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Mamja's Avatar Mamja 03:31 PM 06-09-2011

With DS's 1st bday in 2 days, I need to finally ask a question I keep wondering about. When I went into labor with him at full term, my water broke before starting to have real, noticeable contractions. It was 6am and I had just woken up to pee and got back in bed. I felt 2 distinct pops right after another. I got up and made it back to the toilet back in time before my water started flowing out.


So, what's up with the TWO pops? Is this common? Is it the amniotic sac breaking breaking in two places? Or are there two layers or something that broke? I've wondering about this for almost a year now. 

konayossie's Avatar konayossie 05:30 PM 06-09-2011

My water definitely broke at home (distinct pop, gush, and positive AF test at hossy) and then later, when they wanted to insert an internal monitor, they broke my water again putting it in--bigger gush. The mw said sometimes there's a forebag that breaks--so maybe you had one of those and then your "big" bag broke right afterwards? Your bag can also reseal, but I guess that's not what happened in your case.

Mamja's Avatar Mamja 07:14 PM 06-09-2011

Thanks for the response. It could be a forebag type thing. I was thinking maybe there were different layers thin membranes. But yeah, it definitely didn't reseal. Both pops were within a second or two.