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~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 02:16 AM 03-09-2004
So yesterday I'm wanting to find breech and VBAC birth stories with pictures (thanks for all the suggestions BTW) and dd comes up and looks at the computer. She starts yelling "Stinky wawa (vulva)!" over and over. So I show her the next pictures and explain that there is a baby coming out. Now she says "Wawa again!" because she wants to see more babies being born.
She's 21 months and already setting herself up to be a midwife/doula! I didn't think she could understand at this point but it seems like she gets the concept that babies come out of vulvas.

stayinghome's Avatar stayinghome 02:28 PM 03-09-2004
awww... my girls played midwife when I was preggo with the third- they would take turns either being the woman birthing or the woman catching! Just think what a good influence you're being for her!