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View Poll Results: Correlation between pitocin and jaundice
Had pitocin and baby ended up with jaundice 11 18.33%
Had pitocin, but baby had no significant jaundice 20 33.33%
No pitocin and baby still had jaundice 12 20.00%
No pitocin and baby had no significant jaundice either 15 25.00%
Other 2 3.33%
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homemademom's Avatar homemademom 10:54 PM 11-07-2010
Just curious about your experience was with pit induction and subsequent jaundice in the baby. I've only had one induced baby and she was also the only one who also had severe jaundice (bili blanket for 8 days). I read a study once that linked the two and wondered what your experience was.

I'm mostly curious about levels of jaundice that were worrisome, not the normal stuff that requires no intervention. If you don't mind posting, I'd also be curious about how long you were hooked up to pitocin. I'll post a poll. . .

ETA: I had pit for 8 hours.

Juvysen's Avatar Juvysen 11:06 PM 11-07-2010
uh, I didn't answer the poll... I had one baby with pitocin (from the start - induced from scratch) and yep, she had jaundice. Two babies without, and they also had jaundice. The third baby had jaundice for a really long time, but it was mild enough that no one bothered us about it.

ETA... none of it required intervention beyond nursing a whole lot...
kitkat5505's Avatar kitkat5505 11:24 PM 11-07-2010
I went off my first one, because he was *this close* to needing the lights. I haven't had pitocin with any of mine and the first 2 had jaundice and the 3rd didn't.
StephandOwen's Avatar StephandOwen 11:45 PM 11-07-2010
I had pitocin with ds (about 8 or 9 hours of it). DS had jaundice and ended up with a biliblanket for a few days.
SubliminalDarkness's Avatar SubliminalDarkness 11:54 PM 11-07-2010
I can only answer once, but had two different experiences.... Baby 1, Pitocin induction, significant jaundice. Baby 2, no Pitocin, no jaundice.
34me's Avatar 34me 11:54 PM 11-07-2010
I had pitocin for 12 hours x 2 (first induction didn't work, we tried again two weeks later) and she did not have jaundice. I had it again with #2 for 8ish hours and he was also without Jaundice
AllyRae's Avatar AllyRae 12:18 AM 11-08-2010
Baby 1, pitocin, mild jaundice. Baby 3, no pitocin, jaundice that was in the 20's (she didn't get a biliblanket because her ped believed it was far better to just strip her down and put her near a sunny window, and then nurse nurse nurse. She had jaundice for over a month though.)
MyFullHouse's Avatar MyFullHouse 09:24 AM 11-08-2010
I've had pitocin 3 times (12 hours, 7 or 8 hours, and 5 hours or so) and no pitocin once.
I'll also add that one baby was FF and three were EBF.

Every time, I've been told that each baby looked a little yellow a few days later, and to keep an eye on it. None have actually needed any sort of intervention like bili lights.
Evergreen's Avatar Evergreen 01:07 PM 11-08-2010
I didn't' answer either because there were not multiple options allowed.

I had one pitocin induced baby. No jaundice.

I had two babies without pit. No jaundice either.
BugMacGee's Avatar BugMacGee 01:51 PM 11-08-2010
One pit augmentation and one pit induction. No jaundice with either.
Mamatoabunch's Avatar Mamatoabunch 02:15 PM 11-08-2010
I have never had pit and all my babies had jaundice.
homemademom's Avatar homemademom 02:56 PM 11-08-2010
So, this jaundice/pit connection seems pretty inconclusive
caned & able's Avatar caned & able 03:17 PM 11-08-2010
Doctors have known for decades there is a connection between pitocin and jaundice.

Prematurity and Vitamin K are known for causing neonatal jaundice also.
thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 03:29 PM 11-08-2010
I think you tend to see jaundice in pitocin babies simply b/c those babies are more likely to have birth trauma and other interventions. AJ was my only jaundiced baby, but he also had a failed forceps delivery followed by a c/s. He was extremely bruised from the forceps b/c he was asynclitic. Evan had no pitocin but was emergency forceps delivery b/c of placental abruption but had no jaundice probems. pitocin w/ the next 2 and no jaundice there either.

