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#151 of 168 Old 05-17-2011, 07:12 PM
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I had no interventions listed above until we broke my water after stalling at 8 cm for 10 hrs. Waters had mec and the heart tones dropped and stayed there, so we transferred immediately. Heart rate back up by the time we were at the hospital, but would drop for long periods when I started pushing, so I ended up getting an IV and vacuum. He did fine, but the cord had a true knot that was tightening, so I am not unhappy that we went to the hospital.


My second delivery was an unplanned unassisted delivery in my living room as we tried to get to the car to go to the birth center; no water birth for either baby. My kids like to mess with my plans!!

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Nothing with Dylan.


With Ava I had an IV of fluids for dehydration and pitocin to help birth the placenta but both of those were after she came out. She was my hospital birth.

Evergreen- Loving my girls Dylan dust.gifage8, Ava energy.gifage 4 and baby Georgia baby.gif (6/3/11).

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#153 of 168 Old 05-24-2011, 06:33 AM
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I did Bradley, read "Birthing from Within" and Ina Mays Childbirth.


I hired a doula and had an OB who was enthusiastic to help me through drug free labor, and I had a C section when DD's heart rate dropped dangerously lower and lower and lower and lower with each contraction and I was still only 3 cm.

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#154 of 168 Old 05-28-2011, 01:47 PM
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I was induced with my first son for severe pre-eclampsia at 37w5d. I of course had pitocin and then an epidural, but managed an easy vaginal delivery as I was quite favorable for induction.


My second son I only had an IV and epidural after going into labor naturally, coincidentally also at 37w5d. I didn't require any augmentation and really didn't need the epidural, but they told me it was my last chance to get it so I took it ;) 

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My first was born at the local hospital.   My provider was a CNM/OB group, and after I indicated I wanted to see the midwives, that's all I saw.   


The hospital is the largest in about an hour radius (or more) but is still quite small.   At the time, they did not have a staff anesthesiologist, so they only offered intrathecals, not true epidurals.   Because intrathecals aren't left in place to deliver continuous meds, they only last about 90 minutes and wear off fast when they're gone.  Because of that, all local practioners at the time strongly encouraged women to wait until they were very very far along in labor to get one if they wanted it.   This also meant the medicated labor rate at the time was pretty low (I think it was less than half?) and the nursing staff were very used to natural birth.


The hospital requested a birth plan -- they handed out binders of information to expecting moms at about 35 weeks with info on breastfeeding etc, and there was a fill-in-the-blank birth plan that covered desire for medication, whether you'd prefer to tear over an episiotomy, whether you planned to nurse, circumcise, etc.   A copy stayed with your provider and a copy went on file at the hospital and was actually pulled and reviewed when you showed up.     Hospital also has a large jetted tub for laboring moms. AT the time, there wasn't a real nursery at all -- which meant anyone in labor at less than 36 weeks got life-flighted to a hospital with a better nursery.  There was a room that they called the nursery, but no one was ever in it that I saw -- everyone roomed in.


I went into labor at 40 weeks exactly, got checked by the CNM who found me at 5cms, went to the hospital, spent awhile in the tub, then got fidgety and wanted to pace around (hello transition!) so got out, paced and rocked for awhile while DH and midwife hung out.   Water broke while I was trying to use the bathroom, contractions immediately switched to strong urges to push.  Pushed squatting or half-squatting for about 45 minutes, pushing entirely with the uncontrollable urges to push.   Pushing felt really good -- like I was weightlifting with each heave downwards.  Never felt the ring of fire (Midwife was saying I probably was, I was all, "Um, no, it doesn't burn it actually feels kinda good.")   Midwife thought baby would be out faster based on how fast he started to descend, but I'm pretty sure in retrospect he had to rotate - he was posterior the whole pregnancy.   DH and I were cracking jokes between pushes about how baby must have my big Dutch nose and that's what was hanging things up.  


But finally he squooged out in a satifying "ploop."    Despite meconium staining, there was no panic, and baby went straight to my belly where he was gently towelled off a bit and immediately put to the breast for his first nursing before they took him back to clean him up, weigh him etc.  No one yanked on my cord and they waited to cut it until it stopped pulsing.   I was higher than a kite on birth hormones and hungry as heck!!   They got me a big plate of whatever was for dinner and I wolfed that down while DH rocked the baby.   I remember feeling like I was ready to get up and dance around, and it being wierd that I was a little wobbly when I hopped out of bed to pee after I got cleaned up and changed and ate.   I felt so awesome. -- I described the whole thing in an email when I got home as "awe-full, as in I was filled with awe by the entire experience." 


