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ChelseaWantsOut's Avatar ChelseaWantsOut 06:55 PM 02-14-2011
My baby will be 5 mos. on the 18th. He was frank breech. DH and I still haven't had intercourse because as soon as we start trying it's uncomfortable. I don't really know about degrees of tearing, but my midwife said at the time that no muscle was torn and gave me the option of being sewn up or just keeping my legs together for a few days. I chose the latter and now I kind of regret it because I have a very tender v-shaped notch at the opening of my vagina and I'm worried that it will never feel right. Like sometimes when I wipe in the bathroom it bothers the scar. I haven't gone to the gyno for a pelvic exam yet partially because I'm afraid it will hurt.

soso-lynn's Avatar soso-lynn 08:25 PM 02-14-2011

Did your midwife check how it was healing? If it still painful, it might worth having it checked out.

scottishmommy's Avatar scottishmommy 08:48 PM 02-14-2011
I'd make an appointment with an obgyn. You may have granulated scar tissue, which can be removed. If you're breastfeeding you also could be suffering from atrophic vaginitis. In any case get it checked out! There is no reason to suffer. It's really common for our vaginas to freak out on us after childbirth, and there are treatments available. I hope you feel better soon!
elisheva's Avatar elisheva 12:44 AM 02-15-2011

I just wanted to let you know that sex wasn't comfortable for me until 6 months postpartum - I had a fairly severe labial tear ("it's hanging by a thread" said the midwife before she stitched - ick) and it just took a looonnnnggg time to heal. Always best to get it checked out, though. 

SGVaughn's Avatar SGVaughn 02:15 PM 02-15-2011

all of the above and some of it could be your own apprehension about it (tensing up) ...this probably isnt the main problem if it hurts just to wipe



another poster mentioned granulated scar tissue and thats really what I would guess it is too..I'd have it checked out...a gentle practitioner will be very mindful of being careful with checking it out if they know it hurts and hurts bad ahead of time so don't put it off!

ChelseaWantsOut's Avatar ChelseaWantsOut 03:24 PM 02-15-2011
Thanks for the replies! My midwife looked at it 2 weeks postpartum and said it looked good, but obviously that was months ago. I'll make an appointment with an ob/gyn today. This granulated scar tissue thing sounds painful to remove. I wonder if they would do a local anesthetic if I requested it.

Blarg. I'm such a wimp about having things done to me. Birth was easy (well, maybe manageable is a better word) because it was my body doing it. That's why I wanted a really hands-off homebirth, why I didn't want stitches, etc. Because I'm a wimp about needles and procedures and having my body messed with. I had a panic attack when I had my wisdom teeth out ten years ago right before they put me under. Okay, end of tangential rant. I will suck it up and get some medical care. Thanks again, all!
SGVaughn's Avatar SGVaughn 03:43 PM 02-15-2011

oh yeah an anesthetic would almost certainly be used! no worries!

amaayeh's Avatar amaayeh 09:01 AM 02-16-2011

I had an episiotomy (not the same, I know), but mine bled and hurt for over a year.  Every time I had it looked at, they said it was fine...OB and midwife.  Trust me, it didn't feel fine.  It did eventually heal, but I was not pleased at everyone telling me it looked fine.  I feel your pain.  I hope someone can help you!

allisonrose's Avatar allisonrose 06:32 PM 02-17-2011

With my first son, I had a third degree tear (which did get stitched up). It took a good seven months until sex was pleasurable again. Sometimes healing can take awhile but since you're having discomfort wiping, I think that's worth talking to someone about.


I had a second degree tear with my second about a month ago and hope sex will be okay sooner this time again....


(I imagine your tear was just first degree to not be stitched....)