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strmis 08-13-2011 10:09 PM

Just wondering if anyone has made a little plan or guide for the caretakers of siblings during a birth.


Our friends will be watching DD1 during the birth of DD2, and while she LOVES my friends and I know they will get along well, they haven't really ever been to our house.  Just thinking of, perhaps, a list of suggestions, or helpful tips for them while taking care of her here...


for instance, simple things like

how to work the dvd player (its a ps3, so kinda complicated)

where all the baking supplies are, in case they want to bake for the babys "birthday"

where all her stories and toys are

things she can and cant eat

suggestions on her favorite activities...



anything else one would include, or am I thinking too much into this??

lifeguard 08-13-2011 11:07 PM

How old is dd1? Is it possible to have at least one trial run so that it is comfortable for everyone?


We have ds going to my Mom's when I go into labour & in preparation have been having him stay over there overnight at least once a month for a little while now so that it won't seem too out of the ordinary for him.

lunabin 08-15-2011 11:54 AM

I plan on making a very detailed outline of our routines, but also am doing a lot of prep so my mother (our tentative caregiver) will not have to do more than necessary.  I'm also a control freak.  


So, this just includes our important everyday routines - and I plan to make and freeze food for those days (frozen tray of lasagna and muffins, and stock lunch foods, snacks, etc.).  My DD has food allergies, so I don't want her to have anything she might react to.  Plus, it will be stressful for her while we're gone, and I want my mom to be able to just pay attention to her needs, not worry about cooking or doing dishes.  


My concern is that I won't know what time of day to account for - morning time including breakfast or afternoons and dinner - both?  DD has a pretty routine schedule that makes things like bedtime very easy, so I"m just going to write all the instructions out - at least with the times of her nap and meals.  


Depending on how old DD1 is, she may be able to vocalize what she wants also.  That sure makes life easier...  

strmis 08-23-2011 03:06 PM

We've never done a trial run, but I do know she does really well with people she doesnt see too often.  She is old enough to vocalize, my 3 y/o talks A LOT! I will probably write out a list as well. I think, for the most part that things should be fine (fingers crossed), but I will have a list of things to do (suggestions) to keep her occupied for a whole day!

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