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Endless ice packs! 


Oh God yes. I had a very bad tear from a compund delivery and those ice packs-man the nurses just kept them coming. No way hubby could have kept up at home. I also remember taking like a half hour shower. BLISS.


You know I hate hospitals and left long before I had to. But, I wasn't disrespected, all of my wishes via eye goop, heel prick, no bottles, no CIRC, hubby being present for procedures were honored without even a raised eyebrow. Especially the circ part-the doctor didn't agree with circ either and he was plenty mainstream.

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Originally Posted by klemomma View Post


And wombatclay - you really hit the head on the nail with the philosophy statement you made. I have felt that way but resisted it feeling like I *shouldn't* feel drawn to hospital birth, especially since I could never put my finger on what exactly it was I was drawn to, but your eloquent statement was just a lovely way of describing how I feel about the whole process of things, so thank you!

I was so excited to stumble across this thread! I actually started a similar one in my DDC a month or so ago but this thread really resonated with me. For a myriad of reasons (which I covered in my original hospital thread) we will be birthing in the hospital. I've had both homebirths and hospital births, and I must confess there were many aspects of our hospital birth that I liked better. Similar to klemomma, I too felt like I 'shouldn't' be drawn to a hospital birth if I was really a natural momma. But the simple truth is, it works for me and it works for my family. I've been lucky to have wonderful hospital experiences with awesome nurses, natural doctor, etc.


Wombatclay, what a neat way to describe the hospital as a rite of passage. That perfectly described how I feel.


Blessings to all!


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Originally Posted by oaktreemama View Post





You know I hate hospitals and left long before I had to. But, I wasn't disrespected, all of my wishes via eye goop, heel prick, no bottles, no CIRC, hubby being present for procedures were honored without even a raised eyebrow. Especially the circ part-the doctor didn't agree with circ either and he was plenty mainstream.

Nice!  The eye goop is illegal to skip here, so if it is a biggie to you (general you) you might want to check it out.




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I got a massage.  It was awesome and so needed after a day of labor and three days of learning to nurse my baby.

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I had one hospital birth in 1999 and a homebirth in 2003.  The thing I enjoyed about my hospital birth was the post partum experience.  People cared for me and I got to stay in bed. I felt like I was celebrated as a woman who just gave birth, and I found that nice.  It wasn't the same at home, because my husband went out the next day, so I just got up, got dressed and went downstairs to sit in the living room.  I liked having all the nurses and people around in the hospital, I felt kind of lonely at home.

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I will say that when I mentioned "clean up" I wasn't thinking only of immediately after the birth. Rather, bleeding leaks onto sheets or the floor in the first few days, and basic things like cleaning, straightening, laundry, with no clutter around. In hospital, I didn't have to worry about any of that stuff. At home, even with it officially my husband's responsibility, I still saw 4000 things that needed to be done.

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At home, I feel like I have to be the hostess. At the hospital, I can relax and let others worry about all the details. My nurses both times were so good about getting/finding me anything I needed. My CNM was just the right amount of attention for ME. You know, she neither left me on my own nor did she get in my face constantly. The lighting was just perfect for laboring... I couldn't have gotten that soft glow in the room without candles at home. And my hubby the worrier was relaxed because we were in the hospital with a care NICU if anything dire had happened. This reassurance/insurance allowed him to be the best possible birth support for me.
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Originally Posted by A&A View Post

I loved having access to the oxygen mask.........it really helped me get through a difficult labor. 

I just poted my list of hospital positives in the HB forum, but forgot this one!  Yes, this was marvelous for me, too. 


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I agree with both Philomom and Wombatclay:


At the hospital, I was there for a purpose (this ties in with both Philo and Wombat's points).   I was not responsible for anyone's happiness, I was not going to be judged for the state of the floors or the streaks on the windows or whether anyone else was comfortable, because I was in a place where the purpose of being there was to give birth.   I didnt' have to worry about the neighbors upstairs or downstairs getting ticked off if I made noises in the middle of the night, I didn't have to worry about what my kids might think or whether the landlord might object or if tub water was damaging the baseboards...



Some cultures have women go to a special place outside their home to give birth -- either they go off into the bush, or they go to the women's house or a birthing hut or something like that.   I think that that move can, especially if in your culture you grow up with the idea that it is part of birth, help move a woman into the mindset of active, productive, labor.  (Note I say "can," not that it must or that it works for everyone.)


