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My first labor was 22 hours, second was 20 hours, third was a little over 1 hour. I did have a few bouts of "false labor" before the real thing started with #3, which may be why it happened so much quicker.

fwiw, my fast labor was also the least painful. Even though I apparently dilated 7 cm in one hour (I had been checked the morning labor started and was at a 3), first stage was pretty much painless.
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Both my labours were weird but I'll throw them in. I apparently don't have early labour.

Labour #1: First contraction that I felt was at 7 am. At 8:30 am when we got to the hospital I was at about 7 cm. I went to 9 cm by 10, but then things stalled. I had my membranes stripped at 2 pm and fully dilated right away; at 2:15 she was pretty close to crowning. Then I pushed at that same spot for over 4 hours (you could see her and then you couldn't) and the rest was not good, but it was a vaginal delivery. That was pretty specific badness; I think in a normal delivery it would have been quicker.

Labour #2: I had Braxton Hicks-like contractions on and off all day. At about 6 pm they seemed regular, but I didn't feel in labour at all. We dawdled our way to the hospital just because the mini-squeezes were like a minute apart, and at 9 pm they set me up with a monitor that showed tiiiiny contractions. They decided to do an internal exam basically to give the intern a chance to try it and discovered I was at 7 cm. After we were settled in a room I had one killer contraction where I threw up and everything. Got to fully dilated and two contractions later my son was born. So as far as pain was concerned it was a 3-contraction labour.

I'm living in fear already of #3. One wonders if I'll know I'm in labour at all.

My mother had me (her first) in 4 hours start to finish, and with my sister she was admitted from a regular checkup to hospital because of bulging membranes, sat around the hospital for two days, and then they stripped her and she delivered in 18 minutes. So I'm thinking there's something genetic.

That's probably not that helpful but if it's data points you want, there are some for you.

~ Mum to Emily, March 12-16 2004, Noah, born Aug 2005, Liam, born January 2011, and wife to Carl since 1994. ~
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3 hours
1.5 hours
2 hours

mom to 3 home-born children, wife to a great guy joy.gif

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I have weeks of prodromal labor,and they start sooner each time .My first started at 36 weeks,2nd 34 weeks and my last two were at 32 weeks.I also walk around at 4 cm before real labor even starts.By the time labor starts I've given up timing contractions and my signal that it's time is my water breaks.Once that happens i'd better be ready to birth.
My first was 5 hrs from water breaking to baby.
2nd was a pit induction(Dr fears) and that was 2 hrs from water broken to baby.(DS was ready I was just hoping to wait til my support team could be in place)
3rd was 50 minutes from water breaking to baby and I barely made it to the hospital around the corner from where I lived and gave birth wearing my own shirt in the triage bed!
4th was 20 minutes from water breaking to baby.He had been posterior for weeks and his was my first that I had the This is It contractions before the birth so the labor was actually 4o minutes from start to finish.

joy.gifme, herding 5 critters a cat and a dog. DS 11/01, DS 10/04, DD 2/06, DS 5/07 and DD 9/10

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My first was a very classic labor, 14 hours from start to finish. I woke up at 6am in labor, contractions were progressively stronger throughout the day. Labored at home, baking cookies, watching TV, numerous showers to stay relaxed. By 3pm felt like it was time to get going, struggled through cx in the car, and arrived at the hospital around 4pm dilated to 6cm. Worked, really focusing, through cx, by 7:00pm was pushing, pushed for about 1.5 hours.

