newborn vitamin k shot and eye drops that most hospitals say are required by law. My first son avoided these at Ft. Carson in CO in 2007 but my pediatrician seems to think they are required in NC. Any one have any luck at avoiding these in NC? I am prepared to include directions in my birth plan and submit an exemption form (from vaclib.org) but I am concerned about the eye drops. From what i can tell, they seem to be required by Nc law -just can't find the proper source to contact to find out. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Hmmm, I have "no eye ointment" in my birth plan and my MW didn't bat an eyelash at it. Not sure about the Vit. K. I'm guessing I'll probably have to sign a waiver, but the MW didn't say anything else about it. We're also passing on the Hep. B shot.

Maybe you should x-post this in FYT.

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Only NY state requires that, no other state. Hospital staff is required by law to offer it to you, but by all means, you can decline! Make sure it is in your birth plan, have a doula or DH make sure it won't happen against you consent. Have papers in your file that say no way I will sue you if it happens, ya know, the hell no paper.


It appears the eye ointment is mandatory though. I would still try to get out of it, delay it, then wipe it off right away, do something about it. A homebirth midwife won't force it on you, I'm sure of htat.
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I'm definitely not positive, but I'm pretty sure that hospital staff (and hb midwives) are required by law to offer it...you still have the right to decline it and sign the waiver stating that you understand the risks It's all to cover the doc's butt :P

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Yes, I believe it's only required by law to OFFER it, not to take it.

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it's required that they give it to anyone with unknown chlamidiya status, and since most women who come in to give birth haven't had a recent test, they "have" to give it. (the thing is, they have to assume that your husband is cheating on you and that you don't know it - because so many are!!)

ANYWAY, you can just talk to your doc - get a test done, and then put in your birth plan that you've tested negative for chlamidiya and that you're opting out. That way they can't complain about it because you KNOW your status. At least... that's what I did and it was just fine.

I did have a couple people come and ask me why I was refusing the eye ointment (not in a confrontational way - I think they were either really wondering or are just supposed to ask), but when i told them why they were all like, "oh ok" and that was it.

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I don't know the specifics of your state but in Texas not only do they have to offer it you have to take it. If you don't CPS (child protective services) and the police are called. A misdemeanor charge is then filed against you and a running fine until you have the eye drops done. I found this out the hard way. I finally had the stupid drops put in my son's eyes at one month because I was then being threaten with jail time. I spoke to several midwives and I am not the first case of this. Anyway I would really check into it before you decline because trust me it was way not worth all the hassle I went through.

Oh and I did sign a waiver with my midwife and that did nothing to protect me from the getting in trouble when a very noisy pediatrician decided to call the police on me.

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Was that an on-post ped? I've heard so many bad stories about the peds on post! I've yet to see one with either of my little ones.

It is correct that they are required to offer it, but you are at liberty to decline it. If you need the statute, I can post it for you tomorrow. I know lots and lots and lots of mamas here in NC who've refused it.

GL on your birth. Are you giving birth on post or at CF?

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