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plantnerd's Avatar plantnerd 08:43 AM 01-12-2011

I am now 13 months PP with a fiesty little toddler tearing up the place.  I gained 82 lbs in my pregnancy, start weight being 185, d-day weight 268, which is just, insane...


I am 10 lbs below my former pp weight, hovering around 170-ish, about a size 12-14, normal for my shape and body type.


The problem is really my stomach, I got abso-frickin-lutely enormous, and I have a very loose, stretchmarked, and saggy flap/pouch on my lower belly.  It has not changed a bit in the last 6 months, although I have continued to lose weight, and have added ab exercize to my routine.  Firm muscles, a little fat padding, and skin skin skin.  I can stretch it out a good 5 inches from my abdominal wall, it's insane.  It reminds me of people who have been very obese and lost weight with excess skin, a mini pannus almost.


Has anyone's skin recovered from this kind of damage?  I'm 31 if it helps, and this is my first and perhaps only child.


I am not a big vanity person, and understand that women come in all shapes and sizes, but am honestly considering cosmetic surgery down the road to correct this, it's really bugging me.