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Both my births were in a hospital based birth center.


First birth, I had on my own nightgown, then a hospital gown when that got soaked/vomited on, and then delivered my daughter naked.  (I literally tore the hospital gown off my body and my OB yanked it the rest of the way off)


Second birth, I wore a sports bra and that was it.  No one cared.

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I haven't read any of the responses...sorry if this has already been said...

I just gave birth two weeks ago, and wore my own gown. I walked out and the nurse said with a raised eyebrow "oh.......you are wearing your own gown, I....guess that's ok." when we found out I had to have a csection, anesthesia came in and scoffed something about my gown...I'm guessing it was in his way, not being able to untie the back...instead had to somehow tie it up when he did my spinal. Anyhow...they ended up cutting it off of me after surgery was said and done bc a) it was bloody and messy and b) they needed to get a tube moved and couldn't unbutton my gown.
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Originally Posted by lovebeingamomma View Post

I actually did ask the first time around if I was "allowed" to dress baby...they were like, of course.  The smoke thing I can understand that would be hard to be okay with.  Especially if as a nurse you're sensitive to smoke and you have to take care of the baby in the nursery. 

L&D nurse here....   Some people, well, at least where I work, are...how do I say this nicely?....less than clean.  And this is going to sound mean, but I'm not trying to be...but, ahem, smelly.  Therefore, we kinda like the "cleanliness" of gowns.  I feel the same way when people bring in obviously dirty sleepers for the babies...and I'm not talking used but stained, I'm talking DIRTY, obviously not washed EVER type clothes. 


Originally Posted by Marissamom View Post

I think it's probably the "every birth is a potential c-section" attitude. though I did opt to wear the hospital gown, I had a particularly messy labor, birth, and post-partum period. (low platelets will do that to you, so much blood everywhere)

It's true.  For most L&D nurses, every birth has the potential for a cesarean.  Not because we don't have faith in women's bodies, though.  We're just licensed professionals with the potential for litigation, and we want to be prepared in case something emergent happens.  We would feel AWFUL if a baby's or mother's life was compromised by the few extra seconds it takes to removed a mama's gown, versus an easy-off hospital gown.  And in a TRUE obstetrical emergencies, those seconds really count.  Also - even if we do the cesarean in the mom's gown, sometimes other complications arise after the baby is out, which requires the mom to go to an intensive-care unit and needing LOTS of life-saving lines put in, so again the mom's gown would really be in the way & needing to be cut off. 

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DD1 (eventual c/s) and DD2 (vbac) were both born in the same hospital... a very crunchy place at the time, they basically said "wear what you like, there are gowns on the shelf if you want one".  I wore my own clothes and then nothing (I'm a nekkid birther) but did wear their post-partum gowns which were super soft cotton and had very spiffy breastfeeding openings.  I liked the ability to just toss them in the laindry bin and grab a new one since lochia was everywhere.  lol


DS (vbac) was born in a different hospital (belly babe will be born there too since the formerly crunchy hospital no longer supports vbac).  They didn't push the gown, and didn't mind my being nekkid, but before I got nekkid both the nurse and the midwife worried a lot about my clothes getting messy.  In fact, at one point the nurse actually shouted "stop!" and the reason was she wanted to move my skirt out of the way so I wouldn't get blood on it.  The postpartum gowns there were not breastfeeding friendly though so I just wore my own clothes... the staff all commented on it, but in a good way.


I do make a point of telling staff that I'm ok with the mess, ok with things being cut/lost, and as a vbac mom I already have a heplock in place so that worry is generally out of the way.  Oh, for DS's birth I splurged and got a binsi birth outfit since I knew they were a bit more "medical" than the other hospital.  It was comfy even though I wore the skirt more during the pp stay than I did during labor (I flipped the back up so I sat right on the chux but the front stayed down nicely).

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Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post

Or it could have been so that once baby came out, they weren't putting a slippery wet gooy baby on you, requiring two people to be cleaned up.  With a sheet, they can then use that to clean up baby and keep you clean at the same time. 


Well, that's a pretty dumb reason considering that there is NO better place for a freshly born baby than on their mom's bare chest.


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Originally Posted by homemademomma View Post

Well, that's a pretty dumb reason considering that there is NO better place for a freshly born baby than on their mom's bare chest.


Hear hear!!! :)


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 have delivered in 4 different states (Oregon, Washington, Montana and Florida) and never had that issue yet. I like wearing my own stuff too and Im thinking of making my OWN hospital gown this time.


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When I get pregnant and have a baby, I plan on either having a child at home or at the hospital (depends on the situation when it gets there). 


I have been in hospitals for surgeries and stuff like that and HATE the hospital gowns, because they always make me sweat too much.  I don't know if its because the material doesn't breathe well or what, but I am drenched in sweat whenever I have to wear one.  So, most likely I am going to get one of those Binsi birth skirts and a sports bra, and wear that the whole time.  If a hospital wants to whine about that, tough!  Most likely, all my clothes will be tossed to the floor when I am ready to push anyway. 



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I've only had a home birth, but I did need to stay overnight in Labor and Delivery at a local hospital after being in a serious car accident in my 8th month of pregnancy. Needless to say -- the whole experience was horrifying and sucked. But I did get the experience of wearing the gown and have to say I felt ridiculous/exposed with my ass hanging out each time I got up to go to the bathroom. And the material totally sucks comfort wise. The garb made me feel a bit like an inmate. I would much prefer my own clothes that I feel comfortable in. But with that being said, eventually all my clothes came off in labor, so at that point it would be moot. 

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