Especially with my second birth, once I'd done it at that hospital and was familiar with things, arriving at the hospital sent a message to my subconscious, "NOW we get down to business."    I woke up in labor that morning, but with a huge grant deadline *that day* at work, labor petered out.   I finished what I had to do (we joked that if the baby was a boy I'd have to name him "Grant," went home and had some dinner, things picked up a bit, we called the midwife and had her meet us at the hospital.   After hours of inconsistent, irregular contractions, I went from 5cm to birth in less than an hour once the tub was full and I was in it.   And it really felt like "Okay, we're here.  Lets go!"   


I'd note, though, that this was a smaller, more rural hospital with a lot of support for natural birth (with my first, this was because they still did not offer labor epidurals as a routine option, so more than half their births were mostly unmedicated, anyway).   Having read descriptions of some people's hospitals, I would not have felt as safe and ready to let go and get on with birthing in those places.  So it is still dependent on 


savithny, 42 year old moderate mom to DS Primo (age 12) and DD Secunda (age 9).

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Well, I have had two hospital births (one transfer/one planned) and one successful home birth. I am definitely not trying to glamorize hospital birth, but I did have a great experience there. The reason I selected hospital the third time was partially financial, but also partially for my own comfort. We have a 900 sq foot house and had a 4 and 2 year old already. I pictured having the baby in the middle of the night, desperately trying to get some sleep the next morning, with two kids screeching and running around the house. Dh trying his best but serving me overcooked eggs and cold toast while the kids smeared oatmeal into the couch and blasted Dora.

The positives for me were complete privacy and space to bond with the baby with zero interruptions. Space from everyone to rest and lay in bed all day. An amazing walk in shower with full body jets. A deep tub to labor in, rather than my 4x6 foot bathroom here at home. Real, cooked meals ordered from a menu. But I also knew I had an unusually supportive doctor who knew about my past home births and therefore I had zero interventions... No IVs, no monitors, no hospital lights on, no meds, etc. So this would not be the case for everyone, unfortunately.

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To be fair, I'm a L&D nurse. So there's my bias.


I think my favorite thing about my three hospital births was the unlimited hot water.  I spent HOURS in the shower with each of my births. HOURS. My hot water at home lasts about 30 minutes and then I'm out of luck until it fills back up, so having unlimited hot water was wonderful for getting through labor. I also like not having to clean up or cook or worry about birth noises.  I actually really liked the day in the hospital after my last was born. My dh went home to the two older kids and brought them to visit, but then left again for a while and I had four or five hours of the baby all to myself. No sharing, nobody but us. It was wonderful and I'm looking forward to that time with this one already - just me and my new baby.


I also really like that should I need it there's an OR and anesthesiologist down the hall and a NICU next door. Most of the time those are completely unneeded and arguably overused, but I appreciate the security of having them available. I seriously considered a homebirth last time and interviewed one of my favorite local midwives this time, but in the end I am having another natural hospital birth and I feel really good and positive about it.

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I had a great natural hospital birth experience last time and am looking forward to it again soon.  I appreciated the kind nurses and frequent kudos and supportive statements.  After the birth I loved the chimes that they played throughout the hospital when we moved to PP, very emotional moment for us.  As others said the food, cleaning up (more than just the initial blood, I was bleeding for a couple days) and lots of ice packs were great too.  


In our case we had to stay an entire week as our daughter was admitted to Pediatrics for severe jaundice.  Already being at the hospital (and them letting us room in with her as a result) was a great positive.  Although I hope that this baby doesn't have jaundice, at least we'll be prepared.


Oh, and one funny one was our DD did one of those across the room explosive poops (10 feet IIRC), that happen only 1-2x when they are tiny tiny.  I was glad that I didn't have to clean that up! ;)

Semi-crunchy Momma to a 4 year old girl and a baby girl born in July of 2011.

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Originally Posted by Alenushka View Post

1. Unlimited hot water

2. Not having to clean up anything

3. Warm blankets from the blanket warmer

4. Unlimited gowns , so I felt clean at all times

5. Nurse helping me with shower.

6. My very nice LC

7. Non judgmental attitude about pain control.

8. Cold compresses for my forehead. As  many as I needed

9. Bag with self care supplies.

10. My room was pretty and quieter than my home.

The warm blankets were my favorite thing about my hospital birth!  We had a home birth with my second and I had dryer heated blankets, but it wasn't the same. 

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