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View Poll Results: How big was your first full term baby?
Less than 6 lbs 4 2.74%
6 lbs and oz 17 11.64%
7lbs and oz 39 26.71%
8 lbs and oz 45 30.82%
9 lbs and oz 30 20.55%
10 lbs and oz 11 7.53%
11 lbs and up 0 0%
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Old 10-26-2010, 05:05 PM
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All three of mine arrived a little early...but my first is the one that made my OB go

DS: 9lbs. 1.5oz. at 36w2d
DD1: 7lbs. 2.25oz at 37w5d
DD2: 8lbs. 4oz at 37w4d

Now, in all fairness, it was my size that made my OB so surprised. At 4'9" and 114 lbs. at delivery, he was happily amazed at my birthing such a large baby.
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Old 10-26-2010, 05:42 PM
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First was 8 lb 9 oz at 41 weeks
Second was 9 lb 2 oz at 39 weeks

ETA: Both kids were 22 inches, so large babies all around.

My sister's baby was 9 lb 2 oz just about at her due date. We were all fairly large babies at birth too (8-9 lbs), so I think it just runs in my family (mom was NOT crunchy, had 3 C-secs, the 2nd two scheduled)

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My first DS was 9.2lb at birth and 22 inches. I was as far from crunchy as you could get (even though, I really thought I was soooo granola for some reason lol). He was born at 38w5d after a failed induction and c/s. We had gotten an u/s guesstimate of 7.13lb before he was born, so everyone was surprised...and I wasn't measuring that big at all. My diet was trash with him, and I was on (imo) unnecessary bedrest for a couple months, so I'm not sure if that affected it. I'm so interested to see how big this baby will be, as I am more conscientious of my diet, especially protein intake. I did start this pregnancy about 30 lbs lighter, but have already put on about 25 lbs at 32.5 weeks. I was only up a total of 21lbs when DS was born. I was born at 7.13 oz and DH was around 9, but a month "late." I've heard that 2nd babies, especially when they are boys, tend to be bigger, so I guess we'll see. And I guess some will depend on when I go into labor this time, since I am HBACing, so obviously there will be no medical induction.

Good thread idea!

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Mine were small.

My induction baby was actually the biggest at 7 lbs 2 oz.

Both of my other kids were born a few days on either side of 42 weeks and were both under 7 lbs.

I was a small baby, my dh was a small baby, my mom's kids were all small. I think genetics also has a lot to do with it.

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Oops. double post!
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Dd, my one and only, was 21" and 8 lbs 10 oz at birth. She was born on her due date. Everyone was surprised at her "big" size since I carried really small and only gained about 15 lbs. My weight gain, and the size of my belly, was of great concern to everyone during my pregnancy. I ate a pretty well-rounded vegan diet and exercised.

I was a med. size baby, around 7.5 lbs. Dd's dad was a huge baby, around 10 lbs. We're both tall and thin adults. Dd is looking that way now too-- at 15 mo shes 20 lbs and 33".
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Old 10-26-2010, 10:20 PM
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My first was 7lb. 12oz.

My next, after a 10 year gap, was 10lb. 2oz. (and I had a section before labour with her). Subsequent babies have been 10lb. 8oz, 10lb. 14oz. and 9lb. 15oz.

However, I don't think my crunchiness, or lack thereof, had anything to do with the difference. My ex, who is my first child's dad, and I were both 7lb. 12oz. at birth, as well. My dh, who is that father of all my subsequent children, was 9lb. 13oz. at birth. I'd say bigger babies just run in his family.

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Mine were 8lbs even born on her edd, 9lbs 3 os at 41+4 and 10 lbs at 41+4. Each gained about a lb on their next older sibling. and with #2 and #3 I only gained 16 and 22lbs respectively. My sister had a couple 6 pounders ans she was a 5punder and I 6. Dh was born around 36 weeks and weighed 8+ lbs. didn't find that out until later
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I would think that IF there is a correlation to "crunchy" mums having bigger babies, that it would possibly be due in part to better diet, but also quite likely due to much lower rates of induction or cesarean without onset of spontaneous active labour. DS was born at 41w4d and was 8lb10oz...if I had been in more "mainstream" care and induced (for no reason) at 38 or 39 weeks, I'm sure he would have been significantly smaller, and also would have possibly had some issues due to essentially being "premature" for his own personal gestational age.

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Mine was 7#2 at 39 weeks. Honestly, as much as I was eating (Brewer diet + some sugar thrown in ) I was surprised she wasn't bigger.
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Well DS1 was induced at 36 weeks but even then he was 7 lbs 10 oz. DS2 40 weeks 9 lbs 3 oz. DD 39 weeks 8 lbs 3 oz
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I've often thought this same thing OP! However, I don't fit the profile. As well as I ate and took care of myself, and my wonderful midwife as well, my daughter only weighed 5lb 9oz at 38 weeks. She is still tiny, which is unusual because I am a tall woman, and her dad is not a small guy either. She's our little peanut!

I secretly desire a huge chunky baby though - I was so jealous of my friend's 11 pounder!

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I don't fit your hypothesis either, I gave birth to a perfectly healthy 5lb 6oz baby boys, 10 days after my due date!

I ate very well and had lots of fresh air and exercise...I just make small babies.

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My first was 7lb 14oz.

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