I had it the longest w/ AJ though. 10 hrs maybe vs 3 and 2 hrs w/ the others. ABO incomatibility is robably the most common reason for jaundice in a full term baby I would think. We don't have the issue here.
caned & able's Avatar caned & able 11:17 PM 11-08-2010
You had a placental abruption and no pitocin?
thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 11:20 PM 11-08-2010
Yes. Abruption risks rise in moms w/ previous cesareans, I guess I got lucky.
caned & able's Avatar caned & able 11:25 PM 11-08-2010
I am sure you got some kind of vascular constrictor after the baby was born...that would be standard protocol.

Abruptions rise with previous caesareans in addition to placenta previa and accreta. Those conditions are rising with all of the surgeries done these days.
thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 11:31 PM 11-08-2010
I understand that, what are you trying to get at?
homemademom's Avatar homemademom 06:35 PM 11-10-2010

I've wondered about ABO incompatibility with her, too.  Hmmm . . .

XanaduMama's Avatar XanaduMama 09:43 PM 11-10-2010

ds was pit-augmented, after 18-odd hours of ROM with no contractions. Pit ran for about 3.5 hours before he was born; I had a pretty bad PPH which (I believe) delayed my milk coming in (didn't come in for about 5 days after birth). ds had some jaundice but his levels were ok and once my milk came in it disappeared.


dd was an all-natural homebirth (no pit, obviously!). My milk came in the following day, but she had pretty bad jaundice. Didn't get her checked, just BF'd through it and did sunshine, but she was really yellow for a couple days there. We did delayed cord clamping with her, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

caned & able's Avatar caned & able 11:11 PM 11-10-2010

Injudicious use of pitocin can precipitate a PPH.  And a more dangerous condition known as an amniotic embolism is connected to overuse of pitocin.  It is not a drug that should be used as often as it is used.  

Lady Lilya's Avatar Lady Lilya 10:57 AM 11-11-2010

What I find most striking about the poll results is that roughly half of responders had pitocin.  I wouldn't have expected that on MDC.  

CI Mama's Avatar CI Mama 12:00 PM 11-11-2010

Originally Posted by Lady Lilya View Post

What I find most striking about the poll results is that roughly half of responders had pitocin.  I wouldn't have expected that on MDC.  

Well, the thread title includes the word pitocin, so women who used pitocin are more likely to respond. And there have only been 22 replies. That's a very small percentage of the MDC community.

Lady Lilya's Avatar Lady Lilya 02:21 PM 11-11-2010

Yeah, but if you saw a thread title with that name and hadn't had pitocin, wouldn't you still have been curious about a possible correlation?

Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 09:45 AM 11-12-2010

I had one pitocin induced baby. No jaundice.


homemademom's Avatar homemademom 02:44 PM 11-16-2010

OP here. I wonder if you polled those who had pit to find out if ALL of their babies had pitocin, you'd find that they hadn't. I've had 3 babies at home with mws and 1 hospital with pit due to a complication.

MyFullHouse's Avatar MyFullHouse 09:44 AM 11-17-2010

Originally Posted by homemademom View Post

OP here. I wonder if you polled those who had pit to find out if ALL of their babies had pitocin, you'd find that they hadn't. I've had 3 babies at home with mws and 1 hospital with pit due to a complication.

I'm 3 with, 1 without.  The first two 100% by choice, the third (after the one without) after complications.

mumkimum's Avatar mumkimum 09:52 AM 11-17-2010

Just adding that my first was a pit induction (probably 10-12 hours of it?) - she had mild jaundice that went away and didn't require any interventions.


My second dd had no pitocin, and was jaundiced enough they wanted her levels checked within 1-2 days of being home (she was fine then & didn't need anything else though).