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lsmama's Avatar lsmama 06:40 PM 02-10-2011

Damn!  Just got my results.  Is there anything that can be done at this point to clear it up?  I have had 2 friends whose babies got terribly sick b/c of GBS, so I will likely go for the abx if I need to, but I would love to avoid it.  Cannot imagine dealing with yeast on top of tear/hemmroids etc.

2Peaches's Avatar 2Peaches 06:24 PM 02-21-2011

I see this is a bit old, and maybe you even gave birth by now, but I had to respond as I was in your position 7 months ago!  I was neg with my first child 5 years ago so wasn't expecting to positive this time.  I was very upset at the thought of having the IV, I didn't even want that.  I talked about it with my amazing midwife who reassured me that I could still get in the shower (she had the nurse cover the IV needle with a rubber glove over my hand) and basically let me know that I only needed two doses.  I asked how it would affect things being that I wanted to stay home as long as possible...she said, "good question" and let me figure it out....I did end up staying home as long as I could stand it and then by the time I got to the hospital I only got one dose of the anitbiotics in me.  I had no problems with yeast, and my baby didn't either.  While the risk of a complication is rare, in my mind if it was MY baby then I didn't care about the statistics.  Good luck!