With my second I had cx off and on all morning, but took DD to playgroup, went grocery shopping, etc. It wasn't until about 4pm that I realized I was in labor and called DH, he came home, and we made dinner, packed, played with the new camera, etc. all waiting for cx to get regular or start to hurt. By about 7pm I felt a sudden urge to get going, I literally was yelling at DH we had to go, but I still hadn't had a painful contraction and they were way irregular. My contractions totally stalled out in the car. I arrived at the hospital at about 8:30pm annoyed I had come in, and sure I was not in labor at all. After chatting with the midwife, she reassured me she thought I was at least a 6 and was probably very accurate in my desire to come in. She checked me a bit later, a little after 9pm, and I was a 9 with water bulging! I had two huge, painful, back to back contractions and then a strong urge to push. I pushed for about 15 minutes, and DS arrived! Less than an hour after we got to the hospital, about 5 hours from the time I realized these were real contractions, but with only TWO painful contractions! I really think that sudden urge to go was transition, and if we had waited, I would have had an accidental UC. I really thought I was in early labor!

We'll see what happens this time! My birth center is an hour away again. I wouldn't mind the painless contractions and dilation with no effort, but I don't want to UC, so I would like to make it to the birth center!

sleepytime.gifC.- WOHM, CPST Instructor, and all around busy Mama to  blowkiss.gifA.- 02/04, bouncy.gif I. 01/07,babyf.gifE. 09/10 and

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#1- 2 hours
#2- 45 minutes

Single mom to E (2004) and D (2010)
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i had tw overy fast labors. first babe was born in 2 hours from very first sign of labor. my second was only 1.5 hours. but my third.....i was in labor for 36 hours! it was a totally different experience. within 3 hours was at 7 cm and then labor stalled and came in waves for three days til babe was born on the third night after we had my midwife break my water, still at home when i was at about 9 1/2 and loosing steam. i was sooo tired. after that baby was born in 20 minutes!
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first: 8.5 hrs from SROM to birth

second: 3.5 hours from contraction to birth (though had show 12 hr before so I wasn't totally shocked)

Not sure if that is "speed birthing" though

Mama to Nov '08 and June '10
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12 hrs first
1 hour second
3 and 4 were many hours lots of prodromal labor
so it is possible to have a longer or shorter labor this time round ,
and I wanted to make a comment about fast birth, there is no time to think about anything you just have to surrender to the process. Many of the women I know who have had fast births are not really happy about it
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#1 - 12 hours of textbook labor
#2 - posterior, weird prodromal 30-60 min apart ctx for 24 hours and then a less than 2 hour active phase
#3 - 4 hours
#4 - again posterior, weird prodromal 30ish min apart ctx for 12 hours and then a 30 minute active phase

Another vote for 30-minutes-is-too-short from me.

Mama, homeschooler, midwife. DD (13yo), DS (11yo), DD (8yo), DD (3yo), somebody new coming in November 2013.

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From 1st ctx to baby, all natural births-

1st baby: 24 hours
2nd: 7 hours
3rd: 90 mins
4th: 2.5 hours
5th: 5 hours

North Idaho rural living  mama to: 23 yo DD, 16 yo DS, 8 yo DS, 6 yo DS, 4 yr old DS, 2 yo DD, and 1 yo DS. And someone new coming this Christmas!
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DD1 arrived at 42 completed weeks in under 2 hours start to finish.

DD2 at 40w 3d and was 25 minutes start to finish. I kid you not, no pain and no pushing. She just sort of fell out while I was standing. The midwives had no chance in making it so my husband and I caught her!

Beautiful births and I love to share the stories!
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Originally Posted by wickenching View Post
DD2 at 40w 3d and was 25 minutes start to finish. I kid you not, no pain and no pushing. She just sort of fell out while I was standing. The midwives had no chance in making it so my husband and I caught her!
Wow, did you even know you were in labor?
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1st birth 90 minutes
2nd birth 75 minutes
3rd birth 53 minutes.
I figure if I have a 4th, I'll just sneeze the baby out

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Ok you all are making me nervous!! My DD was born 8 months ago and from first contraction to holding her was 6 hours. (ALTHOUGH I did have about 4 weeks of braxton hicks alot and was dialated to 4 before labor started) But now Im terrified of having a second baby eventually cause as it was my midwife was only at my house 45 minutes before DD was born. She lives 1-1/2 hours away.
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