I saw lactation consultants and got what I now know was really good advice.  Most of the nurses had also gone through the process to become LCs, so they all were great with answering questions, etc.  They made sure nursing was getting off to a solid start before we left, as well as checking out the fact that DS turned yellow right away (midwife had predicted it - "That's a really ruddy baby," she said.  "He's gonna be really yellow by tomorrow.")


So yeah, my first birth was pretty damned awesome.   Even in a hospital.   I'd  done my reading, I'd talked frankly with the midwives about all their policies.  I also lucked out in that my local hospital still knew (knows, I hope) what birth looks like and didn't need to turn it into a conveyor belt.   But I went in figuring I'd do my best and came out feeling like a million bucks...

savithny, 42 year old moderate mom to DS Primo (age 12) and DD Secunda (age 9).

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Mine was a birth center transfer, followed by pit and an emergency c/s.  I was at 39 weeks and my membranes ruptured--a slow leak with no meconium.  For over 50 hours we waited and tried it all--acupuncture, nipple stim., herbs, castor oil.  (Yuck.)  I never had a contraction.  The first day out the non-stress test showed babe doing fine.  The second day, not so fine.  My midwife sent me to the hospital for an untrasound, and from there I was admitted.  Even with the pit. I never really felt anything, but the heart rate was getting worse and worse.  The hospital midwife said if I'd been anywhere near giving birth we might've done it yet, but I hadn't even started.  The funny thing was, I never at any time had an exam.  I have no idea whether I was ever even slightly dilated, effaced, whatever.  I guess not.  But I am very afraid the next time will be a repeat--that my body just doesn't know how to labor.   

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First real contraction started around 11pm (I was walking around with contractions for 2 weeks). Got to the hospital at around 4:30am, when contractions were 2-3 mins apart. The pain started getting unbearable around 6am. I didn't know what to expect, but felt that if the pain got any worse, I wouldn't be able to handle it. At 7:30am, the midwife said I was 1cm dilated, cervix paper-thin. She told me to get up and walk around to speed things up, but walking worsened the pain. I couldn't find a comfortable position. I ended up sitting on the toilet bowl, trying to poop, and also, it was the only way the contractions didn't hurt as bad. By 8:30am, the head crowned, and baby came sliding out into the toilet bowl with one push.


Thanks to baby's quick arrival, all this happened without interventions, thank goodness... but for next time, I'd do more preparation for dealing with contractions. 

single mama to DD1 (June 2011) and DD2 (Dec 2014)
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#158 of 168 Old 07-02-2011, 09:26 AM
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My first birth was a 100% natural homebirth.  I know that many people feel that they'd like to have a homebirth for their 2nd after they have had a "successful" birth in the hospital.  I can tell you that if I had not birthed at home with my 1st, I would have definitely ended up with multiple interventions -- I had a very slow to start labor (3+ days), with several long periods of consistent, strong contractions.  I think there are very few hospitals that would not have felt the need to "augment" my natural pattern and start the cascade of interventions.


I was in a mom's group after my DD1 was born, and more than half of those mamas had CS's, and I was the only one who had a natural birth -- despite several who planned and wanted a natural birth.  I felt very discouraged and felt like a complete alien when we shared our birth stories.

Mama to 4 girls    chicken3.gif5/05, 12/07, 9/09, 3/11   winner.jpghomeschool.gifhomebirth.jpg

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#159 of 168 Old 07-02-2011, 03:18 PM
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Homebirth (both times) :)

Mama to DS (6/07) h20homebirth.gif, DD (6/09) h20homebirth.gif, and DD (07/12) homebirth.jpg..

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I did have a heplock but did not actually receive anything by it, and I wouldn't qualify that or a cervical check as an intervention. I think I had a very easy first birth in comparison to some, started and progressed naturally, with only ~ 4 1/2 hours of actual hard labor (that includes 1 hour of pushing). My care providers were very hands-off -- lots of verbal support and my husband gave physical support as well, but nobody was trying to touch me or speed me along all the time or anything like that.

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#161 of 168 Old 07-10-2011, 12:14 AM
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I don't know if I qualify to answer -- i had an unassisted childbirth with my first, so no attendant and no interventions. 

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#162 of 168 Old 08-08-2011, 09:20 AM
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Both of mine were born naturally at home with a midwife and doula present. I hope to have any and all future babies this way. smile.gif

Loving wife partners.gif and mama to my sweet little son coolshine.gif (Fall 2008) and a beautiful baby girl babyf.gif(Fall 2010)


When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty. --George Bernard Shaw

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#163 of 168 Old 08-09-2011, 01:08 PM
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we were prepared for bradley birth, and also had a friend serving as a doula.

my waters broke, at 40 w 3 days, and i labored at home for 24 hrs, met my ob at the hospital, he did a check, no dilation nor effacement.  (i had refused the strep test so had no way of knowing the status of that-- became a risk factor) had maximum pitocin for 8 + hours..  multiple vaginal checks and still no dilation nor effacement and it seemed as though there was the loss of a lot of fluid.  so we had a c-birth.  dd was also over 10 pounds at birth, so it could have been malpositioning, my age, lots of other factors. 

