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aazaya's Avatar aazaya 06:02 PM 06-22-2011

Does anyone have any experience with a pregnancy related rash called PUPP? Apparently it can go on after birth as well. My sister in law has a terrible rash and a newborn:( She is't getting any sleep and doctors don't seem to have much advice other then hydrocortisone cream.



lville71's Avatar lville71 06:35 AM 06-23-2011

Yes, I had PUPPP from week 33-ish until I delivered my twins at about 38 weeks.  However, the PUPPP came back while I was nursing - though that's atypical.  Most of the time, PUPPP goes away very soon after the birth. However, some people do get post-partum PUPPP.


What helped me the most was the PUPPP soap from RainerSoapWorks - http://rainiersoapworks.com/cart/category/9/puppp-relief


Could your SIL see a dermatologist?  (That's who diagnosed my PUPPP)  A dermatologist could rule out other rashes too. 


I hope she feels better soon!

aazaya's Avatar aazaya 01:20 PM 06-23-2011

This is great, thanks so much. I've just checked out their site and ordered some soap and cream. Thanks for the recommendation.

BubbleMa's Avatar BubbleMa 05:04 PM 06-25-2011

I had post-partum PUPPP, and it was awful!  I want to cry just thinking about it.  I didn't ever find relief for it, I just suffered through until it finally went away.  :(  I hope the soap works for your SIL.

Wittyone's Avatar Wittyone 09:38 PM 06-28-2011

Homeopathic apis meliifica 5 tablets 3 times per day and the soap someone mentioned above.  Between the two I actually knew a woman who was able to resolve her PUPPS before delivery, though generally these two things will just make it more tolerable.  Benadryl for help sleeping.

Wittyone's Avatar Wittyone 09:39 PM 06-28-2011

Oops, just re-read and saw she is postpartum.  If breastfeeding she should avoid the benadryl as it can decrease milk supply, fine to use it in pregnancy though.