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donnamr3211's Avatar donnamr3211 01:02 PM 01-04-2011

I had my first at a hospital, second at a birth center and my last two at home. I LOVED having my babies at home but only have a 3 bedroom and I still have 3 children at home. 16, almost 5 and a 2 year old. I have to have total quite when I am laboring and I don't have a big enough tub to birth in. I am strongly considering going to my midwifes birth center with this baby so I can have quit and the water birth I have always wanted. Anyone ever go to a birth center after having babies at home? And how did it go.


Plus I wouldn't have to worry about having the house perfectly cleaned for labor and birth, lol.

Italiamom's Avatar Italiamom 03:12 PM 01-04-2011

Mine is probably not the opinion you were looking for, but I will weigh in anyway...


I REALLY wanted a homebirth with DS.  Really really!  BUT, the apartment we were living in at the time was not home to me.  I could hear my neighbor's constantly barking dog, I could hear my other neighbors argue, and our hot water heater sucked!  The carpet was this awful blue color, the windows just looked out to other apartments...  Blech!  I chose a freestanding birthcenter because it had the things I wanted: peace, quiet, serenity, and plenty of hot water.


If your house won't necessarily offer you the things you want, then go back to the birth center!

Evergreen's Avatar Evergreen 05:18 PM 01-04-2011

I have a free standing birth center birth and then a home birth.


I preferred the birth center actually. It seemed roomier, it was better decorated, there was a bigger tub, roaring fire and tranquil setting. My home doesn't have that.  I know I'm in the minority but if I could I'd plan another BC birth (I can't though, it closed) over HB if given the opportunity.

k9sarchik's Avatar k9sarchik 05:41 PM 01-04-2011

I had a homebirth with my 1st and I am doing a freestanding birth center with midwives for my 2nd.  Due to my living arrangement this time, plus finances my husband and I are doing the birth center.  I'm not thrilled about traveling in a car though in labor.  I had a fast 5 hour labor the 1st time and I'm a bit nervous about the 2nd being faster.  But I am looking forward to potentially having a water birth this time around which we tried for our homebirth but didn't work out so well.

kythe's Avatar kythe 06:05 PM 01-04-2011
I haven't had a home birth, I had both of mine in a freestanding birth center. I loved my experiences and the center was really ideal for me at the time.

We lived in a small (read: cramped) apartment. The birth center offered large rooms with queen sized bed. Each room had enough space for chairs for family members, birth balls and a birth stool, and bathrooms with oversized tubs.

My midwives were very hands-off. Aside from the fact that I had to travel 20 minutes during labor, my births were not much different from a home birth. It was far more comfortable for me because of the resources and space the birth center offered.

If I had it to do again, I would have a home birth. I now live in a spacious house and I have a large bathroom with an oversized tub. Basically, the birth center no longer offers me anything I don't have at home. But at the time, the birth center was a god-send.
Apple Girl's Avatar Apple Girl 03:46 PM 01-05-2011

I had a hospital birth and then a homebirth.  LOVED the home birth!  However, we've since moved, and are temporarily living with extended family, so this time around we are opting for a birth center birth.  I am really pleased so far with the group of midwives at the birth center.  They are very low intervention, and have even had homebirths themselves.  The birthing center has a giant tub and comfy looking bedroom suite.  Even a kitchen for preparing food if you get hungry... unlike the hospital where they try to starve you in labor.  (I'm one of those weird people who gets super hungry during labor!)  It has all the comforts of home without any of the work on my part.  


I am getting excited about having this baby at the birthing center.  I just feel like it's the right thing to do for our situation.


Anyway, I haven't BTDT yet, but just chiming in that I'm planning on doing so in a few weeks.

donnamr3211's Avatar donnamr3211 03:49 PM 01-05-2011

My 16 year old son told me today that he would rather me have the baby at home. I thought that was pretty cool.

Sudonk's Avatar Sudonk 08:58 AM 01-06-2011

Aw, that's pretty sweet that your son wants the baby born at home.  Perhaps, since he has expressed his opinion, you can give him the task of keeping the 5 y.o. and 2 y.o. quiet and out of your hair so you CAN birth at home?  I was concerned about my children wanting "mommy time" in the midst of my birth and pestering me, so I always envisioned my homebirth taking place over night.  Sure enough, it started around 2 a.m. and I was holding him at 5 a.m., so the kids slept through it.