Is it getting lonely in the echo chamber yet?

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#164 of 168 Old 08-10-2011, 06:13 AM
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DD was breech from 20 weeks on.  Never flipped.  I planned on natural childbirth, took a class, wrote a birth plan but ultimately gave in to pressure from doc to schedule a c-section. 

Partner to DH and mom to DD1 (3/2008) and DD2 (born 1/2012).
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#165 of 168 Old 09-06-2011, 07:07 PM
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Both of my births were 100% natural AND in hospitals (no IVs), so it's possible :) 

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#166 of 168 Old 09-06-2011, 08:58 PM
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My son was born at 36 weeks. When I got to the hospital, I was only about 1cm dialated. Everyone, except me, thought it was very unlikely I'd have him that day, but they figured they'd run the vitals and have me fill out the paperwork and whatnot. Almost immediately, my water broke and super painful contractions began. In less than an hour, I was up to 7cm dialated and requested an epidural. The nurse was actually trying to convince me to try a more natural approach first, but at that point I really wanted the pain relief. I did not have any pain with the epidural insertion (it was nothing compared to contractions), but it did suddenly slow down the birthing process. After about another hour, they gave me another medicine to get the contractions going again. I then pushed for three hours and my son starting showing signs of distress. He was right there, but not coming out. Somehow, he'd worked himself into an odd angle, so the pushing wasn't effective.  They used a vacuum to get him all the way out. I ended up with all sorts of tearing, but thankfully couldn't feel it due to the epidural. As odd as it may sound, I did enjoy my son's birth. It was a wonderful event. I'm really not sure how things would have gone without as much medical intervention. Some things may have been better and some worse. Overall, I have zero regrets. My son and I are/were both healthy, so that's really the most important outcome of it all.

 Mom to one happy Senorcito (06/09) ... allergic to wheat, nuts, dairy, eggs, sesame, peas and soy.

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I had a birth that was "natural" enough for me.  The only interventions were GBS antibiotics (IV then heplocked) and AROM during pushing. I labored at home with very manageable contractions for about 24 hours before finally being convinced to head into the Midwifery office for a check. The check revealed I was 9 cm dilated and I was admitted to the attached hospital.  I guess the other way my birth had some "external management" was they started seeing signs of infection so asked that I start pushing before I had the urge to - even though I'd been complete for some  time. Otherwise the hospital staff and midwife were very hands off. Actually I kind of enjoyed the hospital experience as a nice change of pace.  But if I spent my whole 30 hour labor and delivery there I'd probable be singing a different tune. Oh, we also had a doula and I did Hypnobirthing during my pregnancy.

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Originally Posted by msmiranda View Post

I think it depends on how long you labor at home.  I was with a midwife practice that delivered both in a hospital and a birth center.  I was risked out of the birth center for slightly elevated BP, so I had to go to the hospital to give birth.  I labored at home for 12 hours and kept in touch with the midwives, then stopped by the birth center so they could check my progress.  Fortunately I was at 6 cm and we went on to the hospital, where I was only in the room for 4 hours before he was born.  The midwives took care of ordering noninvasive monitoring (I guess it was intermittent, but I was so out of it I don't remember much except that I was mobile most of the time I was there).  I had a hep lock but no IV.  By that point I was not hungry anyway.  My labor actually picked up once I learned that I had made progress, so there was no reason for augmentation.  An epidural did not occur to me until I was in transition, and then they got me up on the bed and I pushed the baby out. 


Now, had I gone to the hospital before I did, and had an OB rather than midwives, it might have been a whole different story.  My labor was erratic during those 12 hours -- it slowed down and started back up depending on what I was doing (bathtub and reclining on couch slowed it down, climbing stairs and walking sped it up).  The contractions were never in a consistent pattern.  The 5-1-1 rule, for example, would have gotten me there first thing that morning, which would have been a HUGE mistake.  So for FTMs, I absolutely think that staying home as long as possible is the key. 

I agree with this, but for some its hard to labor at home long enough!

For a first time mom going to a hospital, I think I'd recommend a montrice - someone to maybe monitor the 'home' part and make sure a mom goes in at a good time (as active labor starts, maybe) to minimize interventions. I loved my hospital though - the nurses were amazing, and w/ my first I had 30min of wanting to push w/ still a 1/2 cm of cervix left, so they really were great about coaching me through breathing through the ctx. They were really awesome.

mom to z (June 2009) and m (may 